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Time Distortion

Time Distortion
Jonathan So what is time distortion? Why do we use it? What's it for? When will we have mastered its use and in what circumstances? How much fun can we have when we will already have begun to discover we've been using it all along? And how will last month feel to us after we've relived it in reverse? With new resources? Whew: The moral of the story: I don't CARE about the specifics of the language patterns as much as I care about how they work, and how they will have worked even more effectively!
Sunev HaHaHa!
Jonathan You can use verbal wizardry left & right. Now what impresses me -- and what will probably impress you the most -- is how using time distortion will chaaaange things... I'd like to invite your conscious mind to discover something about what it has in store for you. :)
Nightspy You scare me!
Jonathan I'd like to ask every single one of you to... and you, too, to take a moment to just completely stop time. And if you could... stop time... for let's say 3-5 minutes... and do anything you wanted to do... everyone would be immobile... cars would be stopped... (though YOU could get in one & drive somewhere) and you would have 3-5 minutes to do something - anything - Keep it to yourself... and imagine what it is you would do...
CyberSage Would I still be breathing?
Jonathan Sure you'd be breathing!
Sunev Could I go in the past or the future?
Jonathan No moving forward or backward in time. Just stop everyone else, giving you some kind of "edge" or space in which to do more.
Sunev OK.
Nightspy I would like to skip a few months rather than stop time!
Jonathan We'll get to that. OK... so you've stopped time for 3-5 minutes, then you re-start time and let things continue on! Now time's moving again and maybe there were consequences and maybe there were none.
Liketrane Damn, I was almost done!
Sunev LOL!
Jonathan If you think you could have finished in the 3-5 minutes, then imagine you DID! :) OK! Next exercise... Imagine you were somehow able to stop time for a full day! A whole 24-hour period....
FuturPast There you go!
ScottG Whoa!
ConneXion Woohoo!
Jonathan What could you do or accomplish or see, how much could/would/might you do & think... Where would you go...
Ommadawn Much more usable than 3-5 minutes.
ScottG Off to the bank, hehehe, make a little transaction...
Jonathan (don't tell anyone yet) shhhh! :) A whole 24-hour period. Now think carefully, no traffic cops, normal travel time is irrelevant... Let's say you were also a pilot. And there was no waiting time for a runway. Would you go further? Think about it. Imagine what you'd do. What would you pack into a day? After you've thought about it and made it real... found out what you could accomplish in a whole day of stopped time... come on back to now and re-start time. I want you to think about what consequences and what benefits will have unfolded for you within that day. i.e., how much of the benefit to you or others occurred within that 24 hours... and how much will unfold after you re-start time?
ScottG Man, that would be one long day!
ConneXion But if time stopped for a day, then how do you know it was only a day?
Jonathan Oy! Connex, use your imagination! :)
ConneXion LOL! OK.

What if you had 3-5 Extra Minutes or a whole Extra Day?
Jonathan Here's what I want you to consider:
  1. How much of what you did during the 3-5 minutes.... was about immediate self-gratification?
  2. How much of what you did during the 3-5 minutes was about doing something nice for others?
  3. How much of what you did during the 24 hours was about self-gratification?
  4. How much of what you did during the 24 hours was about doing something nice for others?
  5. How much of the 3-5 minutes was about giving you an edge for the future? (so that the real benefit would come AFTERWARDS)
  6. How much of the 24-hours was about giving you an edge for the future?
Nightspy I think the ratio would be 100:1
CyberSage Aren't they really the same?

You may think so, and thats fine. I don't happen to think so, and that's fine too. Let's review. Those that wish to share, are invited to do so... quick answers folks, if you know them.
OK. Lots of questions.

(1) How much of the 3-5 minutes was about IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION? (Me: 80%)

Znmeb All of it
Liketrane All (ashamed)
Jonathan Ashamed? Screw the judgement calls, we're human, we can laugh about "choices" we'd like to have made differently, and learn from that! Or, be happier with our choices.
Nightspy 99%! The other 1% is derived from social conditioning.
Sunev Curiosity! All.
ConneXion All
Ommadawn Pretty much all...
ConneXion Mine was mostly about an edge for the future.
_Richard_ Most
FuturPast Edge for the future
ScottG Most
NLPmind I went for a shower, and I am still there.
Sunev LOL!
Liketrane Anything self gratifying is an edge for the future.

Liketrane, good point; what I'm looking for is the difference between giving up something of greater immediate gratification knowing there's something in the future that's better. Hopefully that clarifies it!

