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NLP Trainer Jonathan Altfeld is a strong proponent of juice fasting, having done multiple long juice fasts in his life, in 1982, in 2004, and in 2012. In 2012, Jonathan lost 63... [More Info]
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This is the downloadable MP3-set version of the program. If you're interested in the mail order / shipped CD-set version, that's here. This is our 2006 follow-up to our most... [More Info]
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Please note, this is a downloadable set of .mp3 files.  We do not currently offer this on a CD by mail. In 68 minutes, you'll learn how Jonathan Altfeld and Doug O'Brien lead... [More Info]
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Please note, this is a downloadable set of .mp3 files; we do not ship a CD version of this product presently. In one hour, you can learn how to become a far better detector of... [More Info]
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This is the Downloadable MP3-set version, not the shippable version.  We are currently phasing the shipped version of this CD-set and only have 2 copies of the physical binder... [More Info]
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This 43 page .PDF workbook will help you to learn and master the use of NLP's "meta-model." Includes 12 sections (1 for each MM pattern), and within each section, includes a... [More Info]
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PRAC PACK 1: Becoming an Extraordinary Learner (2.5 Hours) The amazing Rex Sikes returned to NLP in 2012!  Jonathan introduces Rex, Rex takes the floor and trains: Directed... [More Info]
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PRAC PACK 2: Anchoring for the Everyday NLP Wizard (2 Hours) Jonathan and Rex masterfully share their wisdom and experience on how anchors work in the real world, emphasize the... [More Info]
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This is the Downloadable MP3-Set version of this product. If you're looking for the Mail-Order 4-CD-set, look here. This fabulous and very unique audio program will train... [More Info]
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This is not the mail-order CD-set version. If you want the shippable CD version instead, click here. The use of Metaphor is an essential knowledge/skill in your NLP toolkit, and... [More Info]
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Note: this is the downloadable MP3 version. The shipped physical CD-set version is available here. This MP3-set is designed to ramp up your vocal charisma, magnetism, and ability... [More Info]
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This is a Downloadable MP3-Set version of "Remember Names Naturally." This program trains you in Jonathan Altfeld's unique new "VIRTUAL" strategy for remembering new names every... [More Info]
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Announcing our newest 8-CD-set / MP3-set audio program "Own the Interview!" Just released as an MP3-Set (CD-set release is coming soon).   This is Jonathan Altfeld's new cutting... [More Info]
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