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This page is just a high-level overview of what's required to be successful at earning commissions using our affiliate program. A more detailed set of options/instructions is available "inside" the Affiliate Partner's Section of our website, after you've applied, been approved, and logged in.

Step 1: Choose one (at least one) of our Products to Sell/Recommend from your Website or Ezine, etc.

The first step is to choose which product(s) or event(s) you are going to sell to your tribe, whether by email, blog entry, newsletter, article, or sales area of your site.  You can choose any of our products (except for Doug O'Brien's "Sleight of Mouth") and receive the same generous 20% commission on each product sale, or 10% commission on each event registration you refer.  The 10% event registration commissions will often exceed the amounts of the 20% product commissions, as our workshops are a 'higher-ticket' item.  Remember to use the special Affiliate Links codes to send your traffic in a way that ensures your affiliate referrals are properly credited and tracked.

Step 2: Choose a Text Link/Ad, Banner Ad, or Full Image+Text Ad to Display.

We are actively in the process of creating customized text links & banners for our products and workshops.  Please work with us and let us know what you will need here.

You are free to use any of the approved marketing content available through our Affiliate Partner's Section of our website, for as long as our affiliate arrangement is active. If we or you terminate the affiliate relationship at any time, permission to use our marketing materials is immediately revoked.

Step 3: Link the Affiliate Code to the Graphic or Ad

Our Affiliate Partner's Section of our website will explain/show how to do this in detail (and if it's not clear, please contact us and we'll help you get set up!). In  a nutshell, you must put a special pre-defined bit of code that re-directs your customers to our website, in a special way that informs our shopping cart that you were the person that referred them to us.

If you do not program the link properly, then we will not know that you're to be properly credited when your referrers arrive at our shopping cart, so it's important to be careful when doing this, and to test your links properly! 

Step 4: Test the System; Ensure You're Getting Affiliate Credits

To test the links properly:  have a friend place a 'fake' order on our site ONLY for a shippable product, through your referral link, and have them select "Phone Order" or "Check" for their payment.  Have them let us know which product order is their fake test, and then we'll record a 'fake payment' as a way of testing your referral link.  We will not honor this test with a downloadable product, only a shippable product that we would ultimately not ship out.  Until we delete the order, you would see that sale crediting you with a commission.  If you did not see that commission in your affiliate report immediately (it's instantly calculated once a payment is noted as received), then the link was not set up correctly.

Step 5: Check your Statistics and Watch the Sales Ring Up!

Our Affiliate Partner's Section of our website has an area where you can keep track of all sales you've referred present and past -- with flexible search parameters. You can also keep track of pending & confirmed commissions, totals owed, so as to properly calculate & anticipate specific commission payments you'll receive. You can login with your email address & password anytime, 24/7. Do remember that seminar commissions are not payable until AFTER referred students have successfully & fully attended their seminars.

Step 6: Get Paid via Paypal. is an on-line bank that will directly deposit funds into your bank account. If you do not have a bank account, you can use your Paypal account to buy other things sold on the internet.

Please make sure the e-mail address you register with our affiliate program is the same one you use when you set up your Paypal account. Oh, it's free to set up a "personal account".

For security, ALWAYS visit by going there directly through your browser's "Favorites" links, by clicking on that SECURE (https) link to the left, OR by typing the URL yourself.  Never, EVER, EVER, visit Paypal by responding to an email suggesting it's from Paypal requiring you to update your account (no matter how convincing it looks).  Paypal NEVER sends out such emails.

We pay typically on the 15th of each month using Paypal, with schedule fluctuations based on our travel schedule. We do not typically mail checks but would happily do so if your commissions were of an unusually high amount -- say more than $300.

For those who have asked us this question -- if you prefer not to be paid -- but to let your balance accumulate and eventually apply towards seminar attendance, you're welcome to do that as well. But this has to be requested in advance; our normal operation will be to pay out approved sales commissions owed each month (in $100 minimum accrued amounts), or quarterly.

Once the money is in your Paypal account, spend as you like -- either to buy things on the internet using your Paypal account, OR, you can transfer it to your own bank account directly.

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Read our Affiliate-Program Main Information Page.

Read the Affiliate FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions).

Go to the Affiliate Enrollment Form Now.