(2) How much of the 24-hours was about Immediate Gratification? (Me: 30% -- i.e., When it was 24 hours, I'd put in 70% time on longterm benefits and 30% of the time on right now right here :)

Znmeb 50%
Sunev Don't know... not much.
Liketrane, ConneXion, Znmeb 50%
ScottG 80% after the future for me
Ommadawn 30%
Sunev, _Richard_ 25%
FuturPast High
Jonathan (3) How much of the 3-5 minutes was about doing something nice for other people? (Me: Maybe 25%. In another scenario that competes with my primary choice, 0% :)
Sunev, Znmeb, ScottG, _Richard_, Ommadawn, ConneXion, Liketrane 0%
Jonathan (4) How much of the 24hours was about doing something nice for other people? (Me - This is tougher for me to answer. I'd say 20-40%.)
ConneXion, Znmeb 0%
FuturPast In one scenario, 100%, in another 0%.
Liketrane %40-%50
Sunev 50%
ScottG Not sure; probably 0%. :)
_Richard_ 60-75%
Jonathan I believe that about Richard 200%! Richard is a very selfless guy. Alrighty... I think these are fascinating answers.
_Richard_ Thanks!
Jonathan (5) & (6) for each of you to think about on your own. Now -- before we discuss what this "means" about us: Think about the answers to these questions -- in relation to... Would you answer these questions the same or differently if time hadn't stopped? I wouldn't!
_Richard_, Sunev Same.
ConneXion Not I.
ScottG Different.
Liketrane Much differently.
Sunev I'd just be doing different things.
Jonathan For me that time is time out of time. But listen, ALL your answers are accurate. :)
Znmeb I don't know.
Jonathan Ed: If you don't know, then it ain't the same -- that's my rule of thumb. "Don't know" is an ambiguous response. :)
So. Here we have an interesting view about metaprograms... and how we might behave during the normal frame of how time moves. In the 'normal context of moving through or in time... we divide up our attentions either based on some formula thats unconsciously driven, or in response to stimuli as it occurs. If you stop time... or somehow manipulate it... let's say to give you an UNprecedented opportunity to do things in a way that no one else gets... an opportunity to have done something that no one else can do or experience... what would you do with that opportunity? Some people will behave the same. Some people will behave fantastically differently.
_Richard_ I stay the same
Sunev I would go around and see what my family and friends were up to and what they needed and figure out what I could do to help.
Jonathan This is why time distortion can be powerful, but does not always work similarly with different people. Has anyone ever wondered why their results are inconsistent (across various people) with time distortion patterns???

What can these observations teach us?
Sunev Jonathan, what do you mean?
Jonathan I mean, and I'm asking everyone here for quick answers: Why would they use time distortion?
(1) To get someone to experience LOTS of things over time -- very quickly.
(2) To get someone to review the past with different resources.
Sunev To go into the future to see how I solved it.
ScottG I'd use it to practice something (sport, whatever).
_Richard_ Ditto, Scott, But also in game situations.
Jonathan Oh, COOL, Scott! Man that's TWO chocolate bunnies for Scott tonight!
Sunev Yay! Scott!!
Ommadawn To get stuff done I never seem to have time for -- like reading.
FuturPast To make changes in myself.
Sunev Just thinking?
ScottG "Stuff I never have time for" -- Very literal :) makes sense!
CyberSage Dismantle the nuclear weapons of the world.
Sunev YES!
FuturPast Just nuclear, Cyber?
CyberSage I only have 24 hrs! :)
Jonathan CyberSage gets the King Chocolate ICBM - and that's a big phallic chunk of Cocoa!
CyberSage My cats will love it :)
NLPmind I use it to have time to replay analog output to detect patterns in real time.
_Richard_ Make sex last longer!
Liketrane To change the emotions that control the way I handle my time.
Ommadawn Creating time for practicing music would be pretty cool!
Jonathan OK STOP ;) LOL Alright - but those of you who've done NLP Practitioner Training also know that you can use it to heal past wounds, enrich your future, & lots of other wonderful things. Create generative results! However. Am I spending any time on the languaging here? I do that in trainings, yet always within a context. Am I talking about specific languaging, here?
Sunev No.
Jonathan Time Distortion, and what its used for, and why it works SOME of the time sometimes very powerfully and sometimes not powerfully --- is because in this... as in everything we learn in NLP.... it's about people. It's not about the patterns. Or the techniques.
Sunev :-)
Jonathan It's about treating each individual as an opportunity to find out what makes them tick... so that you can help them to enjoy tocking :) Or so that you can tick in time.
_Richard_ AMEN
CyberSage What if you just seem to tock to much?
Sunev LOL!
Jonathan The patterns & techniques are... a means to other means and nices. And you can learn those from just about anyone, and to some degree you can learn them from the chats here, and from other people including me. But to learn it in an overall context... where it fits in with how you're improving your own life & that of others... that's magic, and you have yourself to thank for integrating new skills into your own behavior. So, to recap, who felt they would behave VERY differently in real life vs in that 24-hour Stopped-Time fantasy?
CyberSage, Ommadawn, Liketrane Yes
ScottG, Sunev, _Richard_ No
Sunev And, it's thinking of others, too!
PureNLP I was just driving through the neighborhood and thought I'd drop into a deep deep deeper than ever before! I'd like to go into no time and rearrange all those balls in the PowerBall Lotto!
Jonathan, ScottG Hehheh!
Jonathan I was wondering who would set themselves up for a BIG WIN! Hi, John La Valle! OK folks: Note that John picked a MAJOR WIN for himself... that does NOT require any loss from someone else that otherwise wouldn't be lost.

