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NLP Master Trainer Rex Sikes built a reputation throughout the 80's & 90's for profoundly effective & intimate NLP workshops.  Rex Sikes, was so good at training, using, and living NLP, he was hired on the OJ Simpson Defense "Dream Team."  He was also Jonathan Altfeld's first trainer.  Together, Jonathan & Rex are doing some fabulous free NLP Teleconferences.  Check out audio samples below, and subscribe for more info! Rex & Jonathan both welcome you!

For more info on Rex Sikes, check out our June 2013 NLP Prac course in Los Angeles!  Also our Evening Events in early 2013 in NYC, DC, L.A., & S.F!

1st Call Recording:   (1) Rex's Amazing Background, (2) NLP for Living More Extraordinary and Fulfilling Lives, and (3) the Value of Great Feedback Loops.  

Listen to this 6 minute Sample from Call #1:
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2nd Call Recording:   (1) Accelerated learning, (2) Rex's "Mind Design", (3) the problems with traditional learning environments, (4) why some NLP trainers seem to argue a lot, (5) the difference between small chunk learning and a holistic approach to building a better life, and (6) more!

Listen to this 3 minute Sample from Call #2:
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3rd Call, Recorded Sept 17:   How NLP helps resolve denial, dissatisfaction, stuck-states, unhappiness, regrets, and more. How NLP helps to become happier and more aligned, living more joyful, fruitful, productive, and balanced lives. Also, common reasons when or why great intentions don't result in sufficient follow-through, and what to do about those. The truth -- without the hype!

Listen to this 8 minute Sample from Call #3:
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4th Call, Recorded Sept 24:   Deconstructing NLP Exercise drills: A detailed exploration of why a well-designed NLP exercise drill can provide insight and discoveries about one's own communication skills -- not to mention enhanced sensory acuity and more -- that people might otherwise never learn, or, would otherwise take months or years to learn on one's own.

Listen to this amazing 5 minute Sample from Call #4, on:

why becoming more curious and keeping the mind open, reserving judgement, is the ONLY way to become a more effective learner!

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5th Call, Recorded in August 2012:   Coming Soon.


6th Call, Recorded Feb 28, 2013:   Jonathan and Rex discuss what it means to become a more effective speaker, trainer, and/or presenter. What differences should one look for in finding courses to match one's needs? What skills should one actually focus on developing?

Listen to this amazing 6+ minute Sample from Call #6, on:

how speakers can learn to take their audiences on a more impactful emotional ride, and use NLP modeling to develop more effective strategies for presenting from a platform, or in front of an audience, a jury, or a group of one or more sales prospects, etc.

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