NLP Practitioner Certification Trainings - 1998 Chat Transcript

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NLP Practitioner Training

IRC Chat Log, September 20, 1998

NLP Practitioner Trainings!
Jonathan Hi folks! And welcome to the chat! This is a special night... because over the course of the next couple of hours, I wanted to do a chat with you folks about what NLP Practitioner Trainings offer... what they represent... where they've come from, and where they may be going... And answer some questions as well -- if we can -- about your preconceptions or understandings of what a Practitioner training can do for people! So to get started, I know our long-term reading audience represents a WIDE variety of NLP Training backgrounds -- some of you may be NLP Master Practitioner... some Practitioners already. Some of you are experienced yet still may not yet have taken a certification training.... And there may even be a few completely new NLP students out there! Whichever you may be -- you may hear things in this chat that spark new ideas for you... new ways of looking at new skills.... old skills... and ways of integrating old & new together perhaps... such that you might find yourself being able to approach a problem area in your life with new creativity, & new resources! Would that be useful?
Sunev, Rondesgr, _Stile_ Yes!
Jonathan OK... well... let's start... at the end... Imagine yourself... at the end of a training having lasted perhaps a couple of weeks. You've finished the course. Everything seems different, somehow. You've got a grin on your face from ear to ear! Every sentence the other students share with you comes with a wink... a nod... a knowing that there are different ways to hear *everything* being said... a knowing that you have greater control over your own emotional states than you can recall ever having -- though thats not entirely true... much of what you've learned made sense at an internal level -- in many cases it was bringing out skills in you that you may have had once as a child... or perhaps -- skills in you that you've been able to exhibit in ONE type of situation... but as yet been unable to APPLY those skills effectively in a structurally different situation... so now... you're thinking of your beliefs and skills... you're imagining your capabilities as being above the specifics of circumstances and time and place and state... and everything feels open to you -- new ideas... new PLANS... a knowledge that you're going to be able to set new goals and outcomes -- and know the difference along with a WIDE variety of possible steps to take in an effort to achieve those outcomes for yourself... and maybe, JUST maybe, you might... giggle to yourself at how flexibly you KNOW you're going to have found yourself behaving as problems arise for you in your future! Now, from my perspective, I think thats one of the best things about it! Wouldn't that be an incredible state to be in? Now, as I think about all the different ways to build all that in so that it can stay with you for the rest of your life... in a way that'll make you smile on the inside out... I wonder how curious that might make you about how much you KNOW you can learn to learn differently and make something new of yourselves and of your skills...! So! If you're curious... if you're really intensely curious... And if you know how to grin!!! Then we can think back to the beginning of the training... and wonder... REALLY wonder... how did it all fit into place? What was my decision process for actually deciding to take the training? What did I expect? SO! How many licensed practitioners do we have here tonight?
tranzpupy, thefool Me...
Sunev Not me
rondesgr Does potential count?
Jonathan Sure! Though the next question applies to trained folks... To those two, I'd ask you -- How did you decide to take the training? Once you were already considering it -- What made you say "yes?"
tranzpupy You.
Jonathan What *internal* cues ;)
tranzpupy I felt this powerful YES! feeling at the back of my head...
thefool Wow, i can feel that feeling even now, the amazement of the strength of the system, and the curiosity to know the what's and how's... and it flows from the middle of the chest upwards with heat and spicy feeling
Jonathan Good answer, Mik! And after you'd decided, you probably had certain expectations & outcomes, right? What might those have been?
thefool Hey, now that tranzpupy said that, I do have a feeling on the back of my head too ... that I've just noticed... its like where the feeling from the chest concentrates to, exactly on the bone of the cerebellum :) hmmmm.... not quite... I left all the expectations in the doorway ... :) I said to myself "Que Sera Sera," and man it was wild!
tranzpupy Yup, that's it!
Jonathan So Mik put his expectations aside and just went with it, eh? You just decided to take that ride!
tranzpupy Me too. I just showed up, naked in my expectations...
Jonathan LOL!
thefool Well that's what they said to do, so I said to myself, for once in your life, do as they say.
Jonathan I recall having my own expectations when going to my own first Practitioner training. Wow, my head was spinning! I wanted to be shown how to physically experience NLP -- Doing it through what I learned from books was useful but it wasn't like a full-body sport! And I got that! I had heard about all these things -- I'd heard about Anchoring and had played with the skills. I had heard about various language patterns but it didn't make sense in any kind of cohesive way yet. I had heard about various NLP skills/tools and did not at the time feel confident that I was "doing it right." Turns out, there's no right & wrong, really... There's only more & less effective, and there are a LOT of more effective ways to do things. Taking an NLP Practitioner training is about getting a LOT of those effective ways locked into your behavior in a powerful, cohesive way.
thefool I guess, thinking about it, that you can't leave all the expectations at the door... I guess I did bring in some expectations, to learn new and interesting things... to learn!
Jonathan If a Trainer shows you one way, it isn't the only way and it isn't necessarily the best way for you!
SteveBoy After reading one book on NLP, I hired a trainer and put together group of 25 people, myself, to share the cost.
Jonathan That's great Steve!
tranzpupy No right and wrong, but important is that feeling that you *know* what you're doing... even when you don't know what you're doing.
Jonathan So, Mik & Tranz... Is that how you experienced your first training?
tranzpupy I dunno... I was in trance the whole time... just kidding! Yes, it's much different DOING it. What amazes me is how much a part of me it is now.... four months later... and growing and growing...
thefool Yes and no. I loved each and every moment; it was like enjoying each and every bite of an ice cream cone... that melts slowly in your mouth introducing you with new and refreshing cooling tastes ..
Jonathan People.... get me on the phone, right? Now when they call... Sometimes I'll use a pattern -- sometimes without thinking about it -- its so ingrained, and if you learn & internalize some of these language patterns, it will be more effective coming back out than the haphazard use of language would have been.
SteveBoy Integration of behavior, rather than intellectual knowledge, is the key to success with NLP!
Jonathan I agree Steve!
rondesgr Tranz, sometime I would like to hear how it has helped you as a consultant.
Jonathan Hey Ron, what a great question! And, it has helped her! We can answer that later, though. But for now -- lets go a step further... Having imagined the end of the training together here tonight... and then gone back to evaluate our decision strategies and our preconceptions... Lets jump into the 1st day or segment of the training. In fact, you jump first! All of you! Jump! Because... YOU go first!
tranzpupy JUMP!

