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IRC Chat Log, March 26, 1998

The Milton Model
Jonathan OK! Welcome to another in this ongoing series without a series... in the IRC chats on NLP -- this one's about an oldie but goodie... :) where we learn how to deliver information in artfully vague ways... towards a certain end. Now. From the start I'd like to point out that this is about inducing trance. And that whoever reads this -- whoever is interested in trance... should be aware that if you plan on doing any of this in any "official capacity" -- ya oughtta be aware of the local/state laws on such things. Caveat ASIDE, lets get into some cool material here! The Milton Model in NLP helps us become more artfully vague. It helps us change minds elegantly, effectively and rapidly. That's why we study the hypnotic patterns of Milton Erickson... to improve our influence, our credibility, and our ability to communicate powerfully in a hypnotically memorable way. Whenever you're using NLP to either BE PERSUASIVE or help someone ACHIEVE CHANGE ON THEIR OWN... You want to have an outcome in mind, right? As in, WHAT DO I WANT from this situation -- for myself, for that person (or persons), and for ALL of us? HOW CAN I STRUCTURE WHAT I'M DOING AS WIN-WIN? Just as in a double-bind where you wanna structure their choice as a win-win for themselves, regardless of their choice -- they end up with the positive outcome -- you can create a double-bind for you AND them -- so EVERYONE WINS! Right? Who doesn't believe that?
_Stile_ I don't believe I don't believe that
Jonathan OK you can stay, Stile ;)
Dan_26 Would you say that's an absolute always (ie, ALWAYS have a win-win outcome in mind for all involved parties before doing this)
Wolfadom you can belive it or not, its still takes you to the same conclusion...
_Stile_ hmmm "improve-improve" ala SOM log ?
Jonathan I'd say its like the Star Trek movies when Captain Kirk beat the "Kobiashi Maru" test... ;) He didn't believe in the no-win situation. But to be human -- you can always walk away with diminishing returns on your investment of time...
sabren it's just a matter of being able to generate enough choices.. are you flexible enough to have win-win? and creative enough? and if you are, that's at least one win right there. :)
Jonathan And do you have enough time Sabren ;)
sabren true... or a quick enough strategy for finding the best opportunities. :)
Jonathan In any case from a point of view of win-win -- we can think of our outcome from artfully vague communication and begin the process... of learning from other people's deep structure (using tools like the Meta-Model(tm) in a way that helps us begin to make a model of their values, strategies, thoughts, etc. And if we want to be persuasive, we can use language tools like the Milton Model to deliver information in (a) an artfully vague way and (b) in a way that MATCHES/PACES their deep structure and then LEADS it into new discoveries and awarness... Now. On chats I tend to go the conscious route so I don't have a bunch of zombies wondering what they got -- and I'm going to go through the Milton Model pretty consciously -- within each point/section we can play around with the language. So within each Milton Pattern I'm going to ENCOURAGE everyone to contribute examples, etc...
Stefan But we'll get it unconsciously, dont worry.
Jonathan ;) Stefan! And then I'll keep the pace moving as we move along. Now. As some of you may know... I spent some time in Architecture School at Cornell. And a FAMOUS ARchitect graduated from there YEARS ago -- some 30 years ago -- and about 10 years ago -- several of the top architects were named as top candidates for a MAJOR commission -- out in Los Angeles! (atop a mountaintop site). For the new J.Paul Getty museum. And this famous architect was known for building ONLY white Buildings. Richard Meier, in case anyone knows the name. Most people thought - as he proposed - that it was because he LOVED the play of light on white marble surfaces. In Architecture school, we all presupposed it was because he didn't understand ANYTHING about color. ;) So a running joke in the industry was when they awarded the commission (virtually UNLIMITED budget -- I mean, he razed the mountaintop and carved a CAMPUS into the site) ... the awarded the commission TO Richard Meier... and they told him... we want you to build it... but you can't build a white building.

