Linguistic Wizardry - Remarkable and Influential NLP Language Patterns

Accelerate your problem-solving creativity, language pattern skills, sensory acuity, & capacity for Metaphor

This course was "off the shelf" for 3 years, and is now available again!  We trained it over ~30 times globally.  If you missed out on taking our signature course, now's your opportunity!


How This Seminar Will Help You:


When you speak, do people listen with rapt attention?

    If people aren't consistently showing signs of enjoyment when you speak to them, would you like them to? Would you like to know & trust, that whatever comes out of your mouth will most likely be the 'right thing to say' in any given situation?

Are you always at your verbal best, in all situations?

    Can you maintain your ability to take your listeners on a fantastic verbal voyage, whether in a business meeting, a dinner party, a relationship, a restaurant, an airplane... or even while meeting someone new? If not, would you like to get the responses "those gifted communicators" get from people? Would you want the "extra" benefits they get in life because people listen more readily to them?

Are you able to both listen & communicate at multiple levels?

    When other people you know are able to incite passion, induce powerful responses from others, do you know how they're doing it? Are you able to listen to & learn from their process & method, and STILL listen to the content of what they're saying? Wouldn't you want those skills for yourself?

If you're already NLP-trained,
are your skills integrated powerfully?

    When using your NLP language patterns to respond to other people or induce trance, are you able to let all the patterns flow in a creative, integrated way, as much as you'd like? If not, you stand to gain dramatically from this training. You will be able to design communication more rapidly & easily, without having to consciously think about it.

Do Other People Think the Thoughts You Want Them to Think?

    When trying to persuade, are you still fighting people's opinions, beliefs, values, or reasons for objecting? Indeed, are you still thinking in terms of overcoming objections? Learn how to package your communication so that people believe what you'd like them to believe.

    They agree with the thoughts that come from inside themselves. This isn't about manipulating them to ignore their own thoughts. It's about learning how to understand their thoughts, so that your ideas are more readily absorbed. People will increasingly experience those ideas as their own thinking, as your skills in this area improve.



If you Answered NO to any of these questions,
Answer YES to reading on...


Dear NLP enthusiast,

    I'm going to explain to you why Linguistic Wizardry is our most remarkable and popular training.

    We tend to see primarily three "groups" of delegates at this training, wherever it's held. And the balance is wonderful. We get:

  1. Totally new NLP students who either want a taste of NLP, or want more than a taste but don't have either time or $$$ for a full NLP Certification training.
  2. NLP students who've attended any number of trainings but still fail to construct elegant language patterns using their NLP skills in parallel, in an integrated, creative fashion.
  3. NLP students or trainers who've already reached their early goals with NLP and want to get a wider perspective, see different trainers, perhaps find out what others are doing with NLP.

    Chances are you fit into one of these three groups if you've read this far. I'm now going to talk about the benefits each group receives by attending one of our Linguistic Wizardry seminars.


    Don't get us wrong, we still think the full NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner courses are worth every moment & every penny. And while our Practitioner students agree with this, it's not always practical for people to take that much time away from work, and, many people do have cash-flow issues (especially after September 11). As such, shorter trainings such as Linguistic Wizardry tend to be more popular and more widely attended. They are a practical solution to the problem of not everyone being able to do Practitioner courses. This particular 3-day training meets many needs, challenges, & goals.

    If you're in the group of new NLP students, you benefit from learning a thorough collection of NLP skills for more influential language, & greater charisma in speech. You'll also learn it with a minimum of NLP jargon. You're not coming to Linguistic Wizardry to get endless drivel filled with words you don't understand. You're coming to us for the skills. You probably won't understand exactly HOW we're training what we're training, but we DO expect you to reach conscious understanding of applying the skill. So that you'll end up noticing & hearing how things "should" sound or feel. Then after the seminar is done, it'll be up to you in the future to tune your results.

    You also benefit from having a terrific array of people who may have had more training than you have had. Rather than thinking that puts you at a disadvantage, think the reverse: that its an incredible resource. Having highly trained NLP practitioners there as a guide for you during exercises, while they're learning to hone their own crafts better, is a godsend.

    Also, the training is not paced for geniuses or only for the well-trained NLP students in the group. The Linguistic Wizardry training is paced for EVERYONE present. How do we do that? By USING NLP as we teach. Our presentations are immersed in NLP; you'll experience a LOT more good examples than you'll be aware of, at least, initially. As you tune your auditory filters by listening, you tune your auditory filters for speaking, as well.


