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State Changes Chat
IRC Chat Log, March 5, 1998

Jonathan Hi folks! Nice of you to join me here in the channel for another chat... this one should be a ton of fun! I wanted to talk a bit about what it means to have NLP skills for state changing... and be able to apply them both internally with yourselves, and with other people! I mean, now, it seems to me that when I was first getting into NLP that one of the primary reasons was to be able to have more self-control in situations that in my past, would have really upset or annoyed me. And, to be able to recognize in GREAT situations, that I was in less than a GREAT state, so as to change my state and maximize the positive benefits of my present circumstances! But once you start to use the NLP Techniques that are out there, both in books and online, as well as taught by trainers, etc... The first thing that usually happens is, you learn how to do it with your own behavior.... and then you start running out of things you want to consciously address yourself!!! So you open up your eyes and ears and you start looking around and listening more to what's happening all around you.... and what do you find??? LOTS of people with lots of difficulty changing their OWN states! So then its like you reach a threshold where you discover that not only can you adjust your own state, but you begin the process of learning all the ways in which you can influence other people's states. Now I remember when I started doing this... I thought COOL, I can influence other people's states... and then it hit me like a ton of bricks... I'd been doing it all along... a LOT less effectively and intentionally than I'd have liked.
SunDog And in fact, at first you're even less effective because you're using NLP (inelegantly), or at least, I was.
Jonathan Now I could have stared at what was wrong indefinitely and gotten annoyed about it... (well OK I admit I did for a little while, but not long) but instead within a short time I was already looking to begin to change my own behavior and gain mastery over how I was adjusting other people's states! Yes SunDog!
SunDog So you go back to: Start with what you know and use NLP to amplify it, not replace it!
metaclone Good point.
Jonathan OOoooooh, good description, SunDog! So this is about one thing! Will everyone here recognize that they have the power to control their own state!? If you're not sure, and don't have ample evidence... lets jump back a little bit. Every state you've EVER been in is now a memorized, learned state! Your body knows how to go back into that state, but, it may just not yet have conscious triggers, or anchors (as NLPers say), to access that state.
grazzhppr, SunDog, mikw yes
Jonathan To new NLP,students, this is something anyone at any level can do! One of the typical ways NLPers go back into learned/memorized states is if they KNOW an anchor... they just fire it. But that's not most people. One of the typical ways NLPers go back into states they don't have anchors for... and the technique is the same whether you know NLP or not... is the classic "remember a time when you [did / felt / saw ] X " where X was a situation in which they were in a certain state. Like, "Remember a time when you felt reallllly happy! And in any order in which the memory comes back, see what you saw then, hear what you heard then, and feel what you felt then!" Now. Go ahead! Remember a time when you felt SO happy, your whole spine lit up with the electricity and pleasure of it all!
Jonathan What you think, this is a lecture? I don't have all night... ya know!!! Pick a really happy memory!
SunDog Oh. Yes!!
metaclone Mostly, you just need a belief!
Jonathan Meta -- why not expand upon that! While we're all remembering our hap hap happy times ;) And while Meta is describing... everyone else... if you see pictures... MAKE 'em BIGGER!
mikw ummmmmmm... ahhhhhh.. *feel good*
metaclone Often the belief in itself that you can change state -- is enough to blow the doors open and
SunDog (and put some music to it)
Jonathan Yeah, yeah... MUSIC!
metaclone yeah take that belief, move it out and watch it expand in size, now zooom it close
Jonathan Make those happy pictures brighter and see if the happy feelings don't just DOUBLE those feelings!
SunDog Good point Metaclone! Also, you can stomp the state with this idea that you never had a happy time.
metaclone but ummm yeah the belief u can change states is often enuf, and to mismatch this... sometimes I cant change state - to the one I want - no matter what
Jonathan metaclone -- I'll go along with that in a big way... but to GET the belief with new folks who don't have that belief, I can either set up a distance-based swish, or, use Sleight of Mouth, or... I can simply lead through the above examples.