The formal Milton Model consists of the following:
Jonathan (1) The Inverse of the META MODEL(tm) ...And these additional Language Patterns:

(1) The Inverse of the Meta Model
Jonathan I won't be going over that here -- except to say -- check out the other chat on the chatlog pages -- which covers this... and instead of thinking about recognizing the deletions/distortions/generalizations... think about USING/CREATING them in specific ways.

Jonathan As you were thinking about posting some comments which gave examples of presuppositions... I wonder whether each of you will post one, or two...
_Stile_ as you notice the way the light reflects off your screen, you might wonder how much money you'll decide to send me tomorrow morning
Jonathan Presuppositions are useful because they provide a sense of already knowing/believing something that may not yet be true. And sometimes this additional belief can help sway other people towards the presupposition (especially if they're undecided, right?)
sabren it's possible, but more likely that we'll decide to post after someone paves the way
Jonathan Presupposing I haven't already written you a check, Stile? One or the other of your shoulders will begin to feel more relaxed.
_Stile_ that too :) I wonder which will go first
Jonathan Didn't it?
sabren i can never remember whether it's easier to generate presuppositions or to enjoy them...
maw and as you are reading this, while wondering what maw will come up with, you probably already begin to realise that a major twist has already happened in the line before, that you now frantically begin to read.
Jonathan After you've read this chat log twice again & again, I wonder if you'll be ready to see CATS at that point? OK -- lets get the lurkers to ask questions -- if what we've been demonstrating isn't yet obvious?
sabren in any case, after you remeber i'm just presupposing, you'll be even more inclined to follow my advice.. :)
Jonathan Any questions from the quiet brigade? hehhe Nice one, sabren
_Stile_ hehe -- presupposing a quiet brigade exists there :)
Jonathan OK if there aren't any questions --
Howard Can presupps just be supposed, or do they need to be called out as in your examples.
Jonathan Pre-Suppositions typically are what you DO NOT HEAR. Lets jump back a bit. NLP makes a distinction between SURFACE STRUCTURE of LANGUAGE (everything you hear) and DEEP STRUCTURE (everything you DON'T hear).
Wolfadom yah everone's presups were too obvious
Jonathan Pre-Suppositions usually are the things that show up ONLY in the deep structure.
_Stile_ presupposing odin knows something, and odin is a deity
Jonathan So how about this: I'll make a couple of statements.... and YOU all attempt to identify the presuppositions in what I'm typing...
sabren and that we don't know what he knows, stile
Jonathan OK?
_Stile_ and you don't know what he knows
sabren and that we're not dieties.. :)
Wolfadom If I say, I enjoyed the ball game. what am I presupping? that I WENT TO a ball game
_Stile_ yeah :)
Jonathan It's EASY to set up volunteer events where we can help others in need.
Stefan And, as I imagine that image, of patterns pouring, in your mind.
Dan_26 or that you saw a ballgame, or heard it, or experienced it in some manner
Jonathan What are the PRESUPS in "It's EASY to set up volunteer events where we can help others in need."
sabren well, we can help others in need.
Wolfadom presup - you have set up volunteer events before
_Stile_ there are others in need, we can help them, it's POSSIBLE to set up volunteer events
sabren ... that you have some experience with it...
Wolfadom that you WANT to help others in need; that other events might be more difficult to set up
sabren that there are volunteer events where we can't help others in need...
Jonathan That I have done other things that have been more difficult... (yes Wolf ;)
sabren good call.. easy compared to what..? :)
Wolfadom yay
Jonathan Are we in need or are others in need?
Wolfadom others
Jonathan Are you sure? Not from the language structure.
_Stile_ we may also be in need
Wolfadom I'm confused; need explanation.
ShadRap we can help our own kind...
Jonathan where we can [.....] in need
sabren we can help others in need.... we can help others (while) in need.... it would be a stretch i think..
