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Want a World-Class Voice?

Want a more powerful voice that will
mesmerize people into wanting to hear more?

Want a more compelling voice that will cause people to trust you, buy from you, seek you out - Just to Hear More of What You Have to Say?

     Ever hear a recording of your own voice? Did it shock you? Were you embarrassed? Me too. Did you want to improve your voice so you would never sound like that again in public? I did it (the slow, hard way) and I've taught more than 4,500 other people to do it (the faster, easier way). Now, you can do it, too - and it's easier than you think. Listen...

     Your voice actually connects you to your audience in many unconsciously-powerful ways. It can create more vivid pictures, stronger emotions, and sharper hearing and awareness in your audience - placing them in the palm of your hand (or the tip of your tongue). Don't you agree:

  • When Pee Wee Herman sings, no one listens.

  • When Pavarotti sings, EVERYONE listens.

     When you stop, then think about the most compelling people you've ever met, I guarantee the vast majority possess great voices. Those voices have presence, resonance and a wide range of tonal qualities. They're EXPRESSIVE. They MOVE people to want to pay attention. Isn't that the kind of voice you want? One that will cause people to stop and listen? That's what this program gives you.

     Very few people were lucky enough to be born with fantastic voices. Everyone else (like me) had to develop a more powerful voice. Had to learn how to use it more effectively. So, here's the question for you to answer now: Is it worth a little time and a modest investment to gain a voice that will certainly have a positive effect on your career and personal life? If you want people to follow you, trust you, believe you - isn't it worth a miniscule investment to get that voice? Of course it is!

     This page tells you all about a system used successfully by over 4500 people from 45 countries around the world (as of March 2012!), to improve their voices. It's designed to dramatically & powerfully improve the quality of the sound of your voice, and the effectiveness of your communication in just under 2 hours. Please allow me to introduce the "Finding Your Irresistible Voice" audio program.

Mega-speaker   BRIAN TRACY   says:
"This is a wonderful program that will give you a powerful, authoritative voice. It can change your life."

Brian Tracy is an internationally renowned business & sales trainer/speaker. He's also the author of these & other books:
      "The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success"
      "21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires"
Brian Tracy International, Solana Beach, CA

Have you ever wondered why some people naturally command Respect, Easily Influence Others, and Experience Magnetic Responses from the people around them?

  • Everything you know about persuasion and influence doubles, triples, or more in effectiveness when delivered with a voice that will have your audience eagerly anticipating every word you say...

  • Send your confidence through the roof, knowing that from now on, whenever you open your mouth to speak, people will love whatever comes out...

  • Make romantic partners shiver with anticipation for your deepening connection with them & the rewards you'll reap together...

If you'd like some of these benefits for yourself, I invite you to read on!

Read What Some of our Customers Say:

"...the exercises have improved the quality of my voice."

     Jonathan Altfeld speaks the pleasant truth with his "Finding Your Irresistible Voice" CD set. To my enjoyment, the exercises have improved the quality of my voice. I practiced the techniques that I learned from Jonathan on my brother. In the past, it was difficult to keep his attention due to my monotone voice, but recently when I spoke with my brother, I had his complete attention.
Marcus Inoue
San Diego, CA

"My workmates noticed how 'agreeable' it was to listen to my opinions..."

     After taking your course I started realising how applicable it was in creating a new improved voice range. I realised that with very little effort people were listening attentively to me, even in crowded places and in places where machinery is constantly running.

     My workmates noticed it too, dropping comments as to how 'agreeable' it was to listen to my opinions, and how much more rapport was noticeable!

     My new girlfriend also refers to my voice as to one of my good qualities, which -- in combination with my other NLP techniques -- makes for my voice a seductive weapon of choice. I am recommending it to my friends. Thanks!

G.A., Sydney Australia.

"Just learning about how to develop a dual voice tone is worth the money for the whole set!"

     Your 'Finding Your Irresistible Voice' 2-CD set [...] really gives me the tools & knowledge to IMPROVE my voice... no matter what level. Just learning about how to develop a dual-tone voice is worth the money for the whole set! I especially like your dynamic presentation of the material - your good mood really comes through.... A definite must in the library of any NLP student!
Claudio Sennhauser,
Palm Software Development Trainer, Licensed NLP Trainer
Dayton, OH

"I will use these techniques in all of my future hypnosis work..."

     As a certified hypnotherapist, I can tell you that I will use these techniques in all of my future hypnosis work, both with clients & on tape, as well as any inductions I record for free distribution. Jonathan demonstrated these techniques as he taught them, & each time, I had a high level of response to them. He is a very dynamic speaker, & forced me to really pay attention & understand the communication at all levels.
Alex Akselrod

"People who never let me get a word in, are now giving me more room to talk."