SunDog with mismatcher, I use "How do you know you aren't having it now? What's missing?" and work up piecewise
Jonathan Sure, SunDog... that's a really good example!
metaclone sure but then i'd look at other models like MBTI, eneagram etc which explain energy levels
Jonathan Ooooh glad you're here metaclone -- we get some other interesting viewpoints to cover!
SunDog ? does mbti explain energy levels
metaclone I think so - who knows the model ?
SunDog not me, obviously
Jonathan We've just opened up the frame of believing people can change states just by remembering previous times where we KNEW we were in that state before; I do -- but I'll let you lead that one!
SunDog or must have been
metaclone we can get back to it later... it'll loop around
SunDog cached
Jonathan OK!
Sandworm Well, states change all the time, anyway. The notion that there is some kind of steady, stable "SELF" is pretty silly.
metaclone ummm yeah you can remember a time, act as if, shift physiology but at the end of the day we're talking recoding submodalities.
Jonathan All day long, true...
metaclone submodalities - ie pictures, feeling, sounds
grazzhppr thx
Sandworm I daresay from an Eastern perspective, the challenge is to MAINTAIN a state for more than 5 seconds without distractions shifting it into something else...
SunDog Exactly, the state is what's NOT changing, and that changes
Jonathan Its silly to people versed in the process. You know as well as I how stuck people can be when they show up at your/my seminars! They haven't recognized a state-change in the last 5 years sometimes.
metaclone so then I got this is about giving them a belief
Jonathan Meanwhile we can see the shifts readily (even though the physiology may not change much).
Sandworm I think Jon just put his finger on it...RECOGNIZING and monitoring your states is a new skill to lots of people....
SunDog And recognizing that they have a choice is NOT obvious
Sandworm This is something Bandler said at the Meta-Master: you have to be able to notice something before you can control or change it.
Jonathan Agreed -- and that does follow up comments you made some time ago -- along similar lines. So let me recap here and regroup everyone.
metaclone so its like get conscious
Dan_26 kind of like wine tasting; it's all wine in one sense, but there are thousand of nuances that make each taste unique
Sandworm You're also banging against an entire culture that says control isn't possible or desirable... ...I will now shut up.
Jonathan We started in with talking about the purpose of knowing how to change states in yourself, because you go first! Once you know you can change your own state you can begin to recognize that you've been adjusting other people's states already, though perhaps in less than effective ways thus far.
SunDog Intentionally or not
Jonathan And then you can get a handle on that too and begin to turn it around so that you can adjust other people's states more positively! Intentionally!
SunDog Now that you realize it.
metaclone You mean I do hypnosis and don't know it?
Jonathan Or not adjust them at all - because you'll know how to NOT influence people more effectively! Of course, Metaclone, under the assumption that EVERYTHING is hypnosis (perhaps very ineffective hypnosis). "People are hypnosis machines."
SunDog I haven't figured out how to interact without influencing!
Jonathan If you walk up to someone, keep your mouth closed, but Smile really widely. If they smile back, that's a hypnotic reaction. Isn't it? So as to interaction without influence, have you ever been SO neutral, so completely bland, that you just blended in and disappeared completely even in a public place? I know kids who know how to do that. Can you do that?
SunDog I can disappear, yes.
metaclone Invisibility.
Jonathan And you can still interact when you do that, right?
SunDog Ummm, interact & remain invisible - how so please?
metaclone Ummm OK, so what if I know these tricks, have a belief and just can't shift into the state I want?
Jonathan *I* did that from time to time unintentionally before I started studying NLP! I was missing a big kinesthetic piece of the puzzle! Metaclone -- for the group -- are you new to NLP?
Dan_26 I'm curious Jonathan, how did you discover that kino piece
Sandworm Jon..can I jump in here a sec and ask Meta a question?
Jonathan Sure! BTW I thinks this is a GREAT chat topic & a great group!
Sandworm thought is this: if you "want" a state it means that you have a representation at SOME level, however detailed or vague, of what that state would be like to have, correct?