John & Kathleen La Valle join in...
NLPSGI Hello! G'day mates!
Jonathan Hi, Kathleen La Valle! Welcome again to our humble chat abode!
thefool Shalom Kathleen! :)
NLPSGI Thank you.
Jonathan You might recognize "SteveBoy" as Steve Boyley...
SteveBoy Hello there
NLPSGI Topic tonite or free for all?
Jonathan Topic is "NLP Practitioner Trainings!" I've already led them through visualizing the end of the training. :) Now we're back to the beginning and thinking about the 1st day...
NLPSGI Cool maybe I should try one! *lol*
tranzpupy DOLPHINS!!
thefool Endolphins! Start-dolfins!
Jonathan Having already experienced the end of the training, knowing now what you might about what you don't yet KNOW you're going to be doing better... It could be time to think about the kinds of attitudes and mindsets that are useful for approaching the mastery of NLP skills....
SteveBoy Everyday is the first day...
NLPSGI Of the rest of your life!
Jonathan EVERYDAY is the 1st DAY! I love it. And besides, the training begins when the training ends, eh?
tranzpupy Thats true! And when you take another weekend or something... you see yourself as you were when you started the Practitioner training. And how you were after, and realize how far you've come, and how much FUN it was, and how much you learned... and how you DOUBLE IT!
Jonathan Gosh I almost wanna chunk way up and say "NLP Practitioner trainings" are like learning to be a kid again, when all the senses were WAY opened up... when you physically interacted with life around you in a powerful way... and when EVERYTHING was so much fun...." But then, I won't, because you won't imagine that twice as powerfully as you did when I would have been saying it, so lets just leave that where it is and mooooove on!
Sunev :-)
Jonathan You meet up with allll kinds of people in your life, right? And they behave differently, don't they!
NLPSGI Oh, yeah!
Jonathan As you will ;)
Sunev :-)
Jonathan And sometimes, they aren't in completely conscious control over the kinds of responses they give you. Well, sometimes that's true of us too -- and one of the 1st things you might think about is -- if you're going to blame other people for responding the way they do -- guess what! You'd have been giving up the capability you ALREADY have to change their responses. But if you were to... take a little more responsibility and notice a little more about what kinds of responses they're giving you -- who knows -- maybe they'll hand you a key to their minds!
SteveBoy That's like taking an NLP Practitioner course before you take an NLP Master Practitioner course
Jonathan LOL! I should think so!
SteveBoy Should think what?
Jonathan Well, I won't say, I don't want to em-bare-ass you. But hey -- its not as though they won't learn about how to be artfully ambiguous.... Or artfully ambidextrous, right? Then whats left?
tranzpupy I don't quite understand what you're saying, but I agree!!
SteveBoy I never went to the Practitioner course first! I thought it might be limiting to believe I was not ready for Master Practitioner.
thefool I also haven't done the Practitioner course yet, only Master Practitioner.
Jonathan Hmmm. Well, Practitioner isn't a pre-requisite for Master Practitioner! I think of Practitioner as being more about the SELF, and Master Practitioner as being more about how to use the skills in business and with other people to master modeling skills, etc. That isn't the only way understand it, but it's how I think about it.
Sunev So you went for it all at once, Steve?
SteveBoy You bet
Jonathan Hi, John La Valle! ;)
PureNLP Hello, mate.
Jonathan We have the whole family on here now!
PureNLP Oh no.
SteveBoy Hello
Jonathan The La Valles, fresh back from a FULL DHE™ course in Cairns, Australia! How was that Great Barrier Reef and the Rainforest?
tranzpupy You guys just go back from down under? Lucky Aussies!
NLPSGI Way cool!
PureNLP Ahhhhh!! Gotta do it, again.
NLPSGI And again!
SteveBoy I bet down-under felt like being on top
PureNLP :)
Sunev So, how do you keep that vacation feeling with you?
NLPSGI Everyday is a vacation, we take work breaks!
tranzpupy I just open my vacation mind like an umbrella when I leave the house...