How Do We Think Differently When Time Changes?
Jonathan What do you think the differences we found might "mean" in terms of how we think differently about our behavior -- when the experience of time changes?
Liketrane Time seems to be more of a conscious process for me. Subconsciously it doesn't exist, and when you stop time, then the unconscious shit comes out!
PureNLP Cool, unconscious Ex-Lax™!
Jonathan If I handed you a golden "stop time for 24-hours" card to be used anytime you want, somehow you start thinking of all kinds of things you'd NEVER DO? Or -- things you'd do but you don't make time for!
IntriKate Because it's not real, and the unconscious mind knows that.
PureNLP Ya can't make time, mate; that's the problem.
Jonathan Indeed.
Ommadawn Thats what I think I'd do... maybe catch up on sleep. (anyone know any good hypersleep tricks?)
ProteusX Jonathan, to be honest, I'm pretty sure I'd do just about the same things I want to do in a timed day.
IntriKate Yeah, when other people stop and commitments stop, and there's a clear page on the calendar, it's like a free vacation day.
Jonathan Proteus, that's what I'd call centered or grounded.
ProteusX To me, it's called overcommited! :)
_Richard_ Little difference, timed or not
Liketrane That's what most of us are going for: control of our time, so we don't need to stop it.
Jonathan Liketrane if you could take 5 minutes out of time to change one word in your sentence, which might it be?
Liketrane i would have to go back in time and change every TIME i made a gross blanket statement consisting of "we all," but the exceptions make the rule, for me.
Jonathan Curious. I hear a lot of people wanting to get more control. :) As John said, you can't "make time." Can you ever control it?
PureNLP I had the best no time experience with Richard. Pulled everyone into his "experience" then stopped time. Cool way to experience everything that time is not of importance until it is and then it's different.
Jonathan Well, Richard & John might be able to... *grin*
Liketrane We seem to try to control it in useless ways.
Sunev I don't want to. I want to flow with it. But I think I'm stuck in an eddy.
Jonathan Flow with it, around it, in it... outside of it... but IT keeps flowing
PureNLP Who's Eddy?
Znmeb It's "Ed"!
Jonathan The point is that time is one of those major nominalizations. So how can you control it?
Sunev Change how you think about it?
Jonathan "Time" is a Nominalization. When you denominalize it, it becomes another nominalization again. :)
Liketrane it depends how the individual nominalizes!
Jonathan Time... Timing... :)
IntriKate there's no time like the present!
PureNLP The present is inside your head!!
ScottG Time has no meaning, make a new meaning for it every time you want it changed.
Liketrane Intrikate, do you like apples?
Jonathan Time... Timing... I once interviewed a famous Polish comedian. I asked him 2 questions:
(1) How long have you been doing this for a living?
He said, "Oh, 20 years or so."
(2) And what is responsible for...
Sunev What? I don't get it. :-(
Jonathan He didn't either.
Ommadawn *giggle*
IntriKate Is that a loop?
Sunev I don't know, but it's a leap.
ProteusX I bet he was a smashing success in Poland.
Ommadawn There're three kinds of ppl.. those who can count and those who can't.
ScottG Loop before you leap!

