NLP Training - At the Mastery InSight Institute, and in general.

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What is NLP Training all about?

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How does NLP Training differ from other kinds of soft-skills training?

Most soft-skills trainers who've learned their skills in traditional corporate training contexts are not trained or gifted in accelerated learning strategies. This is because they've often been held back by traditional methods of presenting and measuring skills/knowledge/retention. When you're being tested by people who don't know how to train well (let alone test well), you're essentially crippled. So most soft skills training out there is either too slow, or too simple, or too "canned" for people to gain any generative improvement. They're stuck in linear improvement, if that.

Most soft-skills trainers use the typical "tell 'em what you're gonna tell 'em, tell 'em, then tell 'em what you told 'em" model of training. This is ancient history. Great 30-40 years ago, still the industry standard, but no one ever called the industry standard cutting edge.

NLP Training, by contrast, keeps the issue of chunking as relevant for choosing how to deliver and package information for easy access later, and maximum retention/usage. In other words, if you want the information to be able to come out later on, when we need it most, a great deal of thought has to be put in... to how the information goes in, the first time. How it's organized, and chunked, and communicated... are all extremely relevant points. NLP Trainers are trained in these advanced information packaging methods.

For one other example, NLP Trainers are also trained in the art of shifting an audience's attention from "internally framed" to "externally framed." These are an example of many cognitive preferences people have in their minds, and if they're not respected, it makes the difference between information that we absorb... and information we ignore. We think that's kind of important to keep in mind. Most soft-skills trainers... will never even know about these distinctions in an audience member's mind, let alone know how to affect/change them.