What Expectations to set up for NLP Practitioner Training?
Jonathan Alrighty folks -- shall we hop back on track? And if we did, how far would we have to hop? Let's ask John & Kathleen La Valle what *they* think about the NLP Practitioner Training! With you, and from your perspective... what should people look forward to... what can they begin now to expect of themselves? Apart from More, More, Better, and Ecstacy!
thefool Should people look forward to anything? And why look forward when we can look all over?
NLPSGI Good point Fool, I think people over prepare! I suggest going in with an open mind and a sense of humor!
PureNLP That's the first step.
NLPSGI Many people ask us "what should I read?" "what should I practice beforehand?" They apologize for not much experience. I say that puts them ahead of the experts! The ones who think they know already!
tranzpupy LOL!!!
SteveBoy Ha Ha Ha
thefool They will be the ones who will really learn NEW things!
NLPSGI I still am amazed when I am at a training as to what I learn each time
Sunev Everybody can *still* learn something
SteveBoy Anything
Sunev, thefool Everything
thefool Great minds learn alike ;)
Sunev We're all agreed then!
PureNLP Too many people think about prac training as learning to use NLP with others. It's not. It's about going first. Otherwise, how could they know what to do without having their own experience first? Then, its about learning to ask the right questions...
NLPSGI It is a good idea to do a personal inventory of all your resources and all of what you want to improve. We issue the application that walks them through this process!
Sunev What does it say?
NLPSGI It is a list of questions that helps them do the above inventory that I mentioned.
SteveBoy I did not find the kind of distinctions between Practitioner and Master Practitioner that you have Jonathan.
Jonathan Ahhh? Let's talk about that, Steve! We were both at John & Richard's 1997 Summer concurrent Prac/Master Practitioner training together in Hollyweird, right? During the first two days... when only the Master Practitioner candidates were present... Richard & John boosted OUR perceptual skills, attitudes... and got us thinking along different lines... did you not, John? (I love those rhetorical Questions!)
PureNLP Master Practitioner is precisely that: about mastering the practitioner skills. It isn't about some *higher* level skills, that's a bunch of hype. Richard Bandler didn't envision *higher* level skills.
Jonathan Meanwhile as the Practitioners showed up... we were being primed to look for and do MORE than the practitioners are expected to do, with & within the same skills & exercises!
SteveBoy Both tracks ran currently which allowed the extra Master Practitioner information to turn the Practitioner track into a multi-level experience
NLPSGI We give to the Practitioners all they can handle, and more!
Jonathan That you do! It's amazing sensory overload!
FullStop I seem to recall Richard Bandler saying that its a different skill set.
NLPSGI We do not believe in holding back and saying "that is a Master Prac skill, you need to pay us more money to learn that!" If you are ready to master the skills then you go on to master prac. If not, then you take the skills that you develop in the Practitioner training, and go be happy.
tranzpupy I love sensory overload. It's so... so... overloading...
Jonathan The ability to model is taught at your prac trainings. Though the Master Practitioners are doing more -- LEADING the practitioners through the exercises often...
NLPSGI Some groups do not teach timeline in prac! That is ridiculous! It is insulting to think it is a master skill above someone's head.
Sunev Why don't they? I think timeline is helpful stuff to know!
NLPSGI Hey sometimes it is! *lol*
thefool As i understood it, Practitioner training was to learn to drive, and Master Practitioner training was to understand more about the nuts and bults of the car..and to learn to drive
NLPSGI Above someone's head... get it? LOL!
SteveBoy Ha Ha Ha
NLPSGI Putting the pedal to metal and sparks off the guardrail!
_Stile_ Full tilt booooogieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
tranzpupy Whooops. Sparks. Trance.
Sunev Sparks'll do that for some people!
tranzpupy John does it to me with that sparks quote.... oooo
thefool Hey try bungy jumping using your timelines and bungy jump off it and on it .... its quite fun
FullStop Afterburners on NOW! ;-)
SteveBoy Motivational metal sparks!
Sunev Click click -- that's the safety coming off!
NLPSGI Practitioner training is about opening up the doors! Making things aware. Building acuity. Making unconscious processes more controllable and resourceful.
SteveBoy Well, training with John & Richard certainly did that, Kathleen!
PureNLP Listening between the presuppositions!

