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IRC Chat Log, January 20, 1998

JonathanA Hi folks, welcome to the chat! Let's start from the outset with a little calibration: Anyone here not know what Anchoring is?
galamud I have the vaguest idea
Dan_26 Hmmm, does the name Pavlov ring a bell?
NLP-Anchor It's the thing on my boat right? See my point? (holding finger up)
JonathanA A set of responses from the past can be brought back into the present circumstances with the re-introduction of a certain stimulus or stimuli... that were present at the time the original state/responses were occurring. So getting the jargon out of the way.... if someone's happy at some time, and someone else present at the time says "Hallelujah!" in a certain tone, & volume, etc... later at another time, that person saying "Hallelujah" the same way can bring back feelings or other elements, to varying degrees... of the original state/situation. So the intention behind anchoring is to re-introduce previously accessed situations/states/emotions/thoughts/pictures. This helps us condition other people's behavior, helps us to change minds more effectively, and more.
Dan_26 One could argue that every word in language is an anchor of some type since a person must access previous understanding to understand language, though it's often very, very fast and often mostly unconscious.
JonathanA Certainly... we're ALL anchoring all the time; most of us are doing it naturally without thinking about it, and doing it far less effectively than we could! By using and practicing NLP Anchoring, we learn how to attach various behavioral stimuli as triggers to various cognitive or emotional responses.
galamud Ah, so we act the same in similar situations if we know that it works, so we keep ourselves in a comfortable loop.
Dan_26 Or not!
NLP-Anchor And there is know such thing as hypnosis! :)
JonathanA We anchor states naturally with gestures... but often we do similar gestures as people go through different states, so we're frequently anchoring states automatically in other people, and then, of course, collapsing those anchors...
TCX Give an example of collapsing an anchor
JonathanA Let's say you're easing into a comfortable state for whatever reason, and I do a particular gesture to anchor some access to the state.
TCX I'm with you
JonathanA Which means, theoretically, based on the accuracy & uniqueness of the NLP anchors, along with the relative intensity of the state anchored, that by doing the same gesture later, you'll get comfortable again!
Dan_26 So we have the "comfort" anchor set...
JonathanA However! If you're in a powerfully crazed state later and I do the same gesture, if I for whatever reason didn't effectively re-induce the comfy state, then I've either collapsed the effectiveness of the anchor (or it wasn't anchored well to begin with).
galamud Oh, so, collapsed just means that it's no longer working?
JonathanA Yep! Or, stacked together with something that neutralizes or flatlines it. Collapsing can be accomplished two ways.
galamud Oh. And these two emotions conflict with each other.
Dan_26 I liked stacked a little better, realizing that the strongest emotion/state will be the one that prevails.
JonathanA (1) Excessive Firing of the anchor leads to lack of effectiveness
NLP-Anchor No, A COLLAPSE MEANS THAT TWO emotions are interegrated into one; a collapse can go either way depending on the intensity of the +/- anchors
Dan_26 or the combination of the two produces conflict, as galamud suggested
JonathanA (2) collapsing of two or more into one, causing a combination of states which isn't as intense as each one but combines elements of both (of course, you can intensify the combo easily!)
TCX gotcha
galamud so you're saying that a collapse can either intensify or diminish the effects, right?
JonathanA in the case of (1), typically its a slow collapse
NLP-Anchor YES
JonathanA In the case of (2) it can be very RAPID!!!
AtomicCat Could you give an example of the second?
galamud SURE! =)
NLP-Anchor Jon, may I have the line?
JonathanA Please! Go ahead! Phoenix will give an example.
NLP-Anchor OK, I'll write the script then you all follow. Reading and doing doesn't work as well as one then the other here
JonathanA But before he does... ;) Let me suggest something for the group! We're coming out of a definition phase here... and going into some brief examples. After these examples lets chat specifically about INTENTIONS for anchoring. Situations and usefulness of anchoring! Then, we'll give some examples and have a short OPEN discussion (brief unstructured), and then we'll tie that up and fold it into a few social experiments ;) GO PHOENIX!
TCX Yes. On to the main event
NLP-Anchor 1. Think of something that you want to change (some small negative feeling). When you have one squeeze your left hand into a fist

2. Change your state IE: stand up, dance, etc.

3. Think of a feeling and process you want to have IE feriouslly, motivated and balanced. When you get the feeling 2x it and 2x it again and then right before the peak of the most intense state squeeze your right hand into a fist

4. Break your state.

NLP-Anchor 5. ready ?