SunDog so... in order to remain invisible, I must not interact (i think). if I interact, I might THINK i'm invisible
Sandworm Anyway, my question is: is it that he can't reach the state, or is it that he just hasn't formed an adequate enough representation of what the state would be like such that he has something vivid enough to aim at? In other words...the skill deficit may NOT be in shifting into the state....but in sufficiently designing it in the first place....
SunDog The latter, back to "How do you know you don't have it yet? What's missing? What needs to be removed?"
Sandworm The shifting might be EASY provided he has an adequate and vivid enough representation....
Jonathan Probably more along the lines of what you describe, Ross...
DocSpiff umm there is an important point here
Sandworm In fact....just vividly designing it/representing it may cause him to enter it!
metaclone sorry lemme see
Dan_26 what if you have the state well represented but something prevents you from accessing it at desired times? (respond when appropriate)
Jonathan missing the anchor into a powerful SET of sensory info strong enuf to bring back intense kinesthetics that he can lock in
Sandworm Point how folks describe the problem..they aren't always or even usually accurate or correct and you might wind up chasing shadows/.
Jonathan Dan --
DocSpiff in order to notice hes not reaching a particular state, he has to enter that state, even if for the briefest of moments
metaclone ross: I'd call it the human condition, and look at things like MBTI inferior fuction
DocSpiff and I never met a clown I couldn't hypnotize!!
Jonathan (ross is right -- if you're trying to help someone elicit a state -- there are tricks to knowing what the wild goose chases are like)
metaclone which says sure, someone who is mega introvert can do extraversion
Sandworm That's an interesting belief..I think metaclone just gave us some HIGH level info on his beliefs about the world...
metaclone but only for so long regardless of tricks with submodalities; (Sandworm): I just referenced a model
Jonathan Once you have a powerful state that you KNOW you've been in, you'd want to install an anchor or a set of anchors into the state...
Sandworm Hmmm....meta...(I smell blood in the water, folks!)
metaclone hehe
Jonathan meta -- can you deal at a higher level than these tools? in real-world language where NLP still operates?
Sandworm Can I ask you....I've seen Mexicans...Blacks..Japanese...I'm not sure I've ever met a pure "Introvert" they really exist outside of some psychologists model or a set of test scores? In other words: what IS an "introvert"?
metaclone sure... only in language
Sandworm Versus a person who has a set of behaviors they are used to doing and a set of responses they are used to having...
Jonathan Dan -- once you've installed an anchor or set of anchors into those states, you can program in your behavior in a number of different ways -- future pacing (and meta-future pacing)
metaclone but this is just one way of referencing energy levels
DocSpiff the man from Nantucket was an introvert
SunDog just
metaclone its like asking a runner to keep running... are there limits
Jonathan and another example would be swishes etc to cause other situations to lead into your desired state anchor!
metaclone ?
Jonathan (ok focusing on the primary chat here again Dan)
Sandworm The issue is: can an "introvert" choose to switch to extroversion as easily as anyone else, given the proper training and tools.....
metaclone I agree to a point Sandworm
Dan_26 at certain times for me, the use of an anchor seems to create an internal dissociation. . . and then when I fire it off at a desired time, there is a stronger state present that shadows the one represented by the anchor
metaclone but then we're talking a catastrophic shift in their model to train them
Dan_26 overshadows
Sandworm I've seen VERY "introverted" students go WAY the other way...only because they've been taught a new set of tools and skills...
metaclone catastrophe: not being bad but being irreversible change
Jonathan Why would that have to be catastrophic?
Sandworm Whoa! Whoa!
metaclone maybe
Jonathan Couldn't you do it while laughing your ass off?
Sandworm I don't see it that way....
DocSpiff I used to be an introvert....
Sandworm If you design in massive flexibility that they didn't previously have....
metaclone massive flexibility... ok how
Sandworm I don't think that is irreversible per se...they still have the option of "introverting" when it is appropriate...