What will people get from, & be able to do after NLP Practitioner Training?
Jonathan I'm curious.... what others here think new NLP students should expect that they'll be able to DO with their NLP Practitioner skills once they've already taken the training?
NLPSGI Ooooooooooo
tranzpupy Trance strangers through the floor!
Sunev Get more JOY outta life?
tranzpupy Make people smile. Make more money!
Jonathan Definitely, make more money & make people smile and get more JOY outta life...
tranzpupy Find out what your clients want... really...
tranzpupy Find out how to FOCUS on what you need to do...
SteveBoy To change the world we must first change ourselves.
Thor Start to begin to discover an infinite variety of possibilities
PureNLP Yeah yeah!!
Sunev Overload!!!
FullStop Rule the world!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
PureNLP The universe.
NLPSGI Fullstop, that's right -- rule your world!
FullStop :-)
tranzpupy Something that will SURPRISE and DELIGHT you!!!
PureNLP Over and over again!
rondesgr As a newbie, I want to be directly more resourceful and helpful.
thefool Using your mind to run your brain instead of using drugs to run it.
tranzpupy Learn how to *enjoy* doing some of the things you gotta do anyway!! Learn how to change out of an unresourceful state in the BLINK of an I!
_Stile_ Learn to hallucinate holographic grids around people that show the location of their "good decision" and "bad decision" submodalities :)
FullStop Learning to run your brain.
PureNLP My brain?
FullStop Hey who's driving the bus anyway? ;-)
Sunev Your brain
PureNLP Not my brain, I have a runaway brain!
NLPSGI Look out! Runaway brain! Jump!
PureNLP Off the track, again!
thefool Runanyway brain?
Sunev Get off the tracks everybody!
FullStop Hey there are no brakes on this brain...OH NO!
tranzpupy I don't want a braked brain!
NLPSGI Only good breaks
PureNLP So what do some of you want to have had accomplished at the end of a Practitioner training?
Sunev FUN!
thefool A built in police speed detector..
FullStop Get more control over personal resources, and be able to leverage them.
tranzpupy I want to radiate light!
Thor You do, Kay!
tranzpupy Mmmm. Thank you...
thefool I want what I got then and there, and now and here :)
_Stile_ I want to automagically attract money
Sunev Automagically!
PureNLP The $$ thing, eh?
_Stile_ I want what nobody got yet!
PureNLP What's that?
FullStop Be able to build powerfull states for learning, and for action (thats what I want out of it, but thats just my nutty outcome)! ;-)
thefool One thing i lerned was that $$ is a side effect of great fun and helpfulness
Thor Helps to attract money after an NLP Practitioner training... So you can pay for master prac!
_Stile_ Yeah, thor!
Thor Worked for me!
PureNLP Money is the outcome of the outcome, it's the result of doing certain behaviors successfully.
tranzpupy I *did* attract money after prac training.... over half again what I was earning! And I'm saving for Bandler in Chicago, and LaValle-Bandler in Austin...
FullStop Hooked on NLP worked for me!
PureNLP Do the right things for the right reason at the right time and bingo - $$$$$
Jonathan It's one thing to just believe you can earn more money, but after you've found yourself doing certain things effectively.... that's where you get more consistent results!
PureNLP And successfully
SteveBoy The secret to success is to do what you must do, when you must do it, whether you like it or not.
Sunev So you might as well like it!
Thor Learn to LOVE it!
SteveBoy With an attitude that work is play.

