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Coach/Mentor: NLP Trainer Jonathan Altfeld

Jonathan has run this NLP training company since 1997, after a first highly successful career as an Artificial Intelligence consultant to Fortune 500 companies. Since then, he's trained in 10+ countries, recorded multiple home-study programs, consulted for a wide range of companies, and done extensive personal and business coaching.

Areas of Coaching Expertise: Business, Sales, Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurial, Interviewing/Profiling, Strategic Planning, Public Speaking / Presenting, Executive Development, Team Alignment, and more.


Coach/Mentor: NLP & Hypnosis Trainer Doug O'Brien

Doug O'Brien runs a Hypnosis and NLP Training & Consulting business, "Doug O'Brien & Associates," and began his NLP career as a Master Trainer for Anthony Robbins, hosting all of Tony's seminars in NYC from 1985-1995. Since then, he's been travelling internationally, running a wide range of training courses, doing hypnosis and coaching work, and more.

Areas of Coaching Expertise: NLP, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Personal and Business Coaching, Sleight of Mouth language patterns (there's nobody better in Jonathan's opinion!), and more.





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