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Guilty!  I've forgotten some names, minutes, or even seconds after meeting them.  But it took making the mortifying mistake of calling someone by the WRONG name, to make me decide:  "Never Again."

So, I studied people who were gifted at remembering names, then created a system that's repeatedly saved me from untold embarrassments or lost business, and makes everyone feel more valued.

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Dear Friend,

     If you're reading this, then you, like me, are well familiar with the anguish, discomfort, and embarrassment that comes with failing to properly remember people's names.  You know what I'm talking about.  I know that probably...

You've had at least some of the following happen to you:

  • Forgotten someone's name in 3 minutes or less!!  Then someone else shows up, wanting to be introduced! But you couldn't make an introduction properly, and had to waffle between asking for their name AGAIN, or apologizing for pretending to be socially amiss as they're introducing themselves!
  • Learned someone's name, used it well initially, then forgotten it, and bumped into them later in public!!  This happens to most people.  You learn a name, but then run into them weeks later at a grocery store!  Then you're stuck saying "Hey!  Good to see you....! How are yoooooou doing?"
  • Used the wrong  name when saying hello to someone.  You just didn't pay enough attention when you met them the first time.  Then, later on, when saying hello to them, you used the wrong name entirely.  This is horrible.  If you've had this happen to you... this goes beyond embarrassment.. and runs headlong into mortifying.  We've made a permanently bad impression on them... as not caring enough to even recall their name. 

The typical apologetic excuse,
"Sorry!  I'm terrible at remembering names!"
usually falls on deaf ears.

People want us to remember their names.   They almost expect it; they take it for granted that we will.  And if it doesn't happen... it's just disappointing to them.  Every time.

Remember that usually, in most cases, everyone's favorite word... is our own name.  Just like in most of our dreams, we are usually the most-recurring star of our own dreams... usually, our own names are the words we like to hear the most.  (At least, when it's spoken by people who have nice voices!).

One of Dale Carnegie's core principles says: "Remember that a person's name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound, in any language".

You may have been one of those people who've not been good at remembering names in the past.  I grant you that.  But it doesn't have to be that way.

You can learn an inner mental process that'll enable you to guarantee in the future... you'll instantly recall names you may have learned years ago, even just once, in passing.

So to share with you why I have credibility here...

I'm going to let you in
on an "embarrassing secret..."

In spite of all I knew from the field of NLP... I'm guilty of having done ALL of the above at least once each over the past few years.  Yes -- ALL 3 of them. 

The discomfort of having created those situations myself... all by myself... caused me to (1) step up my game, (2) model people who are naturally good at storing and remembering names easily, and then (3) work out a process that I could effectively build into my social habits, to permanently rid me of this embarrassing gap in my communication skills. 

And since I did all that, and it did help me to rid myself of that bad habit... I decided it was time to share this VIRTUAL name-memorizing strategy with you.

So, I authored this new audio program, "Remember Names Naturally."

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The problem ISN'T a Poor Memory,
or even just Poor Recall.

Most people judge whether or not they have "a good or poor memory," based on the quality of their recall.  Conceptually, human memory is the combined result of information storage, and information recall.

Most people judge poor recall and then criticize themselves as having a horrible memory.  But they don't have horrible memory skills -- they're just overgeneralizing their criticism.

When we custom-design how we store new information, based on how/when/where we'll need the information, recall is nearly always fabulous.

So usually, judging oneself as having a 'poor memory'... is really only caused by poorly-designed initial information storage.

Embarrassment comes during or after moments of horribly bad recall.  You bump into someone you met before, need to remember their name, and can't.  Or worse, use the wrong name.  And most people think that's just poor recall.  While it may be poor recall..  RECALL isn't the problem.  The problem is poor information storage.

When you store things in the right place, in the right way, you'll always know how to find that information, when you ultimately need it.

If when you come home, you drop your keys randomly around the house, then you can count on them being lost from time to time.  Next time you have to leave, you can also count on not finding your keys, and then needing to run around, feeling panicky.   But if, on arrival, you always put them into the same place, every time, then they're always in the one perfect place, when you next need them.

If you park in big parking lots at stores or airports, and regularly forget where you parked... that's a problem of information storage, not memory recall.  Instead of walking away from your car blindly towards the destination, what if, every 10-20 feet, you turn around and take a snapshot of where you are in relation to your car?  You'd be building a filmstrip of how to find your car, in reverse.  Try it.  It works!