SunDog it's not a catastrophe to have a choice
metaclone yes but the whole structure of their model is changed forever with the type of change youre getting at
Sandworm NOW we've got one of meta's's a value he is willing to pursue even at the cost of trying on some radically new notions!
Jonathan I mean, if you're in an outrageously humorous state and someone skilled in blowing out less than useful beliefs about your skills with people were to say a few things and suddenly you started to WANT to talk to anyone in a humorous way... wouldn't that be a neat way to discover that inner you that you didn't know existed until now?
Virgin More choices, more flexibility, more options, more outcomes possible
metaclone then we're talking higher level than just a state shift or say a chain
Sandworm Yes..that is true, meta....
SunDog true
SunDog we started with believing you can change state, right?
Sandworm Which means it is no longer something that happens "only for so long"...
DocSpiff what's this model crap..?
Jonathan Definitely SunDog ;)
DocSpiff you aren't intro or extroverted.. it depends on the context
Jonathan DocSpiff -- no flamewars in here please.
Sandworm You then move away from a state and into a "trait"...
metaclone DocSpiff: and that's either/or logic
DocSpiff if your building was on fire you would be definitely extroverted
Sandworm Which is supported by beliefs, values and has extension through time...
SunDog tendency, preference out of choices
Sandworm It's change at a higher logical level that makes the state into a TRAIT.... Do you see the distinction, Meta?
Jonathan And the nice thing about it all is... the change in state is simply a CHOICE. And you get to choose what state you take on for what context.
Jonathan This isn't about losing your present frame -- its about adding in MORE. So let's calibrate to where we're all at.
DocSpiff And, since you have done this in some context, you can reuse it in others, if you so wish.
Jonathan Absolutely. Let's see where Meta's at though -- I want to get some closure on the points raised thus far
SunDog Closure is good? thinking, thinking
Jonathan Metaclone -- how ya doing?
metaclone There was a state change
Dan_26 He's thinking about it as it gets installed deeper and deeper
Jonathan I was reviewing the conversation... its interesting how much more strongly a position is defended when there are less threads to tie it into the rest of a belief system. At a systemic level, meta_'s belief about flexibility and models, in my opinion, may be caught within a very powerful structure of how these models must be entered and dealt with. And this may work BEAUTIFULLY for him. It wouldn't work well for me, personally, but that's my choice, and that was his choice...
metaclone Not true; I just use models to see other models.
Jonathan I was just using the language as a model of what was behind it
metaclone Which is true for all of us. Try seeing what your neurology can't. Plus all models work among friends.
Jonathan Yes metaclone, that's true. I think in meta terms as well, often. Interesting conversation. Would you care to describe your NLP background for us?
metaclone I've seen most people in the field. And basically live in a house and all we do is NLP stuff! What a trip, huh? But I'd rather discuss topics than my personal history...
Jonathan Sounds really cool, if you ask me, but that vague description could create a lot of different images. If you were A -> V about descriptions!
SunDog OK, so, we have states, we can have different states if we choose to (with some practice), now what? Like, how to begin changing other people's states!

Jonathan So there are a lot of ways to recognize using calibration and such what states other people are in. That's job # 1. You have to know WHERE another person is at, state-wise speaking.
SunDog And that's not necessarily where they think they are right?
Jonathan Once you know where someone is at... then you can build in the feedback loop... that tells you if they're stuck... or if they're moving... Sure, it may be where they think they are but possibly not. Here's where I trust MY feelings if I've calibrated their physiology well. Asking them how they're doing is a good way of getting info... both verbally and nonverbally, right? I mean, regarding SunDog's comment...
metaclone and if they're not, go for a pattern interrupt and bring them back into your trance
galamud I really wish I didn't miss the beginning of this.
SunDog It gets info, yes.
Jonathan If they tell me they're really pleased about something, and they're congruent, then maybe the verbal indication is good enough to move forward with that assumption.
SunDog Bingo, congruent!