NLP-Anchor 5. NOW, sitting there, create a blank spot in-mind, void of sound (play white noise if you must have a internal dialog), white or black background and void of sensation (as much as possible)

6. THEN make both hands into the same fists as before at the same time until FULL integration occurs internally. Basically when what ever happens in the K rep sys rebalances

7. Finally let go of the left fist first and then the right. DO the process until the desire change or direction is achieved and future pace in all rep sys 1 day/ 1 week/ 1 month/ 1yr etc. etc and bring all the information back to the present going forward. That is a wrap!

JonathanA OK, Thats a GREAT exercise to learn how to collapse two anchors into ONE, And then to practice having it available to you in future situations... which makes it more likely to be available to you then, when those situations occur!
Questor_ Why is the blank spot/void necessary?
JonathanA All 4? ;)
galamud Can you review what the 4 reps systems are?
JonathanA 5 or 3?
galamud I'm very new to all this
JonathanA Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic (feelings & emotions), Gustatory (taste), Olfactory (Smell)
galamud Hey, that's 5 =)
NLP-Anchor QUEST: I have found this most useful as a calibration point. Easier to go to extremes from the center than from one end
Dan_26 One note: I find for me, achieving these states and anchoring them is much more effective when the state is produced through associated recall (see through your eyes, feel what you felt, hear with your ears, etc.)
JonathanA Definitely true, Dan
NLP-Anchor I use the 4 tuple that has g/o/k as the same K
JonathanA Most people use 3 very heavily (V, A, & K)
Juba This sort of reminds me of the equalizer tape
NLP-Anchor I use it as V/ A/ K/ Internal dialog
JonathanA But practically all of us use all of them some of the time! ahhh but Internal Dialog is marked Ai or Ad(digital)
galamud well, it's kind of hard to imagine a taste if you're not thinking of food
JonathanA both Phoenix and my statements are right, and both are wrong ;)
Questor_ Meta: Thats interesting... never thought of that before...
JonathanA point being, however its MOST useful for you... use that representation
JonathanA Yes agreed!
NLP-Anchor Jon, I'm using RB old model from Patterns I and II
JonathanA Now, we've defined anchoring & other terms, we've given an example of how to anchor something and how to collapse anchors together
NLP-Anchor I have found that Ai and Ae go to different sections of the brain and that is the reason I use the 4tuple in the way I do
JonathanA True. Just wires in differently for different people, though, as well...
NLP-Anchor Now back to ANCHORING !!!
JonathanA Yes. So .... Let's talk about intention. Which goes to Context. Always the semantic value of any specific behavior should be evaluated based on the context in which it applies.
NLP-Anchor Getting everything one desires ??? ALWAYS ???
JonathanA To translate that, any behavior is more or less valuable based on its contextual evaluation. ;)
NLP-Anchor Should ???
JonathanA alright, Phoenix is pointing out my intentional Meta-Model Violations ;) now "Getting everything one desires ;)" seems like a reasonably high-level generality worth pursuing...
NLP-Anchor Anyone have a bigger chunk size we can pursue ???
galamud hmmmm, already accomplished that!
JonathanA oh did you, Galamud?
Dan_26 while bearing in mind personal ecological issues
JonathanA Everything you desired?
galamud I'm not sure...I'm pretty happy right now
JonathanA what about everything you desire FOR other people? I mean, if you've accomplished everything in life for yourself, how about helping OTHERS achieve their desired goals? Thats a marvelous thing, galamud!
galamud yeah, it's a great thing! but...okay, fine, one problem left.
Dan_26 and i'm wondering what it would be like if you could be even more happier right now? what would you have to learn, to experience, to share?
JonathanA ?
galamud okay, I have a problem talking to one particular girl. just one, but of course she's the one I want to actually date.
JonathanA OK.
PhilAlex Is there any way to accelerate/increase an anchor?
JonathanA Sure, Phil, thats called a ZIP anchor! Or a sliding Anchor.
NLP-Anchor Pretty happy is like fine AND you know what that means :)
JonathanA Let me explain that one....
NLP-Anchor OR stacking anchors
JonathanA right
Dan_26 can we briefly touch on zip anchors while we're on the topic?
