Rex Sikes & Jonathan Altfeld - 2013 Evening Event Tour

If you'd like to "Become a Super-Learner, and Adopt the Fast-Track to Excellence in ANY Pursuit..."

If you're anywhere near NYC, or Washington DC...

Here's a Rare Chance to catch one of the ONLY public Evening Events that NLP Master Trainer Rex Sikes has trained in a Decade!  (Watch a Video Clip below, from our recent L.A. event!)

Get $60-90 in Bonus MP3s (free), as our thanks for joining us!

We're going to cover:

Why affirmations don't usually work well for most people, and  what to do instead of affirmations to gain far better results! 
Bust Up Some Hypnotic Learning and Motivational Myths...
Correct Misconceptions about Acquisition and Retention of Information vs. Skills
Challenge Assumptions About Accelerated Learning...
Confirm some Facts and Implications...
Help you Get to Know Yourself Better, and make Better Choices!
& More!

In short, in one evening, anyone wanting to become a more gifted learner and modeler of excellence -- in any domain -- will start letting go of some bad habits, and start creating more desirable habits to help move you in the right direction!

And, at least as valuable, you're going to get the first opportunity in about a decade, to spend an amazing evening with an extraordinary NLP Master Trainer, Rex Sikes, who stopped publically training NLP in 2002, while the field continued to dilute its offerings for marketing purposes. Yes, the field is full of people continuing to shorten their courses to compete for scarce students, but Rex was known for setting the bar higher than most trainers ever reached. After more than a decade, Rex agreed to join NLP Trainer Jonathan Altfeld for a range of public workshops. These evenings, in particular, are an unprecedented opportunity to experience a gifted man do one of the things he does best -- lift all of us higher towards our own outrageous potential!

Don't miss out! You'll be kicking yourself afterwards if you do!

Here are some of the topics we'll present on and explore:

Why affirmations don't usually work well for most people, and  what to do instead of affirmations to gain far better results! 
Why babies learn SO fast, and  how we as adults can revisit our natural super-learning ability 
Why the Endorphin Rush of Motivational seminars & firewalks don't initiate and lead to long-term permanent changes (for MOST people -- certainly they work a charm for a minority)! And,  what's a more enjoyable and maintainable route to greater excellence & success? 
The promise of NLP Modeling, and how and why it's been misunderstood and distorted into some magic bullet no one seems to be able to do well, and what NLP Modeling is extraordinarily good for, and   what NLP Modeling truly CAN help you achieve, develop, become, have more of, etc. All the facts, and zero hype!  
& More!


Enjoy this video clip from Super Learning in L.A.!

Here's a bit more about your host, and your trainer for this evening :

2 Passionate & Dedicated NLP Trainers


NLP Trainer, Coach, & Consultant
Jonathan Altfeld

Our Director of NLP Training, Jonathan Altfeld      Jonathan Altfeld founded the Mastery InSight Institute in 1997 after a first and highly successful career as a senior consultant to Fortune 500 companies. Jonathan's expertise was in the Artificial Intelligence field, specifically doing Knowledge Engineering, which is surprisingly similar to NLP modeling. Since then, Jonathan has traveled the globe delivering mostly short applied-NLP courses.  One of his big passions is to vanquish incompetence in the field of NLP, hopefully bringing you to a far higher level of skill than you've previously imagined... but probably hoped for!

      Jonathan also attended Rex's 1997 NLP Practitioner training (if you have Rex's Practitioner tapes you'll occasionally hear Jonathan asking questions or taking wild guesses!) and found that course to be so moving, so profoundly helpful, that he began referring all his friends, and eventually all of his own students, to go see Rex.

Here's a few comments from Jonathan's customers & students:

"Very few can do what Jonathan does! A true master teacher of NLP and inspired public speaking, he takes complex concepts and teaches them in a way so that you not only understand them intellectually, but absorb them at a deeper level. The result? What you’ve learned is there when you need it: with clients, for teaching and presenting, for speaking to audiences of all sizes. Highly recommended!"   Sara Wiseman, Author of “Writing the Divine,” “Your Psychic Child”, & “The Intuitive Path”
"No matter where you perceive your skill level, there is always more. Jonathan not only cuts diamonds, he polishes them, and adds more facets."  Bob Dillon, Seminar Leader
"Jonathan Altfeld is a highly skilled communicator and trainer whom it is an absolute pleasure to watch at work. He cultivates a learning environment which nurtures and develops the skills and abilities of everyone within the group, and created epic transformations." - Jenny Waller, Life Coach
"I can throroughly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in developing their skills in modelling excellent performance, developing opportunities or solving problems. The skills apply equally well to concepts at work as well as to personal issues. In addition the relatively small numbers helped create an exceptionally positive atmosphere and enabled excellent individual feedback." - Michael Beale, NLP Trainer
"This is a wonderful program that will give you a powerful, authoritative voice. It can change your life." - Brian Tracy, Internationally renowned author. (about Jonathan's Irresistible Voice CD-set)

NLP Master Trainer, Film-maker, Entertainer, & more
Rex Steven Sikes

Rex Sikes

       Rex Sikes first got involved in NLP in 1979, later getting certified as an NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer, and Master Trainer.  He began doing NLP therapy, consulting & training in 1983, then in 1986 focused only on training personal excellence.  He began working with Richard Bandler in 1989, and opened his NLP training business "IDEA Seminars" in 1990, developing a loyal student and fan base across the globe.  His courses regularly attracted an international student group.  After 12 years of passionate training and developing an extraordinary reputation, in 2002, Rex chose to focus exclusively on his first two passions, entertainment & filmmaking.  Rex hasn't taught a public NLP program since 2002, though he's been training it privately for corporate clients and in his entertainment acts, through Rex Sikes Entertainment and Rex Sikes Productions.  We just couldn't attend public workshops with him.  Our loss!