_Stile_ we can help others in need = we may be in need, but not very strongly presupposed here
Jonathan agreed.
sabren oh! ah! no!
ShadRap we're all in need... we could help everyone else in need too.
Wolfadom I agree with stile
sabren because if there are OTHERS in need, then others compared to what? answer: us.
Wolfadom let's all help each other out, ok?
Jonathan hehheh
_Stile_ i like that idea :)
Jonathan yes. Good job guys.
sabren :)

Jonathan Examples of things to look for (HIGH LEVEL)
(a) SubOrdinate Clauses of Time
(b) Ordinal Numerals
(c) Use of "OR"
(d) Awareness Predicates
(e) Adverbs and Adjectives
(f) Change of time verbs and adverbs
(g) Commentary Adjectives and Adverbs

Questions about the above?
Wolfadom i wonder if you can give us some examples...
_Stile_ double whammy :)
Jonathan (you'd learn how to use the above elegantly in a training, of course, and I do want to cover everything so lets keep it brief here. Before you've integrated all this at a behavioral level in a way that makes it so that afterwards you've begun to enjoy these skills TWICE as much as now... I want to know what you'll have done to cause that to have that JUST happened, didn't it?
sabren i have a question about that long sentence you just made.
Wolfadom yah its a good example of some stuff ... lets pick at it! Before you've integrated all this PRESUP you will integrate all of this
sabren i know how i'd answer this... but i'm curious about other people... do you think about whether or not what you're saying makes any sense? or do you let them worry about it? or are there other possiblities?
_Stile_ I'm shutting down consciously and takes the whole thing in... too much for conscious effort at 11:30 at night
Jonathan buy buy buy -- oops sorry -- I see that unconscious thing and that Infomercial mode takes over
_Stile_ sabren, when i'm in trance i say things like that to myself... and i'm trancy now... but when i write hypnotic scripts and stuff i mostly make sense
Wolfadom HAHA
sabren i guess my question is do you try to have a normal sounding conversation, or do you just go for the gold with a long statement like that? I suppose it doesn't really matter, as long as you get the results you want... and most people would stop hearing it anyway, and just let it sink in.
_Stile_ my guess is if they're in an altered state, you go for that and when they say "what?" you induce amnesia
Wolfadom i think tomorrow I'm going to have a completely vague conversation w/ someone just for the fun of it
Jonathan I do both, sabren. complex syntax. Bandler STRONGLY recommends getting elegant with it.
sabren elegant with complexity?
Wolfadom complex syntax = confusing right?
_Stile_ where can i find more on it?
Wolfadom kewlness
Jonathan ANY of the Bandler books. Alright.
_Stile_ time for a change is good?
Jonathan example: I'm wondering just how long it might take for you to begin the process of determining what it is inside of comfort that can allow yourself to begin to relax even more than you already haven't learned YET to find relaxation INSIDE of comfort...
Wolfadom i know this guy at work who can just keep talking forever. He always bores people to death and gets them into trances. I doubt he (conciously) knows how powerful his natural skill is.
sabren yeah.. :) order it through amazon through your friendly neighborhood NLP site.. :)
Howard I'm not sure if I understand what I think you mean, but if you mean what I think you might want to help me understand your meaning.
_Stile_ hehehe sabren :)
Dan_26 i've been on dates with women like that wolf ;)
Wolfadom there are things you know and there are things you don't know... and then there are the things you know you know and the things you don't know you know, you know?
Jonathan and as that process begins to take over and under the conscious awareness of what it is you haven't begun to process more and more and more still elegantly more than before.... you've already done it, haven't you.... found new ways to integrate your learnings and powerful skills to persuade and influence... with responsibility and ownership of the consequences and acceleration of the WIN-WIN elements and mentality...
sabren oh that's another great conversational postulate thing.. it's not yes or no.... but: how long does it take to do XyZ? What's it like when you XYZ? they have to XYZ to answer!
Dan_26 have you ever had the response: "Huh?"
