Ordered a Downloadable Product, Can't Figure Out How to Get it?

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Ordered a Downloadable Product, Can't Figure Out How to Get it?

First, thank you for your purchase(s).  We value your business. 

Hopefully this will resolve the majority of customer support issues regarding our downloadable products.

We recently installed a brand-new shopping cart in December 2013.  This uses some of the latest website technology.  It's very secure, and it also works very well.

We've had a few customers report problems when ordering products for 'instant download.'  The transactions went fine, but they didn't receive any notices from our cart.  Most of these problems were related to our emails being "Spam flagged."

Neither altfeld.com's website, nor Jonathan Altfeld, ever sends unsolicited email.  Repeat -- we don't send spam. 

However, thanks to "spoofing", many hackers have sent vast amounts of spam email around the web, and 'masked' where it came from, often using long-term established email addresses, like ours.  In other words, we're being penalized sometimes for other people's spam behavior.

When you order something or register for an event, our cart sends out email immediately, including new account login information.  Once payment has been made (either direct to us, or through paypal), the cart will email you instantly with your download links.  So if you ordered something and you believe you haven't heard from us or received email confirmation, check your spamtrap or spam-folder.  Everything we sent, will be in your spam folder.

Most important:  Please don't just get your downloads and leave the emails in the spam-folder.  Please move these emails to your main inbox!  Doing so usually tells your email host that they should not be marking our emails to you as spam.  If you have an actual white-list, please add *@altfeld.com to that white-list.

Thanks and enjoy!