The Birth of a Training on NLP & Making Money!
PureNLP I find that many many people learn the prac skills, then don't how to make themselves $$$ with them.
FullStop Now I would also be interested in THAT!
Jonathan Ooooh John... where are you going with this...?
PureNLP Hey, Jonathan, maybe you and I can do something about this.
Jonathan Hmmmm...
Thor NOW... Please?
Jonathan Well, lets see, John... You mean, you & I could do a seminar together on ... making money with NLP skills? OOooooh... now that would be reaaaally cool...
PureNLP Let's just take a look at our schedules for next year and find a slot to do something. I have lots of info people have been just begging for, and I know you do too.
tranzpupy WOW $$$$$$$ Yes! Yes! Yes!
FullStop Now THAT would be major cool.
Sunev Great idea!
Jonathan Yes, I have lots of great info too, actually... :) Sounds GREAT. But I don't know if these folks want it powerfully enough!
Sunev We DOOOOOOO!!!!
FullStop WHAT?!!!
tranzpupy Pleeeeeeeze, Jonathan.... Pleeeeeeeze, John, I want it!
PureNLP We could probably enlist another $$-making NLP'er to join in. But we'd have to talk first, you & me.
Jonathan Sure, makes sense!
Thor I'm wondering just how quickly you guys could make this happen!
Jonathan Hmmm
PureNLP We'll get together privately.
NLPSGI Oh no, not all those secrets about marketing & customer statisfaction & making business easier & sales & etc.
tranzpupy Customer satisfaction!!!
NLPSGI Yeah the kind that keeps them so happy that they will sell for you!
Jonathan Sounds good! I'll see you in Cancun.
PureNLP I'll definitely be in Cancun.
Sunev Don't give away the secrets!
Jonathan LOL Venus!
Sunev :-)
FullStop Yeah, make us crawl naked thru broken glass to get them.
NLPSGI You know, joy and satisfaction is very contagious
Sunev Yep -- it can be
PureNLP Better than fire!
Sunev No fire -- no glass
PureNLP I think it's better to take the dare... and just walk through the money place instead!
Sunev The money place! Yes! That's *too* easy!
NLPSGI That's like that place -- the Money Store! Think about that!
Jonathan I wonder how synergistic a seminar on making $$$ in business consulting, using concrete NLP skills, would be ... on top of an NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner training...
FullStop Oh now that would be the stuff.
PureNLP Synergistic? That's one of those 70's words. I'm starting to feel like John Revolting!
NLPSGI loop da loop
Jonathan Well, I had to go to Esalen to learn it. I felt naked.
PureNLP You probably were! Did ya look?
Jonathan Aw damn, I didn't before, but ya just made me!
Thor All the skills integrated and aligned toward making money?
tranzpupy Naw.... It's not going to work.... You'll never get a place big enough to hold all the people who'd want to come...
Jonathan OK we can figure out venues & schedules & things later!
Sunev Yay! And we were here when you thunk it all up!