If you have a great filing system and use it consistently, then papers are always filed in a way you can access them as needed.  If you don't... then good luck finding anything in disorganized stacks of papers.

Any solution to a 'perceived' poor memory... is found when we design better information-storage!

I collected 9 possible success tactics to improve my name-memorizing skills.  Found I only needed 7!

NLP tells us the best way to learn how to do something, is to find people who are great at that skill, and model how they do it.  If we can find people who were bad at it, but then solved it on their own and got better at it, even better. 

So I talked to everyone I knew who was amazing at this, and modeled their strategies.  And I did some online research.  I collected 9 different tactics that could help me to remember names more effectively. 

One by one, I tested these tactics out, personally.  Most of them were consistently helpful... but not all!

One tactic was horribly annoying to remember and do well conversationally!   It completely distracted me from the people I was meeting.  I have no interest in recommending any tactic that badly distracts you from your conversations with new folks.

Another tactic seemed to be inconsistent or maybe unnecessary; it didn't improve my results, as far as I could tell.  And I'm not sharing a tip with you that I couldn't verify myself.

The remaining seven steps all seemed to help... so I figured out an optimal sequential strategy that would use all seven.

Thus emerged the V.I.R.T.U.A.L. strategy for
Remembering Names Naturally.

I did all the heavy lifting.  I didn't acquire this model with accelerated learning and other methods already built into the strategy.  But you'll have it much easier!

When we meet and memorize information about people we're meeting, we're creating a "virtual" representation of that person, in our minds.  We're almost creating something of a copy of them.  A picture.  Or video.  Or soundtrack.  A multi-sensory representation of them and whatever we've learned about them, in our minds.

So I thought, why not use that word... VIRTUAL... in a way that helps me make that virtual representation.  I decided to use the word "VIRTUAL", as a MNEMONIC. 

A Mnemonic is a wonderful memory storage mechanism that helps us remember steps in a procedure.  It's an acronym, where each letter represents a step in my seemingly-magical strategy for Remembering Names Naturally.

The VIRTUAL strategy has seven steps, and conditions into the performer (me, or you, etc), a sequential process that helps us maximize our acquisition and recall of others' personal information -- linking faces, names, and other relevant information learned when we met them.

Every single step in the 7-step VIRTUAL process... is a valuable addition to the process.  Each, by themselves, will improve your ability to Remember Names Naturally.  If you only used one of the seven... you'd still probably improve your name-recall.  If you used two... you'd improve things further.  If you use three, or four, or all seven... then I believe you're maximizing your ability to store names so profoundly well... that you'd simply be unable to NOT remember names when you'd ultimately need to.  The aim is to make recognition and recall... as automatic as possible.

My first tests were mostly in circumstances where the result wasn't mission-critical.

Trial-by-Fire #1:
Casual Social Settings while Traveling

I tend to be sociable wherever I travel... often chatting casually and amiably with restaurant or hotel staff.

If I regularly ran into one person frequently, I'd have made an effort to remember their name.  However, in the past, remembering a lot of names in such circumstances had often felt like too much work.  Which is accurate, because I was working hard at it, not working smart at it.

Now, when I'm meeting people, I do a little process in my head, and the information is stored in a way that makes it easy to recall them later.  It doesn't take that much work.  It's just a new choice to make, and a new habit to build. 

People are always surprised now when I greet them by name, even if I only met them once weeks or months prior. That's a gift both to them... and to me! What a RELIEF it is... to know I can rely on this!

After I'd practiced this method enough times in circumstances where it wasn't important to get everything perfect, I started testing it out in situations of greater importance...

Trial-by-Fire #2:
Networking Event with 50 people

I attended and spoke briefly at a networking event with ~50 people in attendance.  During and afterwards, I met and spoke individually with ~20 of these networkers.

In the past, I would have easily forgotten most of 20 new contacts' names, unless I'd spent the entire day with the full group.  But I got business cards from everyone, took the opportunity to speak with each of them, and I ran through most of the VIRTUAL strategy in every case  (Step 7, for the letter "L" in VIRTUAL... had to be deferred until I was back in my hotel room later that night).

Most of the 20 people went out for appetizers and drinks together as a group, and I joined them.  Even with just 6 out of 7 steps done by the time we went out... I had an amazingly easy time using everyone's names, without hesitation.  When it hit me that I was using everyone's names without error, I found myself utterly elated!

