NLP Master Practitioner Training Intensive - Rex Sikes & Jonathan Altfeld

MAJOR NEWS in the NLP Field: 

NLP Master Trainer Rex Sikes is BACK, after 10 years away from public training!  And he's co-training an NLP Master Practitioner course with Jonathan Altfeld, in October 2013 in Los Angeles! 

Now you too can train with the filmmaker, the motivational mind-reader/magician, and the wizard who was hired to analyze behavior and language in the OJ Simpson murder trial.

Rex Sikes will be training NLP again!

If you missed out on getting to train with Rex... you've got a rare and unprecedented opportunity to develop your NLP skills with two extraordinary trainers.


Dear NLP Enthusiast,

We're going to keep this page as short & sweet as possible.  For any NLP Practitioner wanting to take the next amazing step, this is a dream opportunity.  No other workshop this year is likely to compare.

Our message is pretty straightforward, so we're not going to sugar coat it or hype it up.

The field of NLP has been impoverished without Rex Steven Sikes around.  He's been busy making films and doing other fascinating forms of entertainment and corporate presentations.  NLP students haven't had this opportunity in more than 10 years!

If deep NLP skills are important to you... if you'd like to get a chance to train with the one NLP trainer that was continually consulted during the "OJ Simpson Murder Trial", then join us.

Rex and Jonathan share a belief that NLP certification courses ought to be a lot longer than 7 days, which seems to be the norm.  Those short courses produce insufficient skills.  Immersive courses make all the difference.  So after running an amazing Practitioner training together in 2012, they decided to do two certification courses together in 2013. You're going to get a LOT of time with both of them; both of them (and assistants) will be present in the training room together, the majority of the time.

Jonathan counts Rex as not only an amazing trainer, but as one of his strongest influences, so if you like Jonathan's style, you'll likely love Rex.  If you've been to any of Jonathan's workshops, you'll certainly have heard Rex's name mentioned.  Several of Jonathan's preferred exercise drills are credited to Rex's work.

Rex has watched for 15 years from a distance, keeping his eye on what NLP businesses were continuing to do good training work, continued to hear positive things about Jonathan's training work, and finally they got to work together in Orlando FL, in November 2012.  Choosing Jonathan as his training partner after 10 years away... was an enormous compliment to the Mastery InSight Institute.  (Thanks Rex!)   And if you couldn't attend the November 2012 Orlando Practitioner course, you'll have the opportunity AGAIN in 2013 - to take either or both Practitioner and Master Practitioner from these trainers in 2013!

Extraordinary Results Await You:

You're in luck...

  • If you expect and desire to develop deep and effective skills, woven together as a tapestry of holistic skills you can use in parallel. 
  • If you want to elevate above the typical "NLP formulas" or "theory" you've read about in books, and stop just talking about NLP, but actually begin doing it, even as early as day one of a training. 
  • If you mistakenly thought NLP was a big set of single techniques to apply one at a time, and would like to step into a new you. 
  • If you'd like to attend a training that is uplifting, joyful, fun, transformative -- as WELL as highly effective and educational!
  • If you're ready to shake up... your current lifestyle &/or business patterns and start creating new ones.

Rex's courses were always known for being upbeat, supportive, transformative, powerful, and subtle.  Rex himself is warm, approachable, charismatic, fascinating himself, AND fascinated with you and what we can enjoy together.

Jonathan's courses are known for the pursuit of the effective artistry of NLP, seemingly casual and easygoing, yet profoundly impactful through subtle training and building of the undercurrents supporting growth and discovery.  Jonathan himself is committed to helping each person overcome stuck habits and less-than-useful patterns, as well as building new possibilities and training the skills that will help anyone create an entire new future for themselves. 

Here's a bit more about your trainers:

2 Passionate & Dedicated NLP Trainers


NLP Trainer, Coach, & Consultant
Jonathan Altfeld

Our Director of NLP Training, Jonathan Altfeld      Jonathan Altfeld founded the Mastery InSight Institute in 1997 after a first and highly successful career as a senior consultant to Fortune 500 companies. Jonathan's expertise was in the Artificial Intelligence field, specifically doing Knowledge Engineering, which is surprisingly similar to NLP modeling. Since then, Jonathan built the Mastery InSight Institute from the ground up, and has traveled all around the globe since 1997 delivering mostly short applied-NLP courses.  One of his big passions is to vanquish incompetence in the field of NLP, and he's known as someone who cleans up incomplete or insufficient skills acquired elsewhere, hopefully bringing you to a far higher level of skill than you've previously imagined... but probably hoped for!