More Discussion of Desired Outcomes
Jonathan Let's open the conversation back up to something else now! Is there anyone here who has further questions about the NLP Practitioner training right now?
rondesgr Yes, Jonathan. Have you guys thought about franchising?
PureNLP Yes, & no.
Thor Can a full Practitioner training be accomplished in 7 days?
PureNLP Depends on who you are and if ya know what you're doin'!
Jonathan Richard's done a couple of week-long Practitioner trainings in the UK. But who else can train as quickly and across as many multiple levels? There's that thing you have to think about in terms of how quickly many habits get built. I.e. if you immerse yourself...
tranzpupy Why would you want only 7 days? I wanted 21 --- 31 === never wanted it to stop!
thefool Same here, tranz...!
Thor How much of a Practitioner training's learnings are discovered after the training ends?
Jonathan WOW! That's a GREAT question!
PureNLP Thor, it depends on how open your mind is going in...
tranzpupy My mind is so open there's a DRAFT!
Sunev LOL!
Tomo What should be the expectations skill-wise for a Practitioner training?
PureNLP Tomo, sensory acuity first. It's THE most important skill!
tranzpupy And not the easiest.
SteveBoy I found it took a full year to consciously code what I had learned.
PureNLP Tomo, hang in there with me, mate.
NLPSGI Precision with your communication - words and language
PureNLP Sensory acuity first! It's THE most important. And we cannot spend enough time on it. Most people internalize the skills. Gotta output what's input!
NLPSGI That is the importance of doing the exercises.
rondesgr Hmmm, it sounds like it wouldn't hurt to take these courses twice.
Jonathan Ron, definitely true, sometimes taking another Practitioner training is a good thing.
thefool Only buy practice practice practice, do you get good results!
PureNLP If we cannot look, see, hear, feel, smell taste, etc., then we cannot expect to pay much attention to WHAT THE CLIENT IS DOING, SAYING, ETC.
Jonathan Personally I'd recommend you train with several different trainers.
PureNLP One, first, so you don't get confused!
Jonathan LOL! Agreed. I say that to suggest they give themselves a richer set of experiences upon which to draw!
PureNLP I disagree, Jonathan.
Jonathan How so?
PureNLP Experience the experiences with clients! That's where you'll really learn. How someone else does it is just an example. Too many examples and we'll have more monkeys! After you have some experience, then go to other trainers, but I must admit, for Practitioner stuff, be sure to put Richard Bandler early on your list.

NLP Practitioner Audio Tapesets
rondesgr Would listening to the Practitioner sessions on tape be worthwhile?
tranzpupy There's a Practitioner training on audio tapes advertised on and a friend told me it's pretty good. I was impressed with how much he'd learned...
PureNLP But it's not meant to replace any training.
rondesgr I understand that, PureNLP!
PureNLP Well, gosh, they are good.
NLPSGI The Practitioner tape-sets are resources for before during or after but not to replace the experience.
Jonathan GET THEM!
PureNLP Thanks, Jonathan. Maybe we'll also tape next year, eh?
rondesgr Until I can acquire the cash though ... audio would seem to be a good start.
PureNLP Ron: They're a good start. Mostly because there's a lot of interaction with the audience, so you can learn from that, not just the asshole lecturing.
rondesgr Can I ask a 'consumer reports' question then, is John's set a better investment than NLP Comprehensive?
tranzpupy Ron: Yes. Yes. Yes.
rondesgr :) Thanks!
tranzpupy ron: Of course, Jonathan's prac training in *person* would be even better!
Jonathan LOL
rondesgr LOL... I know Tranz, but Jonathan doesn't have that on audio yet...