Howard Oh, James Joyce!
Jonathan Thats the point, Dan....
Dan_26 ;)
Wolfadom I really like the complex syntax idea Jon... that's a gem for me tonight!
sabren you can check that you've got the nonverbal response you want, and then toss something simple and direct to the conscious mind
Jonathan OK...
Dan_26 is it purposefully structured to induce confusion or is that just one possible anticipated response?

Jonathan (3-A) - Embedded Commands
(3-B) - Analogue Marking (or Analog Marking)
(3-C) - Embedded Questions!
(3-D) - Negative Commands
(3-E) - Conversational Postulates

jump in folks -- its playtime!
Jonathan (3-A) - Embedded Commands
_Stile_ now if you were to begin to remember an experience in your past, when you could just find yourself so relaxed
Stefan You, like me, probably realize that it's fun to write embedded commands.
Howard As you notice my return, you may be curious why I left!
sabren my mom was a master at that... "michal, you can clean your room!"
Wolfadom Do you think you can ENJOY this conversation emensely, or just HAVE A GREAT TIME chatting here?
_Stile_ haha stefan :P
Jonathan Moving back to Embedded Commands - & Indirect Elicitation Patterns
_Stile_ that threw me in for a loop :)
Jonathan When you GO INSIDE YOUR MIND and IDENTIFY SOMETHING YOU'D LIKE to FEEL GOOD NOW about (using command-tone-down for all the caps) any other good examples?
Wolfadom This is how I do it on IRC ====> When you Go Inside Your Mind and Identify Something you'd like to Feel Good Now about using spaces and only first letter caps
Jonathan cool
Wolfadom its less like shouting
Jonathan even that can be obvious ;)
Jonathan but yes -- it works
Howard When you FEEL TIRED, you may want to GO TO BED (to my daughter)
_Stile_ that's how i do it too but w/o the caps, wolf
Jonathan sure Stile.
Jonathan (3-B) - Analogue Marking (or Analog Marking)
Jonathan Because you know how to OPEN up new possibilities just by looking UP at images you can create in front of you in a way that just helps YOUR unconscious to develop new skills to enhance your MIND
sabren what would be some embedded commands that didn't use Analogue Marking (or Analog Marking), though?
Jonathan That didn't? I think of Analogue Marking (or Analog Marking) as being anything that is marked out with a nod, a tonality, a gesture, etc... and the message is created through the repeated anchor
_Stile_ why not all of the above?
sabren yes... that didn't mark out a particular part of the sentence..
Jonathan OPEN UP YOUR MIND was marked out from the above sentence, right?
sabren mmm... i get it.. that distinction works a bit better than the one i had.. :)
_Stile_ yup. OPEN UP YOUR MIND
sabren Have you ever read Lewis Carroll?
Jonathan How many people here -- have NOT read the standard example of the above in NLP books? (y= haven't seen it, n = seen it)
sabren I remember reading how he used to embed messages in his texts. The trick was to put a bit of the message on each line.
ShadRap, _Stile_ n
Jonathan Who DOES NOT know the standard example?
sabren He added in other words to pad it..
Jonathan yes
sabren Every first word was part of the message. Really.
Wolfadom perhaps if u jog my memory Jon
Jonathan OK
sabren Every one.. or at least the first letters... interesting, huh?
Howard I've read the books, but I guess I didn't get the example.
sabren :)
Jonathan I think you really have to HAND it to these guys that started NLP from SCRATCH, it could be really HANDY and UPLIFTING, TO FACE the possibilities and the unknown -- they really haven't begun to SCRATCH the surface of what can be done -- and nobody NOSE just whats going to happen NEXT
_Stile_ "Here" sabren. Eh tosha?
Jonathan Now...(!)
Tosha1 Eh stile?
_Stile_ hahahaha
sabren Stile ... go back a bit.. :)
Wolfadom I hate that example.
