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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Purpose of our NLP Affiliate Program?

Q: What is the main purpose of your NLP affiliate program?

A: It's a great way for our customer or students or other training organizations to earn extra income just by recommending our work & materials. You refer a customer, you get paid a commission. It's win-win for everyone.  [ Back to Top ]


Main Benefits of our Affiliate Program?

Q: What is the main benefit of your NLP Affiliate program?

A: You can generate money quickly, especially if you have an existing mailing list or existing web site traffic. Many affiliates write a short endorsement via e-mail and hit "send." Within 10 minutes, sales start rolling in, and commissions start racking up.

If your customer list is a good fit for our books and programs, your readers will appreciate you telling them about our site. When they end up buying... you get paid. [ Back to Top ]


What Pays Out Commissions?

Q: What kind of NLP Sales can/do I get paid on?

A: You get paid 10% on seminar registrations, and 20% on product sales.  Unlike many other programs that only pay if the customer buys on the first visit, we pay on current and future sales within 1 year of the commission referral.  Even if he/she buys, months later.  Each new referral is tracked from your referral link and becomes permanently associated with you the referrer.  If the referred customer buys within 12 months, you get paid your commission. You get paid on sales, but if that customer returns the book for a refund, we deduct the already-paid commission from future commission checks. [ Back to Top ]


How Are You Different?

Q: What separates your NLP Affiliate Program from the other affiliate programs selling books and similar products?

A: The main thing is that we pay out more money to our affiliates, and not only for products, but also for event registrations.  Soon we'll also pay out for coaching and consulting referrals that come through the website (although, informally, we've been providing thank-you commissions on coaching and consulting, for years). pays about 5% for a referral and occasionally pays up to 11% on special situations. We pay 20% of the selling price on products, 10% of the tuition someone pays for our events, and may offer occasional higher commissions for product/event launches.  You get bigger commissions, and even if you only send out ONE referral link just ONCE, you get paid a commission on everything that customer buys online for the next year after their arrival.  Some affiliate programs even refuse to pay a commission on the 2nd or higher purchase your customers make. We realize the value of referrals and the lifetime value of both our customers, and our affiliates. [ Back to Top ]


What can I Earn On?

Q: Which of your NLP products/services can I resell/recommend, for NLP affiliate referrals?

A: Any physical or digitally-downloadable product, or any of our upcoming events.  Please note -- sometimes our events as listed in the cart will only show the price of the initial deposit.  You will receive commissions for a percentage of the entire tuition paid, not just a percentage of the deposit.  In this way, your commissions paid may actually be higher than our affiliate program's statistics report would show.  See the next section... [ Back to Top ]


Online Account/Statistics Support?

Q: Where can I check my statistics, orders referred, find out how much money I'll be receiving?

A: After you're an approved affiliate, you can log on anytime to your account through our secure login page, using your login ID & password.

Keep in mind only product orders that have already been successfully charged or paid for will show as payable.  if we have been traveling and have not yet had a chance to run charges for your customers, these orders will remain in a pending state until we can run charges.  Also, event registration commissions do not pay out until your referred students have attended the course(s) they signed up for.  So depending on how early someone signs up for a course, you might have to wait months for your affiliate fee to become payable on their tuitions. No delays are placed on earned product order commissions.  Also, sometimes tuitions shown in our cart will only show deposit amounts.  We will pay a percentage of the entire tuition paid -- after the referred student has attended the relevant course. [ Back to Top ]


Any Guarantees?

Q: Will this system work for me, guaranteed?

A: No, of course not, there are no guarantees in business. But there also aren't any COSTS for you to become our affiliate! No risk, no loss, just potential profit. If you're a good marketer, if you have a goodly sized list or readership or customer-base, then you should do well. The more you study marketing, PR, and sales technique, the more skills you'll develop to enhance your results. Additionally, we're going to invest a lot of time into providing you increasingly effective tools for you to succeed. The fundamentals are simple. Get lots of people to view our sales letter/ web page. If you get LOTS of people to see your ad or link to our site, you have greater chance of earning commissions.  [ Back to Top ]


Are there "Extras" in it for me?

Q: Do you provide free NLP consulting, or NLP products, or NLP training attendance if I resell your products?

A: You'll get support with your NLP affiliate program to the degree that we'll help you get your account in place, your links tested & working (from our side), and provide some marketing material as well. We cannot offer extended help with web programming issues (but we'll help you customize your links and provide example html code to insert into your site, as long as you deal with all of your own formatting/display/design issues).

NLP affiliate program membership and NLP Sales results from referrals do not entitle affiliates to NLP or Marketing Coaching;  They entitle affiliates to be paid appropriate commissions!  Any request for NLP coaching/consulting on issues unrelated to (a) optimizing our NLP affiliate program and (b) making it as easy as we can for affiliates to get set up, will be treated as a separate billable business request.

If your questions are about our affiliate software, affiliate codes & links, etc., we aim to help you become more profitable.  And (very high) performance will result in additional gifts.  [ Back to Top ]


Maximizing Results

Q: Do I need customers or a web site to make money as an affiliate?