Choosing a Trainer from the Marketplace
Thor If you're a novice, HOW do know a great trainer from a less-than-glorious one?
PureNLP Thor, glory has nothing to do with it, it's results that count.
Thor The question still stands; HOW do you know a good trainer from a quack, as a rookie?
Sunev It's a good question.
PureNLP The info is in the marketplace, that's a fair answer.
rondesgr Good question, thor!! There isn't a rating system, is there?
Jonathan John is ON the money --- the info is IN the marketplace -- Caveat emptor.
PureNLP The quacks will sound like quacks. If it's too good to be true, it is, thor.
NLPSGI It is about being able to alter your perception and have flexibility.
Jonathan I have a metric for this ... that *I* used -- maybe you'll find it useful, maybe not. Research trainers who are getting great results & reports from not only students, but ALSO other trainers! I figured -- that would get me names of people who basically concentrated on doing great work --
PureNLP And get results and who help others learn to get results.
Jonathan YES! And on staying out of the bullshit.
rondesgr That's my kind of people.
FullStop I would say hang out and read, talk to people who've been to trainings. After a while, your BS detector becomes more sensitive, and it become pretty clear who sucks and who doesn't.
PureNLP Here are some criteria: How long have they been in the marketplace? How approachable are they? Do they do whatever it takes? Do they hang in there with you? If they say things like, "don't worry about it, your unconscious got it anyway," they're full of crap! Do they make you laugh because they understand the chemicals it takes to learn? Do they really walk their talk? Do they USE the technology while teaching it? Are their eyes and ears open? There are more, but this is a good start!
Jonathan I think its pretty useful as long as they don't make NLP Convoluted.
Sunev Good list John
Tomo Thanks, john.
Jonathan Used to be (from what I *hear*) the trainings were so much about the language patterns. It seems so much more cohesive now, involving ALL your communication, not just the words.
tranzpupy Heres a couple of really good reasons to go to Jonathan's Prac trainings:
PureNLP He's wonderful
tranzpupy Yes, that too
FullStop Cuz Kay sez so?
PureNLP He knows his stuff. He knows how to get inside your mind, too!
tranzpupy I never lie
Jonathan I often lie down. But I tell the truth up!
tranzpupy Because he is really GOOD
PureNLP Jonathan treats everyone with the respect they deserve.
tranzpupy and because I said so.
Thor Tranzpupy, I think it's the QUALITY of Jonathan's training that will get them to come!
_Stile_ I think it's the fact that jonathan installs in you -- his own learning strategies -- which have been complimented by Richard Bandler :)
rondesgr LOL ..... ok ok, I'll sell the wife and kids and quit my job and I'll be there.
PureNLP Jon does it right.
Jonathan Who KNOWS how much money they'll make between my training and yours? Talk about motivation. Wow, I hadn't considered that sequence. That would be a kick-butt combination! My prac training... followed by some integration & money-making -- followed by PERSUASION ENGINEERING & the Meta Master Track...

A little Presidential Humor!
Jonathan I watched the news earlier -- they started with a story on Bill Clinton, of course... then... they said "And... More on Bill later." "Moron Bill later." I thought that was fitting!
Sunev, _Stile_, PureNLP, FullStop, SteveBoy LOL!
tranzpupy Check out this web site Robert Anton Wilson has some comments about the President up on his site now.
disguised It's amazing how many people don't like him here anymore!
PureNLP The other day, "Bill" said, "we're doing all we can to be the leader in foreign affairs," then blushed!
Jonathan LMAO!
NLPSGI It is too funny they are talking about the coverage blow by blow!
tranzpupy, FullStop LOL!
Sunev Blow by blow!
Jonathan LOL Kathleen!
NLPSGI That is what the news guy said!!!
PureNLP Maybe bill will be brought to his knees, then he'll know how it feels!
FullStop Blow by blow coverage, I love it.
PureNLP They asked Bill if he was lying. He said: no I was standing, she was kneeling.
FullStop Everyone agrees that if she'd only kept her mouth shut, none of this would've happened. ;-)
tranzpupy LOL!!!

Wrapping Up
Jonathan I'm glad you all came tonight; I enjoyed this chat on NLP Practitioner Trainings... Some of you seem to have enjoyed it a LOT more
NLPSGI I did not come out, what are you trying to start?
Jonathan ...or may be still in the closet
PureNLP Come out, who came out? What'd I miss?
tranzpupy Well, some of us did... see, I merged some really HOT states with getting something done that I'm doing... and I've been doing it during the chat... So I wonder when now is a good time to sign up for the practitioner traing...
PureNLP Really, for those of you who are going to Jon's training, it's GREAT!! For those of you who haven't decided, yet, stop being so selfish and go learn things that will help you help others in a very meaningful way
Sunev :-)
Jonathan Thanks for the reference, John!
PureNLP :) I hate it when they make excuses for not doing what they know is the right thing.
thefool Whenever I decided I want to take a seminar... whenever I got to the point where I really wanted and needed to do it, for my own development in life.... somehow the money was there...
Jonathan Hope you had a great trip down under, John & Kathleen!
NLPSGI Yeah we had some long talks with the aboriginals. Coolstuff!
Jonathan As clean energy as the Indians?
PureNLP No
NLPSGI Way cool different. I experienced from them something Richard has also taught me about -- everything is trance. It has a new meaning for me in a new way.
PureNLP The Aborigines have learned to be capitalists sooner, and still maintain their own stuff.
Jonathan Really? Interesting!
PureNLP Yeah, many of them can make money being clear. Not all, of course.


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