Jonathan Its over-used.
Wolfadom I get all itchy.
_Stile_ Ohhh, "hi there."
Jonathan (3-C) - Embedded Questions!
sabren It's marked out visually, but i wonder if it's too subtle to notice..
_Stile_ I should re-read Charlotte's Web (I think he wrote it?)
sabren No, that was T.H. White, I think.
_Stile_ Ohhh K.
sabren I wonder what that means, jonathan
Jonathan I'm wondering if you know any examples of Embedded Questions? (hint: that's an example).
sabren Stile -> Alice in Wonderland
_Stile_ Ahhh K.
Jonathan I'm wondering if you know any examples of Embedded Questions. (hint: that's an example).
_Stile_ No, Jonathan, I used it only unconsciously up to now, to plug in embedded commands.
Dan_26 I'm not sure who first thought of that one. (hint: Another example!)
sabren I never did find out who invented embedded questions. (hint: yet another example).
Wolfadom oh here's a good embedded command.... Could you hand me that glass? A very common type of natural embedded command -- is the polite question to do something.
ShadRap is that table to heavy to move over here?
sabren wolf, could you hand it to me.... after you've slipped into a trance?
Wolfadom hehe
Dan_26 how about an uncommon unnatural embedded command wolf? (back to presup's :)
_Stile_ hehehe
Jonathan ahhh
sabren can you embed one question inside another?
Wolfadom i don't get the embedded question
_Stile_ i wonder if you could tell me how that could be done.
Jonathan commands we know -- but I'm curious if you know what its like to discover how can one embed questions inside others.
Wolfadom can u give an overt example?
Jonathan ;) just did
Wolfadom i know u did, but I don't get it; i sense you did, but don't recognize it
Dan_26 that glass, i'm not sure where it came from, could you hand it to me?
Jonathan I'm curious if you know what its like to discover....
Jonathan how can one embed questions inside others.
_Stile_ how can one embed questions inside others... i'm curious if you know what it's like to X (previously stated)
sabren well, if you ask someone, "do you like fish?" that's one question.. but you could pressuppose it in another question: "have you ever gone with bob to eat fish?"
Virgin if you were to ask yourself what is it like to do that what would your answer be?
sabren one point is to avoid prying. there may be others...
Virgin Well, if you were to ask me if I would enjoy that would you hope I would say yes?
Jonathan Sabren has pointed out that using embedded questions can be a softener, of sorts.. a way of getting at information through a backdoor.
_Stile_ like "if i were to ask you... what would your answer be?"
sabren in DHE, you could say "there may be other solutions... HMMMMM" and that opens up the questioning / curiosity state in the listener..
Jonathan The responses you get are often the same ones you would get with a direct question -- but without the same level of response to invasiveness.
_Stile_ the "HMMM" going up in tonality?
Wolfadom ok i wonder would you would enjoy giving me another example of an embedded question.
sabren well, that's a quote pattern.... a more advanced version of what i was thinking of..
_Stile_ or up-down?
Jonathan ;)
sabren "HMMMM.. I wonder." that kinda hmmm... :)
Wolfadom I wonder if it would it be possible for anyone here to give me another example of an embedded question.
sabren wolfdom, yes i would.
_Stile_ ok got it =) bandler uses too many "hmmmm's" -- hehehe
sabren but you don't need the hmmms... it's just a sound.. that's what vowels are for. :) replace it with "and" and move on to the next thing.. but i wonder if we're getting off track.
_Stile_ yeah he's got the "aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" -- wow i like that 'and'
Jonathan (3-D) - Negative Commands
Dan_26 don't do this!
Jonathan Don't think of SEX (grin)
_Stile_ you don't have to pay attention right now (mmmmm sex!)
sabren you don't really want to talk about this, do you jonathan?
Wolfadom don't think of sax, with me now...
sabren most importantly, don't say "huh?" until you've gone all the way into a deep trance.
