Improving Behavior with Varying Levels of NLP Techniques - NLP Article

I have found myself (and my clients) ;) dramatically enhancing behavior by practicing varying levels of NLP skills in cycles. I'd be interested to know if others have experienced similar things!

By this, I mean, I'll approach an issue that I'd like to resolve (or for which I want to arrive at a unique solution), and instead of only attempting one thing, and stopping when I get one solution, I'll apply cyclically varying levels of knowledge/skill to the issue.

I'll start by addressing my beliefs surrounding the issue and get submodalities, changing belief structures as may be appropriate or desirable through varying tools (just to keep them fresh), for example using a distance-based swish using the submods of differing beliefs.

I'll do some internal time line work to reshape my past behaviors, with new resources.

Then I might "chunk way down" into the more simplistic NLP tools. E.g., I'll do some circles of excellence, getting one or two pure & intense states and applying them through resource triangles. I'll do an internal Kinesthetic Squash. I'll stack anchors and use them through creating new memories.

Then I'll "chunk back up" into the high-level combinatorial tools which make use of all the little ones, and generate/design/use outrageous states to let the solutions fall into place...

Then I might "chunk way down" again to practice the little details of seeing the future differently (and specifically, but flexibly)...

All the while I'm using different NLP language skills & NLP language patterns out loud or internally to help lead myself through the experience.

In addition to ALL that, I'll be paying attention to which logical levels I'm utilizing, and how jumping up or down in levels changes the experience or the effectiveness of the tools...

I find that this meandering approach {less then more then less detail, etc.} to solving something internally:

  1. Induces a VERY fractionated state: 'confusion with comfort'
  2. Provides me with lots of practice to keep the tools sharp & quick
  3. Gives me unique insights rapidly as to what's more effective when & before/after what else
  4. Gives me MULTIPLE solution paths (usually) to choose from
  5. Is an effective alternative to the "Drug of Choice" induction!
  6. Is a great way to spend an hour doing these kinds of things if you suddenly find yourself bored for whatever reason at all...

Comments/replies are invited & appreciated!