JonathanA A zip/sliding anchor is when one point along a finger, or along an arm, or leg.... becomes a representation of the present state, and somewhere else on the hand or arm or leg becomes a representation for TWICE as strong a feeling... and the slow deliberate movement from point A to point B is enough to cause the person to increase their state... (suggestion is very powerful...) Like a DIMMER switch! The way I go into describing it is as follows. Once I induce a certain state through a story or a sequence of questions... I anchor the state, and then I say, and you know something, I know something about your arm/leg that you may not know. If this spot represents how you feel now... THIS spot up here represents DOUBLE the feeling. Can you imagine that? And as I .... [and begin to slide your touch-point up the arm/hand/leg]... move my hand up this way.... your response gets much more intense, doesn't it! And they go, YEAH! WOW! OMIGOD, HOW DID YOU DO THAT! ;)
TCX Depends on which way on the leg you are moving :-)
Questor_ Jonathan: I like to just turn up the driver submodalities...
JonathanA thaaaaaat's right TCX! That works too, Questor, and it works REALLY well... ;)
TCX So, to fire this anchor...
Questor_ I also think it is worth mentioning that you can set sliding anchors in the auditory rep system using volume or tonality.
JonathanA You just run your finger from point A to point B again!
TCX Do you have to do the slide or just touch the last spot?
JonathanA Making a sound effect as you set and then fire the anchor helps too!
Dan_26 questor, by driver submodalities, you mean such things as image size, vividness, volume, intensity, etc. ?
JonathanA Either TCX, but the slide is anchored to the increase... so you can keep increasing the state by doing the slide over & over & over again...
Grendal_ Now...sitting a zip anchor can be done by increasing the volume of your voice, right?
JonathanA but be careful, depending on the context the response can freak people out a little ;)
Questor_ Dan: Yes, but by driver I mean the one that is most powerful cause it drags other submodalities along with it automatically.
TCX, Dan_26gotcha
JonathanA I would do that too, Grendal ;) YES Q, very important qualification. So, intentions.
Grendal_ ohh would you now..let me ask you this then...if I may...what are the benefits of setting an anchor in somes primary rep. system (ie Visual, Audio, K )?
JonathanA The most important INTENTION for anchoring, in my opinion, is, when you find someone in a less than glorious state... you can break their state, induce a powerfully amazing state and anchor it... then bring that state back whenever they're in that or another less than wonderful state. So you get to become MASTER or MISTRESS of positive moods! People will naturally be drawn to other people who "make" other people feel WONDERFUL about themselves!
Dan_26 excellent lead into intentions grendal!
Grendal_ grinz..
galamud okay, but how do you induce the powerfully amazing state? =)
belaflek description
NLP-Anchor grendal:
Grendal_ galamud: the steps needed to do that, in my understanding, vary depending on the "type" of person that said person is (primary rep. system)
galamud how can you do that without appearing awkward?
NLP-Anchor There is a big diff in anchoring primary, secondary and least preferred. The diff is "How much of there conscious brain do you want included"...
Grendal_ care to expand a little, for me and anyone else?
NLP-Anchor If you have someone with a primary of V then doing an anchor in V maybe obvious since that is there most excised sys, BUT , say if their least preferred is A an anchor in the A rep sys will go more into their unconscious and therefore be less likely to be contaminated by say "doubt" of some others less then beneficial state
Grendal_ galamud: a state is induced by diffrent means... To a V person, maybe you show them something....or to a K person maybe you make them build a certain feeling/picture inside their mind..
Dan_26 one challenge i perceive is getting in rapport with someone who is engulfed in a "negative" emotion enough to allow this process to occur
Grendal_ NLP-Anchor: Ahhh...I see that you, your first statement...makes me :>
JonathanA NLP-Anchor -- can you explain what the implications are of the different answers to "how much of their conscious brain do you want included"
Dan_26 meta. . . such as whistling a happy tune around someone who is pissed and primarily visual?
NLP-Anchor yes.
Dan_26 being conscious of their anchor with the tune may help, i suppose
NLP-Anchor The most important is what effect do you want. Do you want to train IE ah ha thats what I'm doing. OR influence covertly Ie I don't know what happened, but it just seemed right. It really comes down to "Do I want them to participate or do I want them to have it "done" to them. OK! With that Who has QUESTIONS AND CLARIFICATIONS ???
galamud yeah. sorry to obsess about this, but can you give an example of a good way to induce a state in someone else?