    This seems to be the largest group of attendees. Which means it may be one of the more significant problems out there in the NLP world. That's unfortunate. This training is designed to teach more integrated skills, and face that problem, HEAD-ON. You will achieve greater skills-integration at Linguistic Wizardry, and we guarantee it. Call us if you have any questions about this. Rather than doubt, take us at our word on this point: We aim for Skills-INTEGRATION.


    It's common to meet a Practitioner, a Master Practitioner, &/or another NLP Trainer at our events. It's become increasingly common, actually. Many well-trained NLP students have found our workshops to be immensely effective for them in taking their skills further.

What Will The Seminar Be Like?

    Arriving to register on the morning of Day 1, you'll be whisked rapidly into a weekend of learning how to package your communication more effectively. Since I demonstrate as I teach, you'll note that the entire seminar, as well as each day, and each session, is each a complete package for you to carry with you after the seminar has completed.

    For starters, we'll be building up your sensory acuity & building fun states in which to learn. And since I believe that rapidity of learning & frequency of repetition is essential for learning, I'll structure a rapid series of exercises designed to build skills towards a particular aim. Rather than satisfying the conscious desire, initially, for early & full understanding of each exercise, I'll lift you up & carry you through a wide variety of experiences & learnings. Then, later, as modified/adjusted forms of the same exercises are repeated, not only will your understanding be deeper, they'll be broader as well.

    If you believe that traditional outline-structure-learning is the optimal way to learn, then stay home, we don't even want your limiting beliefs holding the other attendees back from more dramatic levels of achievement. If you're convinced (or nearly so) that there are better faster ways to learn, and you'd like to experience them, then we invite you to sign up for this training before the seats are gone.

    If you attend this event, then come with an attitude, a hunger, a sense of adventure, and a willingness to play & work with the exercises. When you learn to communicate powerfully, and you actually experience the kinds of responses that other people talk about, most aspects to your life will change for the better. How can they not?

Will this be one of those trainings where I can't ask questions, or don't get any personal attention or feedback?

    Just the opposite; I train 30 people, maximum, per event. And we strive to have a very high ratio of assistants to students. We have sometimes brought as many as 1 assistant per 5 students, per 10 at the most. This is the highest assistant-to-student ratio we know of.

    The pace will be fast, & there will be ample personal attention & feedback as well. There are many reasons we get such great reviews!


What have others experienced?


Gets to the Heart of the Matter in Seconds

    Jonathan's courses make learning seem easy and fun, which it should be! Whatever level you come from, he seems to be able to give something to everyone, so that they go away with new insights and new patterns installed to bring out later on.

    The way he taught metaphor generation was particularly helpful. I can now see a way to dream up something totally relevant when before I would struggle. Just following a few simple steps, upwards and sideways, and hey presto, you are there!

    I like the fact that he does not always follow a set format, but responds to the particular group and where they are at. This must make repeating the course doubly interesting because I suspect that new goodies keep coming up. I loved the Village Council exercise. Apart from getting to work collectively on issues, it was an inspiration to see how he gets to the heart of the matter in seconds, without the need for detail.

Gill Jacobs, London, England

One of the Best NLP Trainers

    Jonathan is one of the best NLP Trainers I have ever trained with. He gives you what you expect, and much more than that. If you want to be trained by someone who really walks his talk, I can highly recommend Jonathan.

Michael Kold, NLP Trainer and Coach, NLP Europe (Denmark)

Gave me More Insight into Myself

    I thoroughly enjoyed Jonathan's Linguistic Wizardry in November 2006 in Glasgow, Jonathan's humour and at times subtle directness is charming and enables great learning. I experienced these 3 days both as a participant and sometimes from a trainer's perspective. The courses gave me more insight into myself (which NLP always does ;)), as well as more info, and exciting and useful NLP to bring to my own trainees, trainers and clients, as well as my own life. Jonathan's voice and careful testing of the waters in respect of humour are also delightful. And I met some great people.

    He's really worth the money, go for it, enjoy it and learn!

Rosie O'Hara, Director NLP Highland, Forres, Scotland.

Becoming Easier to Elicit the Responses I Need!