Dan_26 not now, and don't allow those thoughts to continue to engulf your consciousness
_Stile_ of course you can't trust me immediately... but if you could... feel that sense of connection growing within you...
Wolfadom asphincter says "what?"
sabren I like that one, stile... you can't really use that, though.. {grin!}
_Stile_ I have and it worked, sabren! I like this one, used by parents:
sabren oh. i guess i was wrong. :)
_Stile_ now son, i don't want you to get all excited about this. or the one used by kids... mom, don't get mad at me :)
Dan_26 don't take this the wrong way
Jonathan ok you guys know that one ;)
Wolfadom you don't have to think about enjoying this product throughouly to realize how helpful it will be.
sabren i don't want you to really enjoy yourself, but...
Jonathan Now -- these are like a SUBSET of embedded questions -- designed to get YES/NO answers, but which usually elicit OTHER responses. As in, I'm wondering if you can CLOSE THE WINDOW?
Tosha1 do you have the time?
sabren Can you tell us more about it?
_Stile_ hmmm ok i see the difference betw. this and embedded questions
Wolfadom can you pass the salt?
ShadRap hello... Is 'so-n-so' there?....
sabren one is a statement that produces the answer to a question, the other is a question that produces the answer to a command.
Stefan No, it's too far away, for me.
Jonathan Can you just CALM DOWN? ;)
Wolfadom sabren its for eliciting a behavior, not a verbal answer
Jonathan Behavior AND a verbal answer. Example:
sabren yeah... behavior is the answer to a command... you phrased it more elegantly. :)
Stefan Would "And why haven't you made your bet yet?" qualify in this category? made your bed.
Jonathan Do you KNOW what time it is?
sabren "Yes, it's 11:20" (while looking at watch)
Jonathan Exactly.
Wolfadom and jonathan even more so... elegantly :)
Jonathan The alternative answer may be verbal, may be nonverbal but is different than the one most heavily implied linguistically. OK -- we're done with the INDIRECT ELICITATION PATTERNS... lesseee here
sabren Stefan, because i just don't know if it's woth the risk... (why ask why, if you don't want them to think of reasons?) they'll think you're just enthusiastic and not very good at making a point.. :) or perhaps they'll be too tranced to notice..
_Stile_ it's cramming in embedded commands like mad

Jonathan (a) Phonological Ambiguity
(b) Syntactic Ambiguity
(c) Scope Ambiguity
(d) Punctuation Ambiguity

These are best learned by just writing out 100 of each of these. Get your best definitions and examples of these in Persuasion Engineering (and elsewhere)

(a) Selectional Restriction Violations
(b) Quotes
_Stile_ yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sabren my dog told me the other day, "you're really silly"
Jonathan The trees are happy we're not printing this out tonight
_Stile_ the rock felt very bad, and decided to do something about it
Jonathan I was talking to R.Bandler last month, and he said, "SLEEP!"
_Stile_ and it said to itself, "You really need to get out more often"
Dan_26 don't do that, i'm tired ;)
_Stile_ me too
Tosha1 I'm falling of the chair ...
sabren that's funny... someone told me the other day that his carpet had just made a powerful change...
Wolfadom IF your best friend told you, "this is the best product i've ever seen" would you want to know more about it or would you just ask?
Jonathan Get that man away from drugs, sabren. Depends on how he smelled, Wolf
sabren haha .. :)
Howard My mood ring told me "You're feeling great today"
Wolfadom through his nose
Jonathan hah!
_Stile_ hehehe
sabren These are all great examples of Milton Model patterns, but what would be some more practical ones?
Dan_26 can i request more examples of (a)? :)
Jonathan That's a CRAZY idea.
_Stile_ my desk drawers decided not to open today; her hair doesn't seem to like her
Dan_26 doesn't seem to be clicking in right now
Stefan I don't like the attitude of her hairstyle.
sabren it seems that (a) is a lot like (b) but quoting in a frame where it's not appropriate...