A: It certainly would help. Your job as an affiliate is to send traffic to our site and find new customers.  But traffic isn't necessarily buying traffic, so actually, to do a great job as an affiliate, you'd need to recommend specific products or events to qualified prospects (your tribe, so to speak). 

So, if you don't have a customer database or a website, you will have a much more difficult time finding customers to send to our site. However, one of the best ways to generate affiliate commision revenue without your own site is to post heavily on online forums, referencing your affiliate ID at the bottom of your posts.  Even stronger results come from informing prospects that if they DO buy from us, they should let you know afterwards that they used your affiliate link to do so, after which you'll send them a free copy of 'special report' of some kind that you yourself had written.

FTC Requirement: A few years ago, the FTC made it a requirement that online affiliates and bloggers (in the USA) that were sending traffic elsewhere for affiliate rewards purposes, needed to disclose that fact in their article, blog entry, forum post, or email.  In other words, you can't pretend you're just sending people out of the goodness of your heart.  My recommendation is to own that overtly, rather than trying to keep it on the down low.  Something like "By the way, if you choose to buy something from this highly recommended innovator I've just recommended, please note that I receive a thank-you commission for having referred you.  And I will take great pleasure in having earned something for sending you to a high quality provider, rather than to crappy authors -- which are certainly too numerous out there to count."  [ Back to Top ]


What if my Referrals don't Use My Links?

Q: What happens if one of my referrals doesn't use your website, but instead orders by phone?

A: ONLY orders/signups placed online through your NLP affiliate links will be trackable for commissions.  But here are two other promises -- (1), if we know during a phone conversation that an NLP event registration was referred from an affiliate, we'll ASK (never demand) that customer on your behalf if they'd be willing to register through the online page.  Also, (2) If over time we find that it's easy to credit you properly through the affiliate program database for sales/signups referred via phone, then we will attempt to do so. For now, we would encourage all NLP affiliates to encourage their customers to transact business with us through the website -- be honest with them that you're getting a commission (the FTC's recent rulings are pretty adamant about this anyway!), and then offer them something simple for free after they've bought from us online, as added-value to them for honoring your NLP affiliate recommendation!  [ Back to Top ]


Anal-Retentives Caveat

Q: "During the past 2 months I was paid like clockwork by you on the 15th of each month. It's the 17th and you still haven't paid me? What gives?"

A: Jonathan Altfeld runs a very small business with part-time helpers, and in 2013, his NLP training/consulting travel schedule did increase measurably, and can get in the way of business as usual.  Unfortunately, that's not going to change immediately.  Perhaps in the future we'll have a larger team on staff.  Bottom line -- understanding this is a PRE-REQUISITE of doing business with us: If we're late on an affiliate check during heavy travel activities, you're going to need to be patient until our travel schedule allows us to catch up.  [ Back to Top ]


Dispute Options/Resolution?

Q: What if disputes occur?

A: We're pretty reasonable, and we really like doing business with reasonable people. We believe disputes are best handled privately. So, any disputes must be addressed or handled privately, as we believe that our NLP affiliates are valued NLP business partners. We respect your privacy, and value you as a business partner. Do take note however -- We will not allow any affiliate to trample on us or make unreasonable demands. And take special note: if any NLP affiliate attempts to deal with any dispute in any remotely public way, whether through NLP forums or NLP newsgroups, etc., we will consider that a violation of our own privacy, and therefore, grounds for immediate termination of the business relationship (apart from paying on currently incurred sales commissions only -- those outside of the dispute).   It really behooves both of us to handle any disputes or disagreements respectfully, professionally, and privately.  [ Back to Top ]


I haven't been Paid Yet for Seminar Referrals!

Q: I referred 20 $500 event registrations to you 2 months ago, Jonathan -- you owe me $1000 in referred signups! How come you haven't paid me yet?

A: Please remember -- product sales commissions get paid out monthly as long as your total commissions owed is $100 or more (any less, and your total carries into the next month and will be paid quarterly). But SEMINAR registrations will not pay out commissions until after your referred students have attended the courses they paid to attend. We do get cancellations & refund requests before courses occur, so paying event commissions early would be neither wise nor appropriate. You'll be paid appropriate commissions on event registrations in the usual monthly method, after relevent seminars have been attended.

The tuition is considered earned, when the course is over and the student goes home happy.  That's the moment your affiliate account actually becomes credited/creditable with payable earned tuition commissions.  Not before, or even as early as when the student signs up and pays their tuition early.  [ Back to Top ]


Phone vs. Email Support?

Q: Do you offer telephone support, Jonathan?

A: Yes. I'll offer telephone support to affiliates who have already articulated their problem in an e-mail and where I was unable to successfully resolve the issue by e-mail. Then, we'll schedule a phone appointment that works for both of us.  I'll call you; I cannot offer inbound customer support without an appointment;  our office is too small for that, and my schedule books up.  Email is the best way to reach me and comes directly to my smartphone.  Need to report an affiliate issue now?  Please do so here!

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