    When I was deciding whether to do some training with Jonathan, I was looking for someone who was going to help me make quick and fluid leaps in my linguistic skills, someone who would provide easy to use formulae, share many fine distinctions and someone who truly knows what they are doing. We covered many things on the training and outside of the training. Specifically, I gained benefit from the exercises we did to tune up sensory acuity, story telling, eliciting states, chaining states, generating intense curiousity using headlines and practising various language patterns. Initially I was not sure how much I had gained from it, though I knew I had made good progress in the areas I was most focused in developing at that time. (story telling, chaining states and generating curiousity). However, In the following few days and weeks some very cool things began to happen.

    I began to notice how easy it kept becoming for the skills to just flow easily. It kept becoming easier for me to create curiousity and elicit the responses I need. What is really great is that people now listen to me with full attention, whereas before I had a sense it would go in one ear and out the other. My sensory awareness is more finely-tuned and I am able to pick up the smallest responses from people. I have become more confident in my ability to use language patterns very naturally as part of conversation. My communication on the whole has become much more dynamic and influential and playing with the skills is so much fun.

    As a result of this, many new opportunities have arisen in my job and personal life. I look forward to attending more trainings with Jonathan because not only is he an awesome trainer but also I know I will make huge leaps in my skill level with his help.

Beju Shah, London, UK

Great Value & Reward for Both the Novice & Experienced Practitioner

    Jonathan's trainings are first rate. His teaching style is very accessible and multi-layered, where you are constantly fed nuggets of NLP wisdom that can make a huge impact to your effectiveness in all settings. Linguistic Wizardry holds great value and reward for both the novice and experienced practitioner or trainer of NLP. I found this course highly effective in taking my own storytelling and installations skills to another level. Certainly worth the investment!

Tom O'Connor, NLP Trainer, London UK

I Liked ... Taking the Skills Out Into the Practical World!

    Jonathan made the group feel relaxed and created a group spirit between the participants. He was dedicated more than 100% to the learning success of the students. (PS), I liked our visits to restaurants! [comment -- i.e., when taking the skills out into the practical world!]

Gerald Metzger, Consultant, Miami, FL

Take Your Story-telling Abilities to the Next Level

    I first met Jonathan at the SFBASW meeting on thursday night where he gave a little teaser of what his full-on 3 day seminar was about. To say the least it was amazing!!!

    On Friday morning at the hotel in Foster City we met in the conference room, myself and about 14 other individuals for the seminar. We had no idea what we were in for except a mind-altering experience nonetheless. It was indeed just that.

    This seminar has changed my life in that I have newly acquired skills which are going to be used throughout my life for myself and the people around me.

    How would you like to take your story telling abilities to the next level? How would you like to interrupt a small group of friends and capture the whole group with a title so mouth-wateringly delicious they could literally taste what you described?

Brian Forrest, San Bruno, CA

[Jonathan] has Creatively Woven Some of the NLP Skills People Request Most Often.

    One of the things I enjoy about NLP trainings, besides the obvious skills learned, is that they are just plain FUN! Jonathan takes that concept to a new level as he brings a big box of "toys" and encourages the group to play with them at anytime throughout the training. How cool is that! I had a great time at this seminar, and my NLP linguistic skills improved noticeably over the three days.

    Jonathan has created a wonderful course that provides something of value for people of all skill levels from newbie to Master Practitioner, which is no small feat. He has creatively woven some of the NLP skills people request most often, into the framework of story telling.

    In a sort of parallel processing fashion, Jonathan takes small chunks of three major skill sets and teaches them in a way that they integrate with the frame of story building. The three skills are sensory acuity, linguistic skills, and the use of metaphor.

    On the last day everyone who has attended suddenly realizes how they have not only learned how to create a great story, with a headline that draws a person into the story, and a story that transmits both a benefit and a meaning to the listener. On that last day the attendees come to the awareness that within the story they are using embedded commands with ease, they taking the listener through the desired states, that their calibration skills have improved drastically and they can tell exactly how the listener is responding. In the story are temporal shifts, binders linking the states generated to the story teller, and use of pattern interrupts to gain attention focused before the story starts.

    One of the best things for me was also on the last day... an exercise Jonathan has created called the Village Council. It was a great way to experiment with our new levels of sensory acuity and calibration, and a great way to understand just how powerful NLP interventions can be. My only regret about this course was that we didn't have another full day just for the Village Council. If you use NLP in coaching or do NLP change work, you will find this exercise invaluable.

    I would highly recommend training with Jonathan, I plan to take other trainings with him as I am sure they will be of the same quality level. As a Master Practitioner I came to a greater understanding of many elements of NLP, and it was fascinating to watch Jonathan embody the principles he was teaching as part of his presentation. He utilizes all the skills he teaches as part of the process of teaching.

