Behavioral Science: Deep-Voiced Men Have More Kids

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Behavioral Science: Deep-Voiced Men Have More Kids

As a long-time voice coach with ample experience helping both men and women to lower their natural pitch by a surprising margin, I find this to be a very intriguing article!

"Deep-Voiced Men Have More Kids"

Incidentally, women with deeper voices get more compliments and sound warmer.  I was once asked by a seminar participant about helping her to raise her pitch; she was worried about how her voice pitch was getting deeper with age.  My response was to ask every male participant for the names of actresses with the most charismatic and attractive voices they loved; in every single case, the actresses named were those with deep voices.  The lady attendee at my course wore a big sneaky smile for the rest of the workshop (and beyond, I suspect!).

Here's another such article:   Sexy People Sound Better.

The process of lowering one's pitch boils down to great vocal feedback loops, targeted advice from anyone with a great ear, as well as highly variable exercises involving pitch, volume, vocal mechanics, and finally, repetition.

Want more resources on this topic?  Get my Finding Your Irresistible Voice program, or ask about coaching.  I can definitely help both men and women to lower their pitch!