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This is the 4-pound binder shippable version of this set.  The downloadable MP3 version of this set is located here. Knowledge Engineering (KE) is Jonathan Altfeld's renowned... [More Info]
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This audio set was recorded at the first 3 days of an extraordinary NLP Master Practitioner course with Jonathan Altfeld and Doug O'Brien in 2008. Belief Craft masterfully blends... [More Info]
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This product is produced by and (c) Doug O'Brien.  Unlike with Jonathan's products (see our refund policy), there are no refunds offered on "Sleight of Mouth."  (Rest assured,... [More Info]
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This is the Mail Order CD-Set version of this product. If you're looking for the Downloadable MP3 Set version, look here. This fabulous and unique audio program trains you in... [More Info]
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This is the shippable/mail-order version of the CD-set. If you're interested in the downloadable MP3 set version, that's here. Our 2006 follow-up to our most popular audio program... [More Info]
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This is not the downloadable MP3-set version. If you want that version instead of this mail-order CD-set version, click here. Use of Metaphor is essential knowledge/skill in your... [More Info]
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Note: this is the shipped physical CD-set version. The MP3-set download version is available here. This is our Most Popular home-study program. This set is designed to ramp up... [More Info]
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Announcing our newest 8-CD-set / MP3-set audio program "Own the Interview!" Just released as a CD-Set. This is Jonathan Altfeld's new cutting edge material applying NLP to Acing... [More Info]
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