Wolfadom (a) The grass likes to be watered
sabren or rather not sensical
Howard my bed is calling me
sabren information wants to be free
Dan_26 i'll brush up, that's a structure i'm not intimate with yet (did I just use it? :)
_Stile_ that structure hasn't made its way to my core yet?
Dan_26 ah, there was the click ;)
sabren "you know, this all reminds me of a toy i had when i was a kid.. no matter how i played with it, it just didn't have any fun.."
_Stile_ haha
Wolfadom Milton would use selectional restriction violations to talk about personal transformation in a way that allowed the patient's subconcious to know that he was in fact talking about the patient and not the "flower" or whatever, but that was easier to get past the patient's concious filtering. He would talk about, for example, maybe a flower that liked to grow
sabren but what about in day-to-day?
Dan_26 personification seems to like being under that area
sabren nontherapuetic conversations?
Jonathan What's your outcome?
Stefan There was some soap commercial or something earlier "And I felt that my skin really told me, that's good, continue with that soap X".
_Stile_ how bout metaphors that are not isomorphic stories? Trance-Formations briefly mentions that there's the kind that Therapeutic Metaphors talk about, and then there's the non-isomorphic type
Jonathan To explore each Milton Model patterns usage in normal conversations?
sabren well, what would be an outcome for which that might be a useful tool, besides therapy? (that's my outcome, jonathan..)
Jonathan Asking or talking about selectional restriction violations AUTOMATICALLY causes dissociation. Take that to the next step yourself....
_Stile_ wow -- the rock now feels really special, it gets to trance us all
sabren hey.. that makes sense.. because it's not the content of what you're thinking about, but the process... so as long as you run the process, it doesn't matter what the content is...
Jonathan One simple induction (from Milton's video with Monde & Nick) is to grab someone's hand, lift it up in front of their face, and say, I'd like to show your hand, something about your face.
sabren because you can anchor it, or otherwise associate it to the situation you're working with...
_Stile_ wow!
Dan_26 awesome, just put myself in trance with that one
_Stile_ ya
Wolfadom irc is transing
Dan_26 than again, i'm half asleep
sabren interesting induction.. :)
_Stile_ i'm in trance 24/7
Jonathan I think the computer monitor would laugh if you knew what your face looks like to it, with all that light flickering on your face
_Stile_ hahaha i just used that on dalnet, jonathan!
Jonathan Well, I'd like to close this out for tonight and wrap things up here....
Dan_26 great session again, jonathan
sabren you start doing stuff like selectional restriction violations.. and people start calling you whimsical.. .or enchanting.. hmm.. :)
Jonathan We've covered ALL the language patterns -- some at very high/quick level and some with some really amazing examples -- 3 CHEERS to ALL OF YOU for your contributions, everyone...
ShadRap Thanks a lot, Jonathan... enjoyed it..
Jonathan For those who may still be undecided --
sabren yeah, this was a lot of fun! :)
Wolfadom kewl ... and it was just getting REAL FUN!!!
Jonathan Next Friday is the beginning of my 13-day Practitioner Certification course...
_Stile_ i wish i could come! :P
Jonathan and I've got several weekend events including the May 8-10 Los Angeles Personal Enhancement Weekend... ...And May 29-31 is my 1st KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING & NLP weekend -- in Tampa! So keep these in mind...
Tosha1 I thought only Bandler can certify Practitioners and Trainers....
Jonathan Bandler licenses his trainers to train & recommend for certification pracs and master pracs. In the Society of NLP, only Richard Bandler can train & license TRAINERS of NLP. If you took a course with me -- and you showed behavioral understanding of the skills by the end -- you'd get a Prac license with my sig on it and Bandler's sig on it.
Dan_26 Bandler signs all S-NLP prac cert's jonathan? (setting that completely aside :)
Jonathan To my understanding, Yes, Dan. Gnight everyone!


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