Jonathan But if they tell me they're fine, and they're very incongruent, then... I trust what I feel/see/hear in concert. And I trust what they DO, rather than what they SAY, more. So congruency is usually an indicator to me as to whether I can trust what I'm hearing, or not.
SunDog Exactly, trust your response to their behavior.
metaclone I'd just whip 'em into my trance using a pattern interrupt and sentence fragments! Leave their neurology no choice!
Jonathan Now, at one level... this should tell you that listening is of little use and that you should just ALWAYS listen to what people do and ignore what they say...
SunDog but first, meta, know what you're changing them from, eh?
Jonathan but guess what -- that doesn't really help Rapport, by much!
Jonathan Oh! Rapport?! I'm supposed to maintain rapport thru all of this? Awwwww no way!
SunDog Only if you want to influence!
metaclone Ummm it got doesnt matter... because we're talking conversationally here, aren't we?
Jonathan Yes! Only if you want to influence.
metaclone Always.
Jonathan And isn't influence absolutely KEY in knowing how to change other people's states?
SunDog Influence IS changing other people's states, isn't it?
Jonathan I mean, people will almost always move in the direction chosen by really congruent people, even more so when you're in Rapport.
Jonathan Not necessarily, SunDog, but that's close enough in my opinion... (trying to come up with a good counter example) -- lessee -- can you influence someone to do something they would not ordinarily have done but remain in the same state as they do it for you?
metaclone any question/direction will capture a mind
SunDog Okay, we define influence as changing behavior, not nec. state, is that it?
Jonathan I'd define influence as causing behaviors. Which could be taken to mean changing behaviors, I suppose... Do you like changing behaviors more? I can go with that. ;)
SunDog Okay, I'll agree with those labels. Wait, you can't agree with me, I'm agreeing with you!
Jonathan So if we're at a definitional level -- Changing States (in other people) is doing something to cause an adjustment to their sensory experience, or, something to cause a measureable shift in their metaprograms in action. How's that?
metaclone beautiful
SunDog Good. What does y'all think?
Jonathan I came up with that on the fly too! Like, they may shift their kino... but its a changed state if they just shift their visual system to be more Vc as opposed to Va, right?
SunDog Okay, state's a 4-tuple, behavior arises from state. Changing the 4-tuple is a new state, right?
Dan_26 is it possible to chang a person's state without changing their sensory experience or causing a major shirt in their metaprograms?
Jonathan For the non-NLPers here, Vc=Visual Constructed (future imagination), and Va=Visual Accessed (past visual imagery). That's the 64K question to put my definition to the test.
SunDog Dan: I think we need to distinguish external v. internal sensory experience.
metaclone yes.
Jonathan Please -- beat it up! I want a better definition if one exists
metaclone but then we're not in the land of NLP in my opinion
Jonathan How so, meta?
Dan_26 I agree with changing sensory experience (something has to change), but not sure about a major change in metaprogram
SunDog State is the combination of VAKO/G internal (in my model)
metaclone well NLP is the study of sensory channels
SunDog Don't have to change metaprogram to change state.
metaclone VAK is the language of the nercous system
Jonathan Sure, SunDog. Hmmmm Give me a counterexample
metaclone to create changes outside of VAK and not alter state is outside of NLP... psychic/spiritual
SunDog I can still be sorting toward a different pleasure, no?
Jonathan I was thinking about introvert vs extrovert, motivational direction, sorts by self vs others...
metaclone energy levels if you like
Jonathan energy levels is totally kino
metaclone maybe
Jonathan you can visualize energy all you want but if you're not feeling it meta -- it ain't energy ;)
metaclone but I think it can be auditory as well
Dan_26 are we taking introvert/extrovert as a practical example or are we abstracting far above practicality? :)
metaclone youre a trainer right... how can you tell a shift in enregy levels in the room ?
Jonathan Several ways meta --
SunDog ooh, I feel it and see it and hear it
metaclone +k external/external - auditory
Jonathan I feel the shift in my body (spine, mostly). And around the temples.
