November NLP Evenings in NYC with Jonathan Altfeld

Two Empowering Nights in NYC with Jonathan Altfeld

Check out this rare opportunity to spend one or two evenings learning from NLP Trainer Jonathan Altfeld in NYC, November 11 & 12!  It's been about 18 months since Jonathan last visited NYC with evening workshops, but this will have been worth the wait!  You'll love what he's got planned!  What follows are two evenings, each of which will consist of one of Jonathan's Keynote Presentations, followed by NLP Workshop time (demonstrations, exercises with feedback, plus Q&A)!  Check these two presentations out:

"From Living to Thriving:
Asking Better Questions to Get Better Results"

Many people find it hard to break habits of complacency and adequacy, in favor of excellence, happiness, inspiration and gratitude.  Maybe they felt it was just too hard to do so.  But it's not!  Jonathan's frustration from watching people choose the mediocre over the amazing grew to a point where he wanted to provide you with the keys to make simple shifts in your thinking, so that choosing the amazing becomes easy and natural.

This entertaining, enlightening, and motivating keynote helps motivate an audience to review how and why they may be stuck using old, stale approaches to problem-solving, and getting nowhere fast. Jonathan presents several successful strategies for asking questions in a different way. Guaranteed to shake up old approaches and unleash your audience to move forward with a renewed hope and desire to do things differently and achieve more, sooner.

This evening event goes way beyond just telling people to ask better questions; it provides attendees with a multi-step process to convert poor questions into better questions.  You'll be amazed at how you can turn around poor results into fabulous results!

"Keeping our Aging Brains
Sharper, Smarter, & Faster"

In recent years, several of Jonathan's extended family members have been treated for cancer, needing to take chemo as part of their treatment.  There is a phenomenon known as "Chemo-brain" that is a chemically-induced decline in cognitive function, and in response, Jonathan began researching how to maximize and maintain brain function from chemo.  When he shared this research conversationally with several retirees, he realized the content of this research would be valuable for anyone and everyone, not limited to chemo patients.

This fascinating keynote addresses one of everyone's worst hidden fears -- remaining cognitively sharp as we get older. Not only are there nutritional supplements and dietary changes that can lead to a very strong improvement in our cognitive function, there are activities and exercises that will astound you and make you laugh -- all of which can help you stay competitive with younger generations, and challenge them to try to keep up with you!

Fabulous for older audiences, this keynote draws its suggestions from research and discoveries coming from nutritional sciences, educational kinesiology, neurology, psychology, and other interdisciplinary sources.


Two Evening Keynotes in NYC plus
NLP Workshop Time, with Jonathan Altfeld

Both of these evenings offer all new content that Jonathan doesn't train in his Practitioner or shorter courses.  He won't be delivering these widely in public, and won't be publishing them on Youtube, ever. In keeping them exclusively private and off the web, this maintains the exclusive value of these Keynote sessions for his clients. Normally, clients pay several thousand dollars plus travel costs, for his keynotes.

Here's why you're being given this opportunity:  Jonathan wants to vet these presentations further.  By sharing these with his NLP students (and by running some exercises afterwards to maximize your retention and integration), he gets a chance to learn from your feedback, and refine the content even further.

If you're within bus, train, or driving distance of NYC, and can make either or both of Tuesday & Wednesday nights, November 11 &/or 12, 2014, you're in for some amazing evening experiences!

Attend these evenings in November

Will you be one of the 50 people to get a seat at these evening events in NYC?  With 50 seats open, normally each of these keynotes would be priced for corporate clients at up to $100/person/seat (or $200/both).

You can attend for $39/night, or $60 for both nights, and include not just the keynote, but also another hour of workshop / exercise / Q&A time as well. (Plus, he'll join attendees for some refreshments nearby afterwards!).  As part of this low rate, Jonathan will ask you to spend 5-10 minutes completing a feedback form (anonymously if you wish) that he'll use to improve the material and/or delivery.

As he only occasionally visits NYC with evening events, go ahead and take advantage of these rare opportunities!

Arrive EARLY, between 6:30pm and 6:45pm.  Lights dim for our slide projector at 7pm sharp!

Tuesday Nov. 11
7-9:20 pm Ripley-Grier
520 Eighth Ave, 16th Fl.

"From Living to Thriving;
Asking Better Questions..."

$39 / seat

Wednesday Nov. 12
7-9:20 pm Ripley-Grier
520 Eighth Ave, 16th Fl.

"Keeping our Aging Brains
Smarter, Sharper, & Faster"

$39 / seat

Both Nights! Nov. 11/12
7-9:20 pm Ripley-Grier
520 Eighth Ave, 16th Fl.

Attend Both KEYNOTES!
Join us for both Tuesday &
Wednesday nights' events.

$60 for both evenings


No Recording, please

Audio recording will only be allowed in case of medical necessity for hearing disabilities and/or hearing aids; you must inform us in advance at 813-991-8888 or via the web, and we will send you a waiver for personal use only that you'll need to sign in advance and and present on the evening.  Video Recording is not allowed; if video recording occurs, the offender will be asked to leave immediately without refund.  However, print-outs will be provided to every participant with key points and take-aways at the end of the evening, to help you take action on the most important suggestions and reminders.