    One other thing that makes Jonathan unique, he doesn't disappear when the training day is over. He spent every meal and every evening with anyone who wanted to hang out, and continued to answer questions and teach NLP to anyone who asked. If you come to learn, Jonathan is there to make sure you get as much as is possible in the three days.

Craig Eubanks, Direct Marketing Consultant, San Francisco, CA

To Say 'I learned a lot' Would Be an Understatement.

    I first met Jonathan in March 2000 when he came to Sydney to conduct his Linguistic Wizardry course. As a fellow NLP Trainer, I attend many other courses given by other trainers to improve my skills, and just to see what else is out there.

    I attended the training without a great deal of expectation as it was going to be a basic introduction to NLP language patterns. However, as the training progressed, I realised the calibre of Jonathan as a trainer and how he very smoothly weaved the training together. To say that I learned a lot would be an understatement.

    The saying goes that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!" Well, I found some of the exercises so useful that I utilised them in trainings I have given for companies like Nokia.

    Jonathan and I have become very good friends and I have rarely met someone with such a high level of integrity. I whole heartedly endorse Jonathan as a trainer of repute, someone who truly cares about imparting his knowledge, and would strongly suggest that you experience him as a trainer yourself.

    Just to finish, a useful training doesn't finish just at the end of the course. A training that is generative leaves students evolving over a lifetime from some of the seeds planted. I have personally found this to be the case with the training I attended with Jonathan.

Rashid Kotwal, BEng, TNLPTA, DHyp, DCoun.

President, Revealed Resources, Sydney, Australia

I Got More Skill Development Than During My Entire Practitioner Training!

Overall, I think the Seminar was great. It exceeded my expectations. It was, as promised, oriented to the practical use of nlp techniques. I feel as if I got more skill development than I did during the course of my entire practioner training.

I really like the way the seminar is structured with the material chunked small to help the student develop specific skills while you layer into the unconscious the attitudes and beliefs that support the student learning and using these skills.

I like the variety of the exercises. They are well organized, foundational skills are practiced early then reused well in later exercises. I was also helped by the number and frequency of the exercises.

I really liked the last exercise we did before I left - the one with people on stage working through something. I really liked the opportunity to hear what other people (and you) hear and the strategies they choose. The audience participation is important, it kept my mind engaged throughout."

Howard Fear, Colorado

Thoroughly recommended both to totally new & experienced NLP people.

I am happy to thoroughly recommend Jonathan's 3-day Linguistic Wizardry course both to totally new & experienced NLP people. The course has enabled me to take a number of basic NLP techniques, e.g. eliciting states, interrupting patterns, binding states, and begin to apply them with a precision that I would not have previously thought possible. This course would be particularly helpful to anyone who uses communication skills as part of their work or profession.

Michael Beale
Strategy Development Manager, British Telecom

...his presentation flowed smoothly and I could follow it really easily.

JA has a presentation style that for me is very trancy. At the time I found I found his presentation flowed smoothly and I could follow it really easily. His explanations were always incredibly lucid and triggered a good few a-ha moments. After the seminar I was unable to fully and consciously reconstruct the details of what we had covered.

Something very constructive has been installed - subsequently I have had 'mysterious' responses from people I interact with daily, from colleagues to staff in coffee shops. I expect and seem to get better service, meet fewer obstacles and generate more positive responses. Coincidence? I suspect not! Thanks for a great seminar.

SAE, London, UK  

Why Linguistic Wizardry will have been one of the best things you'll have done for yourself:

    My business succeeds wildly because I'm giving people an unfair advantage in their daily lives. An unfair advantage in personal situations you used to think didn't go as well for you as they might have, or in business situations where you wanted more and got less than you wanted. Part of the problem is believing it would be an unfair advantage to get more of what you want. That stems from a "scarcity" mentality. It takes effort to purge that garbage from your belief systems and begin to behave with win-win situations and abundance in mind in all your dealings. The Abundance Mindset is something you must condition into your experience -- in order to turn your future unfair advantage into an ongoing opportunity you provide people to achieve & increase their success.

    Remember the phrase "Garbage In, Garbage Out?" If you're surrounded by hundreds of daily signals in "conventional society" that stem from a scarcity mindset, don't you think it's likely you're going to begin to live within it & according to it?