     I got the CD's, & I'm really doing well with them. The biggest thing I've noticed so far, is that some people who never let me get a word in are now giving me more room to talk. Another thing that I didn't expect is my dog is listening to me better. Evidently he likes the stretched out vowels too!

RJ Corradino

for those who simply want to make an average voice sound wonderful, well worth the investment.

     Hello, Jonathan, your CD-set is really very good. You have a wonderful voice yourself, one that is dynamic & effective without sounding corny. I would recommend your CD-set for anyone wishing to improve his/her voice in any general way. [...] for those (like me) who simply want to make an average voice sound wonderful, your CD-set is well worth the investment.

David Person


Others have wasted Thousands of Dollars and Years of Frustration yet Never Achieve the Results that you can get from a few magical hours with our 2-CD set, that will impact the rest of your life. Working with our audio program, you'll Discover the Most Powerful and Influential Tool you can ever possess... Your Own Magnetically Charged, Naturally Persuasive, Irresistible Voice...

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On the Optimal Position/
Use of our Cheeks

On Increasing your
Breath volume

Quick Jump: Ready to purchase already?

     As you read on, you'll learn about how I help you to develop a more magnetic & irresistible voice!

Here's my 'BIO' from the Liner Notes...

     As a boy growing up in NYC, Jonathan sang in a reknowned choir which even performed once at Lincoln Center. After his voice changed, his early singing career ended and his speaking voice developed. From ages 14-18, he worked backstage at the Dr. Pepper Music Festivals, where he made concert announcements to crowds of 10,000 people.

     From ages 15-16 Jonathan produced & hosted his own public access cable television show, developing his voice & onscreen presence that would be useful again at the age of 21 when he anchored a college TV news show. Jonathan enjoys doing voice impressions, and can do many solid & amusing impressions and a number of foreign accents with fluidity. In his role as a trainer, Jonathan does frequent public speaking engagements including radio interviews.

     This Audio program integrates exercises and learnings from all of the above experiences, and offers you a simple, fun, unique, and yet comprehensive way to improve the qualities of your voice that attract and captivate attention.

What's on the First CD?

1st Half of CD 1: Vowels, Consonants & Tonality

     How do vowels and consonants help us achieve, maintain and increase rapport? What can we do with vowels and consonants, differently, to dramatically enhance the qualities of our voice that make us more magnetic with other people?

     This side helps you build in greater smoothness of dynamic shifts in your voice qualities. Part of having an irresistible voice is learning how to speak in highly dynamic ways, which can include a lot of shifting and changing of voice qualities.

     This can be done in subtle ways, too, it doesn't necessarily mean being outrageous!

2nd Half of CD 1: Variance in Resonance Location

     Reteach yourself how sound is actually made with your lungs, throat, mouth and nose. Learn to isolate the feelings associated with making wonderful sounds, as well as with making less-than-wonderful sounds. We'll experientially teach your vocal-instrument that what feels good, sounds good too.

     We'll take you to the extremes of a variety of mouth positions, make very funny noises, laugh about them, and then find the optimal middle point for your most irresistible voice qualities. You'll be teaching yourself how to speak optimally first by exploring the "no-no's" of making vocal sounds, then leading you into subtly achieving very warm and resonant qualities.

What's on the Second CD?

1st Half of CD 2: Wave Modulation, Command Tone Up/Down

     Once you've learned more about the physical structures of high-quality & resonant voices, and begun already to improve your voice, in this section you'll learn how to more effectively use tonal shifts and other techniques to delineate your communication.

     Through the study of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you learn techniques for creating more influential communication. Some examples of these types of techniques are "embedded commands" and "analog marking." We'll explore a variety of ways to effectively use these techniques using tonality & rhythm shifts, and other voice effects.

2nd Half of CD 2: The Dual-Tone Voice!

     This is the flagship section of the set! Jonathan modeled his own concurrent hum-&-whistle sounds, the auditory effects of a Dual Hypnotic Induction, dual-binaural beats of a mind machine, and several other techniques to teach you a new way to think about how to produce a strangely irresistible voice.

     The result is a voice that can resonate with two different tones, concurrently -- and you'll be amazed to find that with some effort, you'll be able to modulate each tone INDEPENDENTLY. This is very similar to the effects Tibetan Monks achieve with their chanting methods, but more subtle.

     Some people can consciously hear it... some people can't. More likely, as you listen to this section, you will alternate between being able to hear it easily and not being sure if you do or do not. When you use this technique, people will phase in & out of wondering if they're hearing anything unusual as you speak to them, which can keep them focusing more consciously on the structure of your language, as opposed to the content... which can make them much more responsive to your influential suggestions!

     Whether you can hear the technique all the time or only part of the time, when you're doing it, you'll know... there is a distinct set of feelings that you'll experience that lets you know you're in the flow of making the effect happen.

Here are our newest customer testimonials!

"This program should be mandatory listening for teachers and trainers in any industry."