What other people have said about Rex Sikes:

If you want to sit and analyze charts, graphs, and learn from a boring textbook - there might be other NLP trainings that are better suited to your left brain. If you want to “experience” NLP, “feel” the shifts in attitude, “refresh” your spirit in an exciting, positive direction - and get superb training... well, you may find Rex Sikes’ training the perfect fit and just what you’re looking for.”   Bart Baggett, Publisher, Author, Handwriting Expert, Dallas, TX
"You can always judge the quality of a training program by the quality of the student's experience. I have been in the training business for 19 years and as you can see for yourself, the comments from IDEA Seminars students are outstanding! I have personally experienced Rex's training and he really delivers on his promises! His training style works in powerful ways! Check out what these people have to say..."    Paul Scheele, developer of PhotoReading™ and Paraliminal™
"(Rex is) undeniably the best!  His ability to make you think about, challenge and nurse new and old beliefs is life-changing. All in a super-fun and challenging learning environment.  ... I learned so many new concepts, skills and attitudes that elevated me to a new level. ... Rex challenged me to push further, and further.  I did, and I love the results. I came in with pretty high expectations, thinking if I ask for Mars, I may get the Moon. What a surprise it was for me when I walked away with Pluto!  ... What a great feeling, knowing you've not only accomplished everything you needed to, but going further into new realms and relaxing in the feeling of 'I did it!!' Amazing.  Thanks!"    James Harris, Bar Manager, Tavern on the Pier, Chicago, IL
"I've done two practitioner programs and one other master practitioner course (all with other trainers), and I can honestly say that ONLY NOW DO I FEEL AS THOUGH I HAVE THE SKILLS, the attitude, and the condition to make my life a portrait..."    Dyanne Wilson, Figure Skating Coach, Canada
"(Rex is) the best teacher of NLP I have ever experienced. He uses what he is teaching you while he's teaching it. My experiences that I have had will be with me for the rest of my life."    Kelli Krueger, Trainer, Waterloo, IA



$60 BONUS FOR EVERYONE: Everyone who joins us at one of these events will be handed their choice of a several-hour MP3 set, recorded at Rex & Jonathan's November 2012 NLP Practitioner course! These Prac-Packs are $60 apiece. You'll get to pick from several titles on the night you attend our evening event in your city.

EXTRA $30 BONUS FOR THE FIRST 30 SIGNUPS PER CITY: If you're in the first 30 people to register for any given city, you'll be given an additional bonus CD also recorded at our 2012 NLP Practitioner course! This CD will NOT be available for purchase -- it's a special recording released as a bonus, only to you!


Important Info for both upcoming Evening Events

Trainers: Rex Sikes & Jonathan Altfeld

Class Size Limit:  Only 50 attendees maximum per city!  Grab your seat while you can!

Time:7:00 PM SHARP! Arrive early, between 6:30 & 6:50 PM! We have a lot of people to seat, and all of these events will begin at 7:00pm Local Time, sharp!

Investment: $49.  For this low fee, not only will you have an amazing learning experience, you'll get to spend time with and meet the extraordinary Rex Sikes, and... you'll also be given $60-90 worth of gifts in thanks for coming out.  People are already buying these recordings at $60 apiece!  We're making it more than worth your while, and we look forward to seeing you there!

BONUSES: Details are shown in the bubble above this one.  Everyone gets a $60 MP3 set (CD), and the first 30 people who register for any city will receive an additional $30 bonus CDBonuses are provided at the end of each evening.

Refund Policy:  Your tuition is fully refundable until the end of the 4th day prior to each evening. After that, your tuition to these evening events is considered non-refundable;  it will be too late for us to worry about finding a replacement for your seat.  If you're refunded, there will be no bonuses provided; you must attend the event to receive the bonuses.


Any Questions? Call +1 813-991-8888, or use our Site Feedback Form!


"Becoming a Super Learner!"
Register for this RARE Evening with Rex Sikes in NYC!
New York City, Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Location/Venue: Ripley Grier Studios, 939 Eighth Ave (Bet. 55th & 56th Sts), Ste 307, NY NY 10019

Time:7:00 PM SHARP! Arrive early!

Refund Policy:  Fully refundable through 11:59pm of Saturday February 23. After that, your tuition is non-refundable.


"Becoming a Super Learner!"
Register for this RARE Evening with Rex Sikes in DC!
Washington, DC, Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sheraton Rockville Hotel, Rockville, MD, 920 King Farm Blvd, Rockville, MD 20850

Time:7:00 PM SHARP! Arrive early!

Refund Policy:  Fully refundable through 11:59pm of Sunday February 24. After that, your tuition is non-refundable.