NLP-Anchor galamud:...
Dan_26 galamud, when was the last time you experienced overwhelmingly intense pleasure?
jaba Questions?
galamud new years, I suppose
NLP-Anchor I'm in a room a look over at you. you catch me looking at you. As you look at me my eye's brighten my lips curl up into a very nice smile and my face relaxes. What do you feel ?
Dan_26 got it? BOOM, there's a state ready to be anchored :) (although it doesn't sound convincing)
NLP-Anchor hold on everyone. one at a time
glen_ster galamud: ask open ended questions regarding the state and or describe the state as accurately as possible
galamud you know, I'm male, right?
NLP-Anchor Of course. Are you saying you have no friends as men and that all men when you meet them sneer at you
galamud Meta: no, I'm just making sure this isn't going anywhere sexual!
NLP-Anchor I'm trying to point out that "most" times all it takes is looking at some one and smiling and you have "induced" a state, And generally it is a pleasant one
Dan_26 Do not worry galamud, i just didn't want you to remember a time you were pissed, but I guess that's too late, lol
NLP-Anchor Some of NLP is a little tricky to do over IRC so bear with me :)
galamud Hey, I'm not pissed! I'm flattered! I mean, er... =)
NLP-Anchor Good, now anchor that your checkbook :]
JonathanA HAH! LOL
Questor_ I'd like to point something out that nobody has really mentioned yet...
Dan_26 I think we are all constantly going in and out of states, it's just becoming aware of those states and what external influences we allow to effect them
JonathanA Buy and Buy, as you go buy these ideas in your thinking {grin} -- you gotta LISTEN for these patterns
NLP-Anchor Remember NLP is easy, there is just many ways. There are only two maps to nlp according to both founders
Dan_26 In and out of different states, that is
Questor_ As I see it there are 3 key elements to a good anchor...
glen_ster I have an example. I met a girl really upset about a fight she had with her mom. I asked her if she went to the local fair this summer and road the new roller coaster. I then asked her what it was like. I helped her describe the feelings and boom, she was happy again.
galamud Ah, that's what I wanted. thanks glen!
NLP-Anchor Dan_26: true and some are longer than others. Think cycle of the body
JonathanA Yes Q?
NLP-Anchor That's more a re-frame, but their are components that would be considered anchoring
Questor_ 1) Timing, 2) An intense state (the more intense the better), 3) a UNIQUE stimuli for the anchor... I think you need to be sure it is something that they don't experience a lot, for obvious reasons, it should be something out of the ordinary.
JonathanA Something you can reproduce with ACCURACY, and EASE. ;)
NLP-Anchor Q YES, YES, YES and the stimuli is most effective if the anchor is UNIQUE AND MULTI REP SYS
Questor_ Nobody mentioned that it needs to be unique.
JonathanA Someone just did. ;) lol! OK this is all great information...
NLP-Anchor ...TO TANGENT: there are simple and then multi-reframes. But, that is another topic
Dan_26 good example glen. . . then anchor that pleasant state, and when she returns to the unpleasant one (talking about her mom), I'd try to fire off that state after saying "but there must be something positive you can gain from this"
JonathanA And I'm enjoying playing a more backseat role tonight because EVERYONE does this to some degree... and while Trainers use anchoring in very sophisticated sequences, at times... thats beyond the scope of this chat... so I'm really interested in learning from all of you as you share things you've done in your past and relate that to the frameworks for anchoring that we've discussed here -- which are optimal anchoring strategies. Now one interesting thing about anchoring is that there's been a lot of work done by all sorts of people on the SYNTAX of anchoring.... like, what MAKES an anchor effective...
Dan_26 jonathan, do you feel that if a trainer walks off stage during a training for whatever reason, or if someone else unexpectedly comes on stage, it destroys the anchors set by the trainer?
Questor_ Jonathan: Could you talk about chaining anchors?
JonathanA what makes one anchor more effective than others...?
NLP-Anchor I have a UNIQUE answer to that ques.
