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Recommended NLP Coaches & NLP Coaching Programs for Speakers


Our trainer Jonathan Altfeld has several Inner Circle coaching clients that he sees in person on occasion or works with online, to improve their public speaking skills. About half are executives from managers up through CEO's who regularly have to give influential presentations. The other half are niche public speakers who do platform sales while training. Jonathan's targeted feedback has been highly valuable to these people, many of whom command high six & seven figure incomes.

When a speaker is leaving money on the table (in other words, not selling as much as they can/could to their highly qualified prospect audiences), Jonathan helps them close more sales, more easily, making his services not a liability or cost, but a really wise investment. When a presenter or speaker is working to earn $1000 a day instead of drawing $3500 for a 90-minute keynote, Jonathan's services can help them bring their "A-Game" out, thereby increasing a speaker's earning potential.

To discuss coaching services from Jonathan, complete our online feedback form or call 813-991-8888. You'll know very, very quickly just how smart a decision you'll have made -- typically within the first hour. For serious speakers, not hiring Jonathan would be a very costly mistake -- because whatever you're currently making as a speaker, you could always be earning substantially more. And coaching is a much faster route to learning NLP and putting it into practice, than group workshops will ever be.

Recommended NLP Seminars & NLP Training for Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

The first question you may be asking is, "Should I take an NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner training?" The answer is, 'if you can afford the time/money to attend such courses, definitely do it!' Longer NLP courses offer us a wonderful self-fulfilling developmental journey whose benefits are profound, dramatic, and long-lasting. But the following specific courses for learning NLP, are much more targeted "must-do" recommendations.

  • Our Speaking Ingeniously™. This is the course every speaker reading this page should RUN, not walk, to sign up for. 15 students maximum accepted for each of these events, which is more like an intensive speaker's coaching program. We record your stagework sessions throughout the course on your own DVD, back to back, including targeted positive feedback before & after every presentation. Come read our student testimonials & review our video case studies!
  • Our Irresistible Voice™ . This course is a must for anyone who uses their voice to communicate ideas, messages, and calls to action. You're either turning people on, or off, with your voice, and there isn't much middle ground. Grease the wheels of influence -- improve your voice. Get it done! Every single day with a whiny, tinny, gravelly, or annoying voice translates to lost opportunities, ignored messages, & restricted income!
  • Our Silent Exchanges™ . If you've ever been mystified about nonverbal communication, perhaps missed signals, or misinterpreted gestures, you really need to get yourself to this course. Jonathan has learned how to train completely nonverbal conversational skills. You'll learn how to develop unique nonverbal lexicons with anyone you meet. This creates a magical and private connection with absolutely anyone.
  • Our Becoming Outrageously Funny™ . If you want or need to be far funnier -- if you secretly wish YOU were the natural center of attention -- this is the course for you. NLP Trainer Jonathan Altfeld has used modeling to study how humor works -- and as a result, this course emerged. Come get trained in how to be outrageously funny! This course is unlike any "stand-up comedy" course -- we're not training people to do 5-minute stand-up routines. We're training people to find their naturally funniest personality inside!

Recommended NLP DVDs for Speakers, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

  • Our "NLP Skills-Builders Series DVD Set 3: Unbridled Motivation" 2-disc DVD-set. Filled with NLP-based techniques and language tricks for motivating audiences. The other sets in this series are wonderful, but Set 3 in particular will directly enhance your ability onstage to motivate audiences.
  • Our "Persuasion Summit" DVDs, booklets & CD. Join NLP Trainer Jonathan Altfeld and Persuasion guru Christopher Tomasulo, for an amazing and unique approach to Influence and Persuasion. Don't expect typical NLP language patterns here. This is ground-breaking stuff - learn the secrets of professional mass influencers!
  • More Coming Soon.

Recommended NLP CDs/Audios for Speakers, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

  • Our "Finding Your Irresistible Voice" 2-CD-Set. This is our 1st, and most popular, audio program.
  • Our "Irresistible Voice 2" 4-CD-Set. This is the follow-up to our first most popular program, and picks up where the first set left off. If you want state-of-the-art voice development, pair this with Irresistible Voice 1.
  • Our "Metaphor Machine" 2-CD-Set. Great for speakers who wish to establish themselves in the minds of their listeners as gifted storytellers.
  • Our "Automatic Yes" 4-CD-Set. This extraordinary audio program teaches Emotional State Chaining, for Emotional Influence. Extremely persuasive and causes audiences to enjoy your presentations more, retain more information, and take more action!
  • More Coming Soon.

Recommended NLP & Other Books for Speakers, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

More Coming Soon.


NLP for PresentingNLP for Business and SalesNLP for Changework and CoachingNLP for RelatingNLP for Success