     I'm a technical trainer who frequently teaches MCSE bootcamps. What that means is I take a group of 10 to 20 people and cram 6 months of learning into 1 or 2 weeks. This is an exercise for me as an instructor since it is 12 hour days, but with only 14 days to pass 7 tests, it's grueling for my students. Before I listened to your CD's, there were times when it seemed like no matter how much the students wanted to learn, they could only absorb so much in a day. About 8 hours into the second day most of my students would start to gaze over completely and frequent breaks were needed. Too frequent in my opinion (sometimes it's hard to get them to come back in and get going). With the proper use of your Dual Tone Voice & Modulation techniques, I found that my students could be completely captivated, even late into the last day! This program should be mandatory listening for teachers and trainers in any industry. Thank you for such an awesome program!

Steven Kenyon
Trainer / Network Consultant
MCT, MCSE NT4 & W2K, A+,
Manteca, CA

"...almost immediately noticed ... more attention being paid to what I have to say by friends and family."

     I am delighted to say, that since I recieved the Irresistible Voice CD-set, listened to and utilized the techniques suggested, I've noticed tremendous results. I am a student, but I work part time as a salesman (over the telephone) as well, and almost immediately noticed stronger response potential from customers, and seemingly more attention being paid to what I have to say by friends and family. Although I was aware of embedded commands through my knowledge of hypnotic language patterns, I had no idea how to utilize them. That was, until I received the CD-set. Now I use them Frequently and notice outstanding results. Anyone who wants to improve their voice quality and gain other peoples attention, I would certainly buy the Irresistible Voice CD-set. Thank you Jonathon, I hope to see you in the future.

Jimmy Mcintyre.
Student of Psychology
Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds UK

"Since using your CD... I never have any problems getting favours ... from my male colleagues!!!"

     Since using your CD, I used the technique on my answerphone. And since the new voicemail, I never have any problems getting favours or work done from my male colleagues!!! Easy!!!

Sue Pullen,, Brighton, UK

"Jonathan... do me a favor... be careful who you sell this to... take this off the market... or at least raise the price to around $1000!!!!"

     I started using your Irresistible Voice CD when I started my import/export company. I was getting nowhere. I had just lost the main customer of my business... my rent bills were coming due... my credit card bills were screaming at the top of their lungs... my world was about to end...


     Something told me to listen to the CD... take your time and place your headphones on and listen to the damn CD's!

     I did.

     I went to my next meeting waiting to test this stuff out. I walked into his office... sat down... I was told it was only going to be for ten minutes... 'we are VERY BUSY and we only have ten minutes...'

     And I looked at him... this guy with piles of paper on his desk... and said 'I have always wondered what it's like to work in a place such as this... Just between you and me... how do you do it?' (I lowered my voice as on the CD)

     And I spent the next two hours talking! And...

     ...closed a $13,000 account!

     Jonathan... do me a favor... be careful who you sell this to... take this off the market... or at least raise the price to around $1000!!!! It's too POWERFUL for the human race!

Willie Harris Jr.
Owner, Seven Continents Trader

"A co-worker who ordinarily only talks to me only when she has to, asked me 'what time did I get off work and where do I live?'"

     I would like to share my experiences with the F.Y.I.V. CD set, however, before I begin I must add that most of these experiences occured within a matter of days of using these techniques. I went through CD-1 on one day and CD-2 the next, and did not stop until I at least got a basic dual-tone voice. My concurrent training since then has been focusing on one technique from CD-1 and another technique from CD-2 daily. And with that said, here's what I've experienced.

     People initiating conversations with me about trivial things just to hear my voice. For example, 'what kind of headset do I use with my cellphone?' Really, who asks people what kind of headset do they use?! A co-worker who ordinarily only talks to me only when she has to, asked me 'what time did I get off work and where do I live?' I won't say what happened after that! ;)

  • My requests are happily granted and sometimes a little extra is thrown in for no reason.
  • Instantly defuse tense and escalated situations.
  • Increased acuity in my other senses.
  • A co-worker admitted to daydreaming while I was talking to her.
  • One co-worker expressed a bit of jealousy because another co-worker now wants to talk to me more than they want to talk to them. If that's not irresistible, I don't know what is!!

     I'm usually reserved and speak only when spoken to, however, with these new techniques I find myself looking for opportunities to speak so I can practice and refine my skills. People join conversations I'm in, More people are expressing interest in my website when I use the Embedded Command technique, etc. This is just a small example, Jonathan. If I got this much with 'Finding Your Irresistible Voice', I can't possibly imagine what I'll experience with "Irresistible Voice, Volume 2". Keep up the good work.

Cesar G. Gutierrez

"By focusing on developing my voice, ... I have become aware of a more persuasive state, where there's less mental chatter and more eloquent, persuasive verbal delivery."