Dan_26 timing in relation to the intensity of the state and duration of the anchor is an influence, i believe
NLP-Anchor Dan_26 depends on the way the anchoring is done
JonathanA Questor -- I'd prefer to wait on that topic until another chat/time
Questor_ np
NLP-Anchor Dan_26 TIMING i the most important POINT even more important than uniqueness or rep sys
Dan_26 meta: thanks, the answer i anticipated :)
JonathanA Chaining states and chaining anchors are relatively simple concepts, but to teach someone to do it right involves a LOT of information, a lot of practice, and incredible precision and timing. Thats what you pay to learn REALLY EFFECTIVELY by attending a Trainer's Training... although my Automatic Yes CDs are an incredibly good first step. My personal opinion on it is that chaining anchors is VERY POWERFUL stuff, and if you (or the others present) haven't attended multiple trainings as part of the process of learning responsibility of using these skills, then, mastery with chaining states/anchors is a questionable skill in untrained hands. Does that make sense to people why I'd prefer to not go there in this environment?
TCX, jaba, Grendal_y
Dan_26 understood Jonathan. . . unfortunately, many people use them unconsciously with devastating results
JonathanA I agree -- but in this forum I'd just be adding fuel to that fire.
Dan_26 so go to a training! :)
JonathanA In a training room, I get to do the obligatory "ecology/responsibility" chat/check. ;)
NLP-Anchor GO to TWO TRAININGS Richards to get it, Dilts to understand what you got.
jaba ready for another question?
JonathanA Not that I don't want you to ATTEND TRAININGS WITH ME OR OTHERS so that you can GET THESE SKILLS, make them your own, and do something wonderful with all of them, or anything...
Questor_ That's fine jonathan...
NLP-Anchor Who ? READY ! ?
TCX hahaha
galamud explodes
JonathanA I personally recommend the reverse ORDER from Phoenix -- everyone has their preferences. "It was better than Cats"
NLP-Anchor YES! MASTER, must evolve brain. hmmm brain GOOOOOD!!!
galamud hehe
Grendal_ guys...I must go...Thanks everyone for you input...this is a great learning tool....Jonathan, great job starting this :> Everyone else...great talking to you all...sorry I can't stay...bye....
Questor_ Hehehe...
galamud "I will see it over and over again!"
Questor_ You saw that too Jonathan???
Dan_26 ah, just let that sink into your unconscious, it'll surface when the time is right now :)
NLP-Anchor Jon: yes but if you go to dilts then you generally attempt to unpack Richard which missed the installations
JonathanA ;) Questor -- it was a great SNL commercial and its practically an NLP Seminar Catch-Phrase ;)
galamud It will surface when the phone lines open up =)
Questor_ Hehe... yeah, I saw it on SNL.
Dan_26 Ah, I remember that one! I loved it. It was better than cats. I'm going to see it again and again," Apparently, it worked on me :)
JonathanA OK, Lets recap where we are, & where we're going. OK guys, go to Richard first, I concur... ;) Alrighty.... We've covered some real examples... we've even addressed ecology issues with more advanced anchoring skills and directions...
galamud And more importantly, we all had lots of fun doing it! *applause* =)
JonathanA I'm curious if anyone wants to hit the "hot seat"... and present another circumstance in which they would like to use Anchoring somehow to influence someone's behavior or state?
TCX I'll step up to the hot seat.
JonathanA Cool, TCX. ALright. Whats the deal?
TCX In one of my classes there is a desirable babe. She zooms into class just in time as not to be late. At the end of class she is gone like a sidewinder from the underwing of a F-16. During class there is no time to talk. How would I install an anchor for..ahhh- you know? pleasurable states linking to me, etc.. Any other further details you need?
Dan_26 Anchoring can be used in conjunction with timelines to achieve great results.
JonathanA Well, possibly TCX... Let's see you have almost no time to talk to her. How many free seats are there in class? Can you arrange to have her sitting next to you?
TCX Yes.
Dan_26 Perhaps sit next to the door, so you can follow her out and talk with her then?
TCX You ever seen a sidewinder launch??