      Jonathan's NLP training style is an easy and natural blend of gentle and diligent.  He's both easygoing and approachable, but disarmingly effective with NLP, with a razor sharp mind and a holistic sense of effective and layered NLP that can be extraordinary to experience, watch, and hear.  When you train with Mastery Insight Institute, you're learning from amongst the best.  Learn more about our NLP Trainer, here.

      Jonathan also attended Rex's 1997 NLP Practitioner training (if you have Rex's Practitioner tapes you'll occasionally hear Jonathan asking questions or taking wild guesses!) and found that course to be so moving, so profoundly helpful, that he began referring all his friends, and eventually all of his own students, to go see Rex.  Unfortunately for NLP students, in 2001, Rex stopped running courses!

Here's a few comments from Jonathan's customers & students:

"Very few can do what Jonathan does! A true master teacher of NLP and inspired public speaking, he takes complex concepts and teaches them in a way so that you not only understand them intellectually, but absorb them at a deeper level. The result? What you’ve learned is there when you need it: with clients, for teaching and presenting, for speaking to audiences of all sizes. Highly recommended!"   Sara Wiseman, Author of “Writing the Divine,” “Your Psychic Child”, & “The Intuitive Path”
"No matter where you perceive your skill level, there is always more. Jonathan not only cuts diamonds, he polishes them, and adds more facets."  Bob Dillon, Seminar Leader
"Jonathan Altfeld is a highly skilled communicator and trainer whom it is an absolute pleasure to watch at work. He cultivates a learning environment which nurtures and develops the skills and abilities of everyone within the group, and created epic transformations." - Jenny Waller, Life Coach
"I can throroughly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in developing their skills in modelling excellent performance, developing opportunities or solving problems. The skills apply equally well to concepts at work as well as to personal issues. In addition the relatively small numbers helped create an exceptionally positive atmosphere and enabled excellent individual feedback." - Michael Beale, NLP Trainer
"This is a wonderful program that will give you a powerful, authoritative voice. It can change your life." - Brian Tracy, Internationally renowned author. (about Jonathan's Irresistible Voice CD-set)

NLP Master Trainer, Film-maker, Entertainer, & more
Rex Steven Sikes

Rex Sikes

       Rex Sikes first got involved in NLP in 1979, later getting certified as an NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer, and Master Trainer.  He began doing NLP therapy, consulting & training in 1983, then in 1986 focused only on training personal excellence.  He began working with Richard Bandler in 1989, and opened his NLP training business "IDEA Seminars" in 1991, developing a loyal student and fan base across the globe.  His courses regularly attracted an international student group.  After 11 years of passionate training and developing an extraordinary reputation, in 2002, Rex chose to focus exclusively on his first two passions, entertainment & filmmaking.  Which left many NLP students with one less great trainer to choose from.  Our loss!

But, he's agreed to join US to co-train an NLP Practitioner training!  What a gift!  What an opportunity.

We mentioned something above about the "OJ Simpson Murder Trial."  Back in the mid-late 1980's a lot of people knew that Rex was hired to assist a variety of outlets during the OJ Murder Trial.  So ask yourself this:  Why would attorneys connected with the most famous murder trial in history hire Rex to help them read the members of the jury and the people put on the stand?  What do they know that you don't know, about Rex?

Jonathan Altfeld puts it this way:  "I know of no one who is as good at calibrating congruence from incongruence in other people as Rex is, and Rex is charismatically attractive to everyone because he has this insatiable and unquenchable joie-de-vivre (joy of life)!  I went to Rex first, because he's THAT GOOD at training NLP.  I think Rex was hired to help during the OJ Simpson Murder Trial, because he's just THAT GOOD at using and doing NLP."

What other people have said about Rex Sikes:

