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UPDATE, December 4, 2013: Our new Shopping Cart & Affiliate Program is now available!

Read the Affiliate FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions).


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You can partner with us and earn 20% of every customer purchase you refer (10% of every seminar signup)!

Join our affiliate program, and let us send you money for referring students and customers to our high quality NLP products & seminars. When they buy, you get paid.

The program is simple. You put special affiliate links or banners on your webpage or inside e-mails to your mailing list.  When your referred contacts buy from us (or sign up for our events)... you get credited -- not only for those sales, but also for any returning sales over the coming year even if they didn't use your links to return, as long as they use the same customer account/login.

You'll make 20% of every product sale, and 10% of every seminar signup.

This is not a multi-tier affiliate system, as we are NOT an MLM (multi-level marketing) system.  This affiliate program simply rewards people for directly-referred sales.  It's very similar to paying a sales team for closing sales, except we do not maintain an active sales staff.

Affiliates are paid on the 15th of each month via Paypal (whenever your payable balance reaches $100 or higher), or annually if your payable total is less than $100.  Quarterly payments of less than $100 are accomodated too upon request.

Please note seminar affiliate commissions are not payable until your customer has attended the event they signed up for. Product commissions are payable immediately upon your customer's successful product payment.  So you may earn more from seminar signup referrals, but sales commissions on these can be delayed some time, whereas product sale referrals are credited immediately.

FYI, if a referred customer requests a refund within our refund period, your commission would be reversed (pragmatically, they'd be debited from subsequent or future commissions).

Who gets approved?

Anyone can apply, and we aim to approve the vast majority of affiliates.

Most established NLP Training Centers or even other publically known Copywriters or Information Marketers whose markets are complementary to NLP but not overlapping will usually be approved.

We're looking for affiliates whose market positioning will positively reflect on our products & services.

Who doesn't get approved?

We do have some simple restrictions regarding an affiliate's business history or future new affiliate program relationships. So to be approved, if we don't know you, we'll email you after your application is received. 

There are unfortunately a handful of unsavory elements 'out there' using NLP in less than elegant ways, and if you're connected with those in any way, we will decline to do business with you. Sorry.  And no, we will never publically publish that list; please know that our "block" list is actually very small.

Can my account be terminated?

We reserve the right based on your past/future business details to refuse membership (or terminate a membership at any time, as do you).  

If we terminate the affiliate account, all pending sales commissions (even in these circumstances) will always still be paid according to our published rules*, including sales that arrive up to a year after the termination date, from pre-existing referrals you sent, but new referrals will not be tracked from the termination date onward.

* In a case where we've terminated an affiliate relationship, commissions on seminars will only be paid after referred students have attended the relevant courses they signed up for, and commissions on products will only be paid after the refund grace period is over.  The latter adjustment is made because if refunds were to be requested, we would have no recourse to easily recoup a commission from you, paid on a product that was later refunded.

Program owned & managed by J. Altfeld's Mastery InSight Institute.

Upon approved enrollment, you automatically qualify to sell all* current and future products/events sold on this site.

* The only exception:  I have one product on this site that was authored and produced by Doug O'Brien.  Sales of that product through this website do not generate affiliate commissions.  Although you are welcome to become an affiliate for Doug, directly, if you like.   :)

Your customers are not only cookied for up to one full year after they first visit the website, they also become associated to your name and account.  So, you will get paid a commission on the first, second, and even the 10th purchase or beyond, within that year -- or even afterwards if they keep using your referral links later on.  Also, if your prospect doesn't buy until 3, 6, or 10 months after the first visit, you still get paid.

You can check Real-Time Statistics 24-hours/day via the web -- our new (2013) shopping cart provides excellent statistics!  Simply log into your account and explore.

MARKETING SUPPORT: We're working on developing the marketing links and banners for your benefit that we invite you to borrow from, for as long as you're an approved affiliate program member, for marketing purposes, because we WANT you to succeed!  However please note that does not give you any rights to the ad copy shown on our longer main sales pages. If you or we ever choose to terminate our affiliate program relationship, all rights to our marketing copy will be revoked (and again, we will still pay out commissions according to the terms of the agreement on all referred sales/signups received thus far).

DEAL-SEEKER RESTRICTION: Affiliates may NOT buy 1st copies of products at 20%-off.  Our 2013 affiliate software is still very new; we have not yet tested whether the system tracks sales-to-self as earning affiliate commissions.  Either way, to ensure this rule is not abused, while the system may or may not calculate commisions on your own purchases, if you yourself buy products, and the affiliate system tracks those as referred sales to yourself, we will delete those specific commissions.  This prevents affiliates signing up to receive their copy for 20% off. Furthermore, you will be a more effective promoter of any of our programs if you were an actual client/student of the programs you're referring to your customers.  *

EFFECTIVE AFFILIATE REWARDS:  If you achieve certain (high) levels of referrals, I plan on personally and generously rewarding your efforts, with free copies of products that you can either resell for a profit at your own business site, or keep for your own copy, or resell on ebay, etc. In other words, I like to be generous when your referrals result in significantly increased business. But I won't be taken advantage of by non-performing affiliates wanting cheaper products.

Enrollment for free in just minutes online!

International Affiliates welcome. All commissions paid in U.S. dollars via Paypal.

In a nutshell, you are our world wide sales team and I'll do whatever it takes to make this program profitable for you! If you make money, we make money.

Read the Affiliate FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions).


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