    Many people that we meet live according to a scarcity mindset which is propagated through our existing political, economic, social, & financial systems. Only if you rise above that and find out how much more is available for you, can you begin to shed subservient belief systems and move towards freedom. Empowering yourself requires that you shake up that attitude and listen to yourself in terms of your expectations and your presuppositions. NLP starts with the self. There may be some useful changes to be made. You may as well start now!

  1. If you're too dependent on the clock, you can benefit from NLP.
  2. If you're living check to check, you can benefit from NLP.
  3. If your relationships don't go how you want them to, NLP is for you.

    If your income is dependent on other people's expectations of you, you owe it to yourself to invest in your potential.

YES, Jonathan, but what are the benefits, for me?


    I'm glad you asked that!


    The exercises we train in Linguistic Wizardry are aimed explicitly at developing language & acuity skills. Implicit in most of these exercises is training you to learn how to pace & lead more effectively. Stronger rapport skills are an indirect BONUS benefit to how we train this workshop. You'll learn skills to gain conscious & unconscious rapport with absolutely anyone, absolutely anywhere. The effects can be unbelievable... people walking up to you & talking to you without knowing why... more people wanting you as a romantic partner... more sales closed more easily... difficult or violent situations rapidly turned into manageable ones... the sky's the limit!


    We've got a system for delivering 'verbal headlines' that will have you creating curiosity in seconds, before you ever reach the meat of your communication. Once you're conditioned to do this, and you'll be enjoying the benefits of more positive responses to your ideas, you'll wonder why you ever opened your mouth to speak to people in the past -- without doing this, first!


    Imagine developing a metaphor machine inside your brain that knew how to construct metaphor more effectively at any moment in time. We'll teach you not only how to arrive at & generate useful metaphor, but also how to deliver your metaphorical ideas - with more impactful language.


    NLP has been used to model accelerated learning techniques and many such techniques are now easy for everyone to learn. We include these strategies automatically in our trainings. You will improve your learning strategies dramatically.


    Learn how people get motivated and what mechanisms they use to motivate themselves. Find out how to engage those mechanisms simply & easily using your own language. If you are presenting a win-win situation for someone to consider, and use their own motivational processes, they'll often follow you intuitively and automatically, through their own motivational strategies, and right into a propulsion system towards what you & they both want!


    Learn how to control & unleash your emotions with greater decisiveness, and to better results. Do people around you perceive you as hotheaded? Or, "wild?" Or emotionally bland? How about, "monotonous?" If you don't know how to manage your own states, you won't likely be able to effectively manage & lead other people's states. We do quite a bit with state elicitation & calibration during this training. These are critical skills for telling stories effectively.


    State of the Art. Need I say more? Most salesmen, politicians and advertisers will only dream of learning how to do what you'll be doing! Or, they'll take years to learn just a small portion of this material, the hard way. Meanwhile, you'll be trying not to laugh at how easily you'll use your skills to get what you want more of, congruently! You'll call me up afterwards, laughing as you say, "I can't believe how easily they responded!" I know, because I hear it frequently from others like you! I'll even provide you with a bombshell secret about "state" elicitation & anchoring emotional states that will totally flip the way you understand it presently, and get you rapidly on your way to making it work easily for yourself. You'll say, "I'll be damned. Now it's easy." How do I know? Because that's what several of my previous Linguistic Wizardry students have said to me, word for word.


    If any of you are therapists or counselors, please note that we are not. However, our skills-integration exercises, known as the "Village Council" section of the Linguistic Wizardry training, will blow your mind if you're a changework artist (therapist/counselor, hypnotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc). You'll be amazed to find yourself creating more brilliant interventions, more often. How many of you were excited by all the brilliant intervention work you read about from Richard Bandler, Virginia Satir, or Milton Erickson, and haven't yet been able to achieve enough of what you've read about, in working with your clients?

    NLP grew from modeling the best of Gestalt Psychology & Hypnosis, and has since blossomed into much, much more. If there are those of you who would like to do changework, or if you're already licensed as a counselor, therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist, and want to improve your existing therapy & counseling skills dramatically... this training will propel you to achieving far greater mastery and helping people far more, far more quickly than you thought was possible. For anyone reading this considering a career in changework, learn about your local laws for such changework (especially in FL).


    Our price for this course used to be $495, but will be raised to $745 for future runs of Linguistic Wizardry.

    Even with the higher tuition, it's still "underpriced" in the training marketplace when you read the testimonials from some of my students, and consider that most people increase their incomