Keynotes and Speaking Invitations


Jonathan has developed the following Keynotes that can be delivered for your audience, and customized to specific lengths of time available.

  • "From Living to Thriving:
    Asking Better Questions to Get Better Results"

    This entertaining, enlightening, and motivating keynote helps motivate an audience to review how and why they may be stuck using old, stale approaches to problem-solving, and getting nowhere fast. And then it presents several successful strategies for asking questions in a different way. Guaranteed to shake up old approaches and unleash your audience to move forward with a renewed hope and desire to do things differently and achieve more, sooner.
  • "Staying Sharper as we Age"
    This fascinating keynote addresses one of everyone's worst hidden fears -- remaining cognitively sharp as we get older. Not only are there nutritional supplements and dietary changes that can lead to a very strong improvement in our cognitive function, there are activities and exercises that will astound you and make you laugh -- all of which can help you stay competitive with younger generations, and challenge them to try to keep up with you! Fabulous for older audiences, this keynote draws its suggestions from research and discoveries coming from nutritional sciences, educational kinesiology, neurology, psychology, and interdisciplinary sources as well.
  • More to come!

To request Jonathan's rate card, travel requirements, and other negotiables, get in touch with us and let us know more about your organization and speaking opportunity. Call us at 813-991-8888 or visit our web-based Contact Form.

Speaking Invitations

If you are running an upcoming Conference, or Annual Corporate Meeting, or some other type of large meeting and would like Jonathan Altfeld to come speak at your event, please contact our office at 813-991-8888 or by completing our web-based Contact Form.

Jonathan regularly designs unique programs or talks for specific needs.

Custom Training Design requests

This would normally be listed in our Business Services and Business Training sections, as we regularly design curriculi for unique training program needs. These requests usually begin with a discussion based on desired outcomes. After an initial talk, we would put together an early proposal that estimated likely requirements in order to meet your desired outcomes. Call us at 813-991-8888 or visit our web-based Contact Form.