SunDog smell it if it's bad
Dan_26 for me, primarily kino
metaclone yeah you get the output thru +K maybe
Jonathan That's usually my clue, which wakes me up a bit... and then sometimes I see everyone moving around. A little more than before. Or I hear breathing changes or the rustling of clothes.
SunDog snoring
Jonathan or I see the facial coloration change; snoring *LOL* - rotfl -- yep that too
metaclone then how do u give a room a psychic injection thru the senses..
Jonathan OOoooh getting into interesting areas...
SunDog yelling
Jonathan HAH!
metaclone were still on states ;)
SunDog oh, that's humming
Jonathan I may do that, but I may not want to talk about it here. I may want to focus on doing it one-on-one here in the chat channel, so that we're on topic for others who will read this and hopefully take something useful with them!
metaclone OK. (nodding)
Jonathan what's META for anyway, supposed to accomplish? KnowwhutImean?
metaclone meta for - nice phonological ambiguity
SunDog okay, so back to, changing state, not behaviors in others... but if I don't change behavior, how do I calibrate?
Jonathan And if I'm cycling through states MYSELF in the appropriate sequence... as I set up appropriate anchors... I can pay close attention to the shifts in the room that occur more and more... (thanks glad you caught it, Meta). Hmm SunDog -- can you clarify your question please?
SunDog oh. yeah. hmm.
metaclone which means if you practice shifting your state enuf youre neurology gets more flexible and it gets easier
Jonathan Two lines of convo here...
SunDog We said state is a 4-tuple. Influence is changing/causing behavior. But without influence, I don't know
Dan_26 Should I make it three? LOL!
Jonathan SunDog... -- hold that thought
SunDog That I've caused a state change, true? Holding.
metaclone Actors are great at it!
Jonathan Absolutely -- if they're really good at METHOD acting -- especially people such as Jeff Goldblum!
metaclone But then so do we all... we're talking about the skills there already, just getting conscious of the fact your neurology can do it, but just doing it with volition. uve just got good at doing it conscioulsy
Jonathan So anyway -- back to changing *other* people's states...
SunDog which starts with the belief you can...
Jonathan we have job#1 of finding out where other people are... and we get to SunDog's question... State is a 4-tuple. Influence is changing/causing behavior. But without influence... You're asking how can you change states without influencing them? I see the problem I set up for myself with the earlier points.
SunDog Exactly, I don't think we can (or know that we did). Behavior indicates state
Jonathan We need to define influence more carefully!
metaclone go for that closure...
Jonathan Yes, if you include heartbeat, color, posture as examples of behavior. etc etc etc...
SunDog Indeed I do.
Jonathan OK. So all aspects of physiology are behaviors to be calibrated...
SunDog Yes. Indicators of state. I take your physiology as a map of your state. I can't actually know your state can I?
Jonathan And once we know where they're at... then we can determine WHERE WE WANT TO TAKE THEM...
SunDog At least, what we want it to look like (behaviorally)
Jonathan Ahhh here's where my definitions still work -- just because a behavior changes slightly doesn't mean I've changed their state measurably! So I can influence without changing state measurably... but I can't change their state without influencing them.
SunDog Backwards, I think. I can change your internal experience without changing your behavior can't I?
metaclone index computations: internal processes/internal state/external behaviour
Jonathan Whoops. Now we have both angles working.
SunDog Good, meta. Yes, It's complicated! And therefore, rife with possibilities...
metaclone paradox exists.. aint it grand

Jonathan Lets CHUNK WAY UP! Time to chunk up.
SunDog UP we go.
Jonathan Leaving the definitions behind as best we can and dealing with the realities of how we change other people's behaviors all the time anyway...
Jonathan WHAT IS OUR OUTCOME in changing OUR states?
SunDog I like to feel better, how about y'all?
galamud I'd like to feel constantly giddy.
Jonathan Hehheh -- I like to feel better than you do ;)
metaclone Heheh!
SunDog Keep going up, Jonathan
Dan_26 Desired behavior
Jonathan OK, so feeling GREAT is a good one. WHAT IS OUR OUTCOME in changing OTHER PEOPLE'S STATES?