JonathanA OK, so you CAN sit next to her.... that improves things... Have you tried mirroring? Mirroring breathing rate, blink rate... gestures... body postures... head tilt... mouth position... voice tone... volume... voice RATE
Tiger_ Hey, I haven't yet mastered this Jonathan... any pointers?
galamud I have a similar problem. But I actually do sit next to her at the moment =)
TCX Some, with little success. I am only able to sit to her side and I think she has tunnel vision
JonathanA She may have tunnel vision but if you're breathing at the same rate I guarantee you her UNCONSCIOUS is gonna KNOW it.
dbarron It's true. never underestimate the power of the Un-C
Dan_26 TCX. . . perhaps you could answer a question in class that would lead the entire class into the state you wish to get her into, any chance it's an English Lit class? :)
JonathanA The other thing, and this ain't NLP, is bring a couple of REALLY cool books with you to the class, like, "MetaPhysics" or "Hypnosis" or "Astrology" ;) And just stack the books there on the table during class as something to look at before class and then during the boring parts! That'll get her interest up! And. When she's laughing, I'd ANCHOR that state with a particular smile, or head tilt.
Questor_ "Handwriting analysis"
galamud in a chemistry class, I suppose you could start talking about the feelings that SP bonds induce in you =)
TCX Dan, I'll give it a try. The class is very interactive
Dan_26 galamud. . . " and the attraction between these two electrons is so intense, so profound, that they are instantly drawn to each other in a powerful and mysterious manner"
TCX In mirroring, how long generally does it take to achive rapport?
galamud dan, that's okay, but electrons repel =)
JonathanA Varies on the person
TCX Good Jon, I will definitely try that!
Dan_26 oops, well, you get the general idea :)
JonathanA Varies on the person's focus!
galamud now if you say "the Na+ ion and the Cl- ion, that would work!
TCX Cutting down on my salt!
Dan_26 of course, a salty taste may have other implications, but we won't go there
galamud hahaha
TCX mmmmm
Dan_26 and you could anchor those ions (point to self for one, then point towards her for the other :)
JonathanA I'll give you an example. If I'm really ON with my mirroring, I can get real rapport in 10-15 seconds. Sometimes it takes a few minutes or even longer.
TCX Whooosh
JonathanA With a group of 10 people, it takes me anywhere from about 1 minute, to about 10 minutes.
Dan_26 model what you do in those 10-15 seconds Jonathan, if you can on irc :)
JonathanA I did, up there.... "page-up" "page-up" "page-up" ;)
galamud the...SODIUM *point to self* is attracted to the CHLORINE *point to her* so much that they immediately come together and BOND. *smile*
Dan_26 then collapse those anchors galamud :)
galamud the BONDING occurs TONIGHT at MY PLACE.
NLP-Anchor there is a more powerful wasy...but, nah no one would be interested
JonathanA Well... instead of PACE PACE PACE PACE lead... why not just BE OUTRAGIOUS... and then LEAD LEAD LEAD (check for rapport, PACE if necessary, then) LEAD ON!!!! That works too!
Dan_26 Jonathan. . . alluding to confusion-rapport?
JonathanA no just, BREAK STATE, FOLLOW ME ;) If I'm dynamic enough, people just go along with it often enough... make any sense?
NLP-Anchor WHY NOT PRODUCE PHEROMONES and turn her into a lust-babe
Questor_ Jonathan: You gotta be quick don't you?
JonathanA Tony Robbins can pace your world in almost no time at all (with the best of them, so I'm told), but do you think he paces ANYONE the moment he comes out on stage? Tony runs out on stage like an ANIMAL and gets EVERYONE JUICED in 1 minute.
Questor_ Meta: Does Bandler still use that demo?
Dan_26 makes sense Jonathan. . . I perceive an underlying use of confusion in that approach though (breaking state; halting a program)
JonathanA Questor sometimes quickness works... sometimes its rushing things.
NLP-Anchor ques: yes and better
TCX Gotta be somewhat subtle in a structured environment.
Questor_ meta: such as?
JonathanA I would suggest that probably some clients would require a gentler approach, for various reasons.
Questor_ Jonathan: I mean... You gotta be quick once you break the state...
JonathanA Do "What Works"(tm) - {Trademarked by Phoenix}. Yes Q.
NLP-Anchor "What Works"(tm)
JonathanA K guys, I think we're winding down here.
NLP-Anchor remember "Yesterday is different then Tomorrow" :]
Dan_26 another excellent discussion, thanks everyone
TCX Tks for the hot seat.
JonathanA Largely I think we covered a lot of ground and examples, then kind of drizzled down -- partly due to me -- I'm tired from a long day!
jaba How do you keep track of all the anchors? I was practicing on a HB and anchored so many states (9 or 10)....
JonathanA I think we ought to do another on specific Anchoring techniques and types of anchors...
jaba that I lost track of them. Do you organize types of anchors to parts of their ....