Trial-by-Fire #3: 
Onsite Visit, Prospective New Client

I had an exploratory consulting meeting with a new client prospect in Washington DC.

During this meeting, I was introduced initially just to six people, which would normally not have been a problem for me in the past, to remember their names.  But I used the strategy anyway, and I'm now very glad I did, because unbenownst to me, I was about to be blindsided with fifteen more names.

Shortly after the initial meeting, they decided to take me on a tour of their marketing department, where I met another fifteen people.   The initial six people turned into twenty-one people I knew I'd want to remember well.

In the past, there's no way I would have successfully remembered all twenty-one names when returning during potential future visits.  And yes, I was invited back, so With the VIRTUAL strategy... it ended up being no problem. Every name came back to me rapidly when I met with them again.

I knew I was making them feel important, because... they are!

Armed with a perma-grin from having later remembered names and other details surprisingly well, I knew it was time to share this strategy with you... and to make it easier for you, than it was for me.

It took me months of working it all out, adding what was useful, discarding what wasn't.  Testing and refining all the way.  Figuring out the optimal mnemonic (V.I.R.T.U.A.L.).  I knew I had something wonderful, ready to be shared, when people started increasingly commenting "Wow, we only met once weeks ago, how did you remember my name?"  Or "You have an incredible memory!"

Then, it took another few weeks to write the plan, the outline, and then a script for delivering this method effectively to my home-study customers. 

Finally, it took hours of recording and editing, to bring you this method.

All that said, I want to set expectations well:  You will need to work a little bit in order to learn and acquire this strategy, but I know it'll be a lot easier for you than it was for me!

Listen to a little taste of this recording...

Track 2, "Where's the Problem?"
1:41 partial sample track.

Track 13, "Bonus Track, Creating Tie-In's"
1:45 partial sample track.


This program contains 12 tracks, plus a bonus track. They total 63 minutes of rich content; just over one hour.

There's no fluff in this recording; it's very-tightly-woven material; you'll be going through the set multiple times, to fully memorize the strategy and make it easier for you to practice it automatically.

And when you're done going through it, and spending time practicing it, I want to hear back from you about your fabulous results!

Quick Jump: Ready to purchase already?

But, if you're looking for a magic bullet (!)

Seriously.  If you honestly admit to yourself that you're looking for a magic bullet and won't be satisfied with something you have to work a little bit to learn, don't buy this. 

There are no magic bullets.  There's no pill you can take, no injection, no Vulcan Mind-Melds here. 

Tank (from the Matrix) isn't going to upload the "name memorizing" program into your brain in just 20 seconds.  

So if you're looking for some simple solution where you get to close your eyes, play a recording while you sleep, and magically wake up masterfully remembering names, forget it.  This isn't that product, and you're not the right customer for this program.

As long as you're willing to put in a little effort...

This audio program requires an intention to learn the process consciously, to listen actively to people, and then to commit to practice the strategy repeatedly over time.

It's precisely that ongoing practice, that will help you move through Conscious Incompetence (initially) , Conscious Competence (within hours or days), then finally into Unconscious Competence (typically, within weeks or months, depending on how frequently you choose to practice the VIRTUAL strategy). 

Remember, it's Unconscious Competence that we all so dearly desire!

Our Guarantee to You

We want you to feel completely safe making this purchase. And we also want you to know that if you put in some time & effort, you will improve your face-and-name-recognition with this program!  We've made this guarantee in order to protect you from risking money on a product without knowing in advance what your results will have been.

We also want you to know that if you for whatever reason don't have even a couple of free hours a week to put into this, then, why waste your time & money? No product that sits on a shelf is going to help you much. So if you truly want to make some improvements to your ability to remember names, and you have a little time available to put into working with our program, then we've set up this guarantee for you to help you feel comfortable making a purchase decision from us.


If you're not 100% satisfied that this audio program truly helps you to more effectively store and memorize names, faces, and personal information, in a way that maximizes name-recall later, then just return it ANYTIME WITHIN ONE FULL YEAR, and we'll refund EVERY CENT of your purchase price. (Note: Refund Option Disappears after using the fee-waived Coaching Bonus; *see below)


Read what our Customers say...


"I tried the strategy out at a network meeting and was amazed at how much friendlier the world becomes when you can greet people with their name confidently. After several days the names are still sticking tight. Much needed and appreciated Jonathan!" - Alex Lowe, Hypnotherapist, Shrewsbury, UK



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Author:  Jonathan Altfeld