     "So, an 'irresistible voice,' hey? Sounds good, and so will your voice, if you listen to, and more importantly, do the exercises on this set. Over the course of the CD's Jonathan Altfeld takes the listener through a series of precise, progressive exercises, focusing on various aspects of the human voice from how to use your mouth (!), tone, rhythm, using tonality, and how to use breathing effectively when speaking. Simple exercises, powerful results. It's a great set, and I found that by using the CD's and practising with the exercises, I was able to generate a voice that not only sounded nice, it felt nice as well.

     "So there I was thinking that my voice sounded and felt nice, however what I've realised in the past few months since is that, not only do I sound more melodious, more rhythmic, and that people seem to want to listen to me more, but I'm more aware of a different internal state. By focusing on developing my voice, so it sounds and feels right to me, I have become aware of a more persuasive state, where there's less mental chatter and more eloquent, persuasive verbal delivery. (NOT SURE IF I'M LETTING THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG HERE JONATHAN!). By concentrating on developing the physiology of an irresistible voice, you can also develop a state of powerful persuasion, which is a very big bonus. So where do I use my irresistible voice? Where don't I?"

Paul Sims
Personal and Business Coach, Kinetic Coaching, Nottingham, UK

You're Not Likely to Find these on Ebay!!

     If you can find a set on ebay, buy it! With over 4500 sets sold from 1998 to 2012, we keep expecting to see a flurry of these sets showing up on Ebay. But they're one of the few popular "NLP-based" products that are almost never sold through ebay. People aren't selling their copies!

     There could be any number of reasons for this -- but we're guessing the two most likely reasons for this are:

  1. People like keeping this attractive/interesting item on their self-improvement shelves. This one's a keeper!
  2. they may be loaning it out to all their friends who have awful voices!!

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Pricing for the Irresistible Voice CD's

     This set, available on EITHER CDs or MP3s is priced at $79. It's been selling here through this page since 1998, and we began adding free bonuses to the sale in 2001. Because we decided to be more generous in thanks for all the business we've been receiving.

     As a bonus for ordering now -- you'll receive a FREE BONUS CD entitled "Secrets of a More Effective Voice" which was recorded during a teleconference interview. And I'll also throw in a FREE SPECIAL REPORT listing over 1800 Sensory-Awareness words -- to sharpen up your vocabulary with words that ignite people's perceptions and help make your communication more powerful.

     Shipping within the USA is ~$5 for standard mail. Shipping overseas is ~$10. We charge 7% sales tax only on orders made by Florida residents or people shipping to Florida addresses.

     Overseas customers MAY have to pay additional import taxes upon receipt, on top of what we charge for payment & shipping. For more information on import taxes where you are, contact your local postal service &/or customs agents.

Our Guarantee to You

     We want you to feel completely safe making this purchase. And we also want you to know that if you put in some time & effort, you will improve your voice with this system! We've made this guarantee in order to protect you from risking money on a product without knowing in advance what your results will have been.

     We also want you to know that if you for whatever reason don't have even a couple of free hours a week to put into this, then, why waste your time & money? No product that sits on a shelf is going to help you much. So if you truly want to make some improvements to your voice, and you have a little time available to put into working with our program, then we've set up this guarantee for you to help you feel comfortable making a purchase decision from us.


If you're not 100% satisfied that this audio program truly helps you create a more pleasant-sounding, more effective voice, just return them ANYTIME WITHIN ONE FULL YEAR, and we'll refund EVERY CENT of your purchase price. And you get to keep the FREE Sensory-Awareness Vocabulary List SPECIAL REPORT and the FREE BONUS CD as our gift.




Remember, Fulfillment/Shipping is normally fast, but our office does shut down when we travel to run courses. So the postmark could be delayed up to 2 weeks (arrival up to 3-4 weeks) if we are out of town.

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     I look forward to providing you immense value in your future, in a myriad of ways! Thanks for coming to visit the Mastery InSight Institute!


Jonathan Altfeld

Mastery InSight Institute

P.S. Remember, for a limited-time only, when you get the Irresistible Voice CD's, you'll also receive a FREE COPY of our SPECIAL REPORT: Sensory-Awareness Vocabulary List -- with over 1800 sensory words guaranteed to INVOKE STRONG PERCEPTIONS & THOUGHTS in your listeners, whether you're flirting with one, or selling to hundreds!

P.P.S. In addition to the Sensory List, you ALSO get a FREE BONUS CD that we normally charge $25 for -- entitled "Insider Secrets to Using Your Voice More Effectively!"

P.P.P.S. Lastly, keep in mind our BETTER-THAN-RISK-FREE GUARANTEE. If you don't think this set helped you to improve your voice, return it anytime within ONE FULL YEAR for a full refund of your purchase price paid, and keep BOTH bonuses as our thanks for your time & effort in trying out our system.