JonathanA as in what gestures, words, touches, sounds, etc.... would be useful!
NLP-Anchor Their some biology to anchoring to dealing with nervous system density
JonathanA Yes -- accuracy is more important where there are greater concentrations of nerve endings!
NLP-Anchor If any of you havnt read the "ROOTS OF NLP" do it ! your life depends on it
Wrapping Up!
JonathanA Alrighty boyZ (I think we're all boyz tonight)
NLP-Anchor ok not your life, BUT there is no better refence to NLP and how and where the body-mind intergration occurs on the neutral level
glen_ster Gatto goooo, thanks Jonathan for the time tonight!!
JonathanA THANKS AGAIN FOR COMING AND PARTICIPATING -- its YOU who make this what it is....
Dan_26 Can't wait for the next one :)
NLP-Anchor You all have a better life then you allow yourselves
Tiger_ Hey Jonathan my question?
galamud Thank you muy mucho!
JonathanA Tiger go for it!
Tiger_ Now?
TCX Tks Jonathan. Good learning experience.
galamud I'm cured! =)
JonathanA Cool TCX! ;) OH!!!!! One last thing.
Tiger_ Here goes --- Its be brief
galamud Oh, I knew that =)
NLP-Anchor Then 2x it 5x it 10x it and GO TO deeper SLEEP :]
Tiger_ My company is possibly downsizing and I think I am going to get the boot because I am the new kid on the block. So I am applying to all these other Wall Street firms looking for other opportunities. (while at the same time trying to make ends meet). My applying involves -- calling these pros on the Street and basically asking them for an interview/job or a dollar?
JonathanA Alright.... whats your question though?
Tiger_ My question is how do I use NLP to get past the screeners (secretaries -- pain in the butt) and then once I get to the decision maker any NLP I can use? Also suppose I get the interview then how do I convince the guy that I am the best dude in the world? Also once I tell the secretary it is regarding a job, off I get transferred to personnel -- ie nowhere!
JonathanA You want this in a 2-minute answer? ;)
TCX Condensed, just add water
Tiger_ Whoops! Haha, well give me how much you can
Dan_26 Tiger, if you haven't read Persuasion Engineering, do it, and if you've read it, read it again :)
JonathanA The fast answer is, VISUALIZE yourself as 40' tall, laid-back and bulletproof... Read "Persuasion Engineering", AGAIN VISUALIZE yourself as 40' tall, laid-back and bulletproof, then make your cold call!!! Ha! Seriously. Examine your presuppositions. Change them to be appropriate and powerful.
galamud That's not a bad idea, actually! Hell, that could help in lots of situations!
Tiger_ what do you mean presuppositions?
JonathanA You presuppose they're a pain in the ass. Why not presuppose they're REALLY there to HELP YOU ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Also Invite instead of suggest.
TCX Or presuppose they're there to help you get the job.
Tiger_ What do you mean by invite instead of suggest in this situation?
JonathanA I invite you to consider just how important it is to route certain people through to certain inhouse parties, and what is it in the importance of some calls... that makes some employees there annoyed by not hearing from some people? ASAP?
Dan_26 "When you imagine your ideal employee, the person you know is right for this job (point to self), I'm wondering what you see"
JonathanA Good Dan! (when you're already in the interview)
Dan_26 Elicit values in an employee, link to you, and throw their words back at them. Essentially, find out what they want, then give it to them. Tiger, another approach, talk to people who have done what you want to do and model them, find out what they did, how they did it, etc. If you're not getting what you want try something ANYTHING different.
galamud You're saying that the ideal employee is 40 feet tall? =)
Dan_26 Galamud, would you like to have an employee who felt that powerful when confronting obstacles? :)
Tiger_ A lot of times what happens is that they don't even give you a minute of their time on the phone? Any way to overcome this/ get them interested?
galamud That would be a good thing, I suppose =)
JonathanA Alright guys, I'm going to say goodnight.... had a BUSY day today!
Dan_26 Night Jonathan, thanks again for an awesome online discussion!
JonathanA Thank each other! I was in the backseat half the time! But you're welcome anyway!~
galamud Hehe, you facilitated it! Pat yerself on the back! This is your doing! hehe =)
Tiger_ Yep thanks Jonathan
JonathanA Bye! TTYL