SunDog I like to feel better, how about y'all?
galamud Making them fall in love with us!
Dan_26 Galamud, I love you, man!
galamud Dan, you're not getting my Bud Light!
SunDog That one's context-dependent, I think.
Jonathan So you change other people's states to be MUCH better, thereby taking advantage of that natural hypnotic feedback loop phenomena and riding the wave of their good feelings?
SunDog Oh, YES!!
Jonathan Yes -- SunDog brought up that we may have other outcomes that are less than immediately-kino-driven, and more "intellectual," But KINO is good too!
SunDog And then I make them PAY ME!
galamud Kino? Isn't that some Chinese Delicacy?
Dan_26 So everything's ultimately about feeling goooooood.
Jonathan Well, Dan, that's awfully John-Stuart-Mill-ish of you... I didn't know you were Utilitarian!
SunDog Isn't he dead?
Dan_26 If I knew who the hell he was, I'd respond to that!
Jonathan Sorry, I jumped into my academic bullsh*t for a moment there.
SunDog Wipe it off
Jonathan Anyhow, moving further up... WHAT happens when you... gain more control over your own states... so that you can be more effective in all situations... more effective with other people, feeling even better about things... so that you can influence other people's states in really wonderful ways?
metaclone You get more into the sensate world?
galamud We gain the ultimate secret of the universe!
SunDog I inflict myself on them so I can feel better.
grazzhppr All of the above
galamud We become Buddhas.
Jonathan And what would it be like after you've discovered how influential you can really be, and recognized when you'd done these things less than elegantly and adjusting appropriately for the future? oooh cool!
SunDog Maybe i'd learn something?
galamud Maybe we'd just keep getting better! Until we explode, because we're so incredibly good.
SunDog Maybe we did, uh uh
Jonathan And if all of that were simple results of spending some time exploring our own behavior and learning about anchors and future-pacing and some pretty simple NLP skills, (or skills from other wonderful models)...
metaclone But notice your own states and how they shift... tehn its easier to see it in others
SunDog We'd look back and laugh and how long we'd waited
galamud Spending 30 minutes a day on a treadmill.
SunDog "At how long we'd waited", duh
Jonathan Wouldn't it be cool to chunk up even higher and discover that all of this is just a few rungs in the ladder of learning more about yourself and recognizing how wonderful it can be to reach closer to your true potential... and then going even another rung higher!
SunDog Why, it is. it is cool!
galamud We have unlimited power? Could I learn how to play the piano like Ben Folds? =)
Jonathan And bring a few other cool people with us -- because there's this GREAT pizza place up there
grazzhppr that would be cool -- pepperoni!
SunDog Ah, it's heaven..
Jonathan Hrmmmmm... I wonder if all it took to change states would be to simply chunk up a few times, looking at the positive in experiences and events... and the higher you get, the less annoying details are present. Its hard to be annoyed when you're above the clouds...! SunDog ;)
metaclone Yeah, get a labotomy!
Jonathan And the next time you watch an infomercial... I want you to recognize how at the root of each motivational segment towards the selling phase is basically a process of chunking higher... and higher and higher...
SunDog And refusing to plunge yourself back into the depths of unhappy
Jonathan right!
galamud Good thing, too! I spend my entire morning watching infomercials!
Jonathan And then you can laugh at having become armed with the knowledge of how others influence you, all the time!
galamud That would be pretty cool, if I could do everything effortlessly.
Dan_26 So you'd want to bring others up there with you when you talk to them instead of meeting them back down in that place where you once were
SunDog It's easier if you do it effortlessly...
Jonathan I wanna thank everyone for coming and challenging the group with really interesting points/opinions, etc.. including ME! This was GREAT!
SunDog We are something, I tell ya.
Dan_26 I wish i'd caught the whole chat; enjoyed it, guys.
galamud Yeah, that part that I got was pretty cool
Jonathan Thanks to ALL of you for coming and participating...


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