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NLP Site Highlights!

11/1/2013:  Business Transition
Jonathan Altfeld is transitioning many of his workshops from more general topics to a greater focus on Business NLP Courses and Applications.  He is now offering NLP Business Practitioner courses, Sales, Public Speaking, and a new course on using NLP to Ace Interviews -- from both sides.

11/5/2013: Website Load-Time Improvements
Our pages now load measurably faster, enjoy!  There's a lot more to come:  Entirely new Shopping Cart & Affiliate program (& other features beyond that).

12/1/2012: New Rex Sikes Audios!
This is big news for NLP students around the world.  NLP Trainers Rex Sikes and Jonathan Altfeld co-trained an NLP Practitioner course in Orlando, FL, in November 2012.  He & Jonathan Altfeld recorded the event, and are now releasing "Prac-Pack" Bundles of MP3 recordings from this course.  You'll LOVE these Rex Sikes & Jonathan Altfeld 2012 Prac-Pack MP3's!

7/1/2012: "Automatic Yes" MP3s
This has been one of our most popular products since the original 4-CD-set was released in 2009.  At long last, we've just enabled MP3 downloads of the "Creating the Automatic Yes" audio program on emotional state chaining and emotional influence.  Learn how speakers like Anthony Robbins & Zig Ziglar move and motivate their audiences!

1/1/2012: Completely New Website!
Probably our biggest news to share.  If you've been here before, then you're now seeing a completely new style of website, modernized, more secure, and more interactive.  All the same workshops, home-study resources, articles, and NLP Chat Logs are still here. 

We've just added a new blog, as well as social media plug-ins for you to share our content with your friends and associates, as well as contribute comments in various places throughout the site.  Stay tuned, there's a lot more to come!

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We will be upgrading our entire shopping cart experience soon, and we'll upgrade the affiliate program, too.  Ask if you have any questions!

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NLP Training Highlights!

NLP Practitioner Training - Intensive format
Rex Sikes & Jonathan Altfeld co-training!
Los Angeles, CA - June 19-30, 201 3

Join us for 11 days of immersive NLP training (over a 12- day stretch), with b oth Jonathan Altfeld and the amazing NLP Master Trainer Rex Sikes!  We'll focus on "how to get you deeply skilled at NLP" while having a wonderful, rich experience.  Click here for more info!

NLP Master Practitioner Course - Intensive!
Rex Sikes & Jonathan Altfeld co-training!
Los Angeles, CA - October 19-30, 201 3

Not since 2001 has Rex Sikes traine d an NLP Master Practitioner course!  Join us for this immersive t raining, become a highly effective NLP modeler, and get more of what you want in life!  This opportunity to train with Rex Sikes is truly a gift -- take a dvantage!  Click here for more info!