If you want to sit and analyze charts, graphs, and learn from a boring textbook - there might be other NLP trainings that are better suited to your left brain. If you want to “experience” NLP, “feel” the shifts in attitude, “refresh” your spirit in an exciting, positive direction - and get superb training... well, you may find Rex Sikes’ training the perfect fit and just what you’re looking for.”   Bart Baggett, Publisher, Author, Handwriting Expert, Dallas, TX
"You can always judge the quality of a training program by the quality of the student's experience. I have been in the training business for 19 years and as you can see for yourself, the comments from IDEA Seminars students are outstanding! I have personally experienced Rex's training and he really delivers on his promises! His training style works in powerful ways! Check out what these people have to say..."    Paul Scheele, developer of PhotoReading™ and Paraliminal™
"(Rex is) undeniably the best!  His ability to make you think about, challenge and nurse new and old beliefs is life-changing. All in a super-fun and challenging learning environment.  ... I learned so many new concepts, skills and attitudes that elevated me to a new level. ... Rex challenged me to push further, and further.  I did, and I love the results. I came in with pretty high expectations, thinking if I ask for Mars, I may get the Moon. What a surprise it was for me when I walked away with Pluto!  ... What a great feeling, knowing you've not only accomplished everything you needed to, but going further into new realms and relaxing in the feeling of 'I did it!!' Amazing.  Thanks!"    James Harris, Bar Manager, Tavern on the Pier, Chicago, IL
"I've done two practitioner programs and one other master practitioner course (all with other trainers), and I can honestly say that ONLY NOW DO I FEEL AS THOUGH I HAVE THE SKILLS, the attitude, and the condition to make my life a portrait..."    Dyanne Wilson, Figure Skating Coach, Canada
"(Rex is) the best teacher of NLP I have ever experienced. He uses what he is teaching you while he's teaching it. My experiences that I have had will be with me for the rest of my life."    Kelli Krueger, Trainer, Waterloo, IA


Enjoy this video clip of Rex training in 2013!

      Through exploring NLP, you reward yourself with the best techniques discovered in rapport, self-change, sales, & persuasion! We invite you to give yourself a gift unlike any you've ever experienced... Attend an NLP Master Practitioner Training and open your floodgates to adventure!

Here's what's been said about NLP:

"NLP has metamorphosed into an all-purpose self-improvement program and technology." - Time Magazine

"NLP could be the most important synthesis of knowledge about human communication to emerge since the explosion of humanistic psychology in the sixties." - Science Digest

"Neuro-Linguistic Programming, co-founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, is an approach to psychotherapy that uses language patterns and metaphor to communicate with the unconscious mind." - Playboy

"NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence." - Modern Psychology

"NLP... is in fact the analysis of human communication processes with practical applications in training/learning situations, people management and self-management. It's about openness, the ability to change, and creating well-formed outcomes. That's probably why the idea has become so successful in today's turbulent world of work and personal life." - Mortgage Strategy

"...NLP cannot be dismissed as just another hustle. Its theoretical underpinnings represent an ambitious attempt to codify and synthesize the insights of linguistics, body language, and the study of communication systems." - Psychology Today

Do you want to become more skilled at:

  • Modeling Human Excellence
  • Reading Unconscious Thinking More Accurately
  • Creating Deeper Rapport Across Groups
  • Doing Advanced Conversational Hypnosis
  • Achieving Deeper Belief-Level Change
  • Thriving in Any Social Setting
  • Handling Objections in Faster & More Masterful Ways
  • Using NLP in a Holistic, Integrated Fashion
  • Generating Elegant Metaphor On-The-Fly
  • Reading Your Own & Others' Unconscious Signals
  • Creating More Joy for Yourself and Others
  • Thinking Systemically and Strategically


Taking NLP Master Practitioner Training:

We couldn't say it better than Rex! As quoted from Rex's IDEA Seminars webpage...

      "FINALLY, GET THE RESULTS YOU EXPECTED TO GET FROM NLP IN THE FIRST PLACE: change those beliefs that still get in the way, get control over your emotions, stop procrastinating, find your spiritual path, create happiness in your relationships, model the skills you want and get the results you are after, persuade others with amazing quickness and skill, spread joy and love to those who touch your life..."

      "Devote yourself to the [12-day] immersion experience of a lifetime. Sign up NOW, you deserve it and you owe it to your family and friends. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Master Practitioner courses out there that just rehash Practitioner training ('mastering the practitioner level skills', they'll say), or those that simply teach you new "techniques" or "patterns". When you take our [12-day NLP Master Practitioner Intensive], you will get skills that will directly and dynamically impact your life! You will discover how to install positive states, how the Meta Model really works, and how to use language patterns artistically. You will make your work elegant and graceful. You will build powerful persuasion tactics without being pushy and find out how to recognize and package Meta Programs. And much, much more!"

Specific Subjects Covered:

  • The NLP Attitude: Curiosity & Experimentation
  • Learning Model: "The Mastery Loop™"
  • Packaging Meta Programs and Sorting Styles
  • Advanced Meta Model & Advanced Modeling
  • Advanced Language Patterns: Milton Model
  • Stacking Presuppositions & Sleight of Mouth Patterns
  • Advanced Submodalities
  • The Structure of Beliefs
  • Complex Equivalence & Cause/Effect
  • Advanced Criteria & Hierarchy
  • Logical Levels of Beliefs & Logical Levels of NLP
  • Much, much, much, much more!!!