More examples:
Jonathan What would happen if something will have uncovered itself inside the mind of one, a view, (sounds like "one of you") to within what it is that you wanted to know how to do better and will discover in the near future that you do understand its like people, not dislike people that makes it work (and playyyyyyy). The language is just a tool... tooling around... tooling around inside the bushes :)))) inside the bushes & trees... the upside down trees... the trees that my words plant seeds for... and as they grow with each new word... words stick to the leaves of the trees... little trees are built and grow as you listen & read. And if I use an ambiguity in language really begins to propel your skills are excellent and trees keep CHANGING SHAPE. NOW.... What would you like to know about why when you DIAGRAM language unconsciously, you structure the grammar internally similarly to trees. And as you do so meaning is applied within contexts and frames, and time is experienced.
ConneXion Oh yeah, I see the trees now! LOL!
Tref I'll get a rake ready for a time in the future when the leaves and words fall from the trees..
Jonathan So. A simple change in verb-relax is enough to change the shape of the tree which causes shifts in understanding and behavior, is it not? Well I say "relax" because I dislike "tense." I can do that, can I not? I can say verb-relax and you know what to do.
Sunev Yes! of course! Past tense. Future perfect!
CyberSage Oh, just... soften... :)
Tref That you can do, that you can!
Jonathan That's right, I can, and did you have anything else you'd like to ask & explore with time-distorted itself with no help from me.
Sunev LOL! And, by God. There will be dancing!
CyberSage Yeah, How do you know when you are experiencing time distortion when you are asleep?
Jonathan Maybe when you came here earlier tonight you thought you'd be discussing how to use this verb-relax or that verb-relax or how to have already used a certain technique and then look back at the chat transcript and see it all unfolding... again...
Tref I am thinking of a time in the past, when I would have had a question, yet in that future, which is now, I have no question.
Sunev I feel lost in space.
Jonathan Or perhaps you didn't know what to have expected but I'm curious... rather than focusing on the techniques, could it be that you've learned something important that perhaps you didn't know earlier... about how YOU experience time differently? I mean, of course... when I give you a free golden 24-hour "stop-time" card... to be used whenever you want. And by the way, its permanently renewable.
Tref Now, I wish that I had been hear earlier, to have listened more carefully to the subject, and having absorbed it thoroughly, asked probing questions now.
Jonathan Just write about it somewhere. You don't have to say it came from me, or anyone else, after all, it's your life and you can live big or you can live small. Find checks & balances.
Tref Balance pays great interest.
Sunev I'm looking for my checkbook now!
Gunny Man I think my time was distorted two hours or something, geez.
Jonathan Grin! That was for the paranoid amongst you. :) Gotta give the ones who think 'I'm always manipulating' something to validate their fears. Sheesh. Everyone gets something. OK...
Sunev Whatever they're looking for!
Tref ...they find. LOL!
Jonathan Now before I finish tonight I want to ask you: Do you think you experienced time differently tonight (more so than during other chats)? If so -- do you think it moved slower or faster?
Sunev Yes. it moved faster for me. Much faster.
Znmeb, CyberSage Slower
Proteusx, Ommadawn No change
Liketrane Faster and then after the sun went down, slower (east coast)
_Richard_, Bridge, ScottG Faster
_Richard_ But then I've been doing fast time all day
Jonathan On to the future... :)
NLPmind Yeah. Had time to eat and shower and to read chat!

Wrapping Up: What's the Point?
Jonathan OK, so -- the same patterns... roughly the same sequence of comments are experienced DIFFERENTLY by different people. Which... brings... us... back... to... what?
Sunev Doh! a dear, a female dear...
Znmeb Ray, makes pizza in New York
Jonathan Chuckle! Which brings us back to what conclusion can you, will you, enjoy drawing? That it's the art of understanding each person differently that makes time distortion work towards an outcome.
Liketrane I guess that time doesn't change, we do.
Jonathan Liketrane gets the big-Kahuna Chocolate Bunny wth Sunglasses & a Surfboard!
ConneXion Question: do we REALLY feel as if time is going faster, or does it just seem that way when we look back on it?
_Richard_ I guess time doesn't exist, do we?
Jonathan _Richard_ gets another big-Kahuna Chocolate Bunny wth Sunglasses & a Surfboard!
Tref Time is an abstract, to be manipulated at our will; you already know how.
Jonathan Tref gets yet another big-Kahuna Chocolate Bunny wth Sunglasses & a Surfboard!
Tref COOL! Chocolate was on my diet I finished tomorrow!
Liketrane When you adjust what you experience, you're experience doesn't need time.
Jonathan Liketrane gets One More big-Kahuna Chocolate Bunny wth Sunglasses & a Surfboard!
ScottG It's only our *perception* of time which limits us
Jonathan I give ScottG his very own big Kahuna Chocolate Bunny wth Sunglasses & a Surfboard
Jonathan I fling big Kahuna Chocolate Bunnies out into the cyberaudience and watches to see if any of em start rutting
Jonathan I'll thank you all for coming -- I enjoyed this one! I'll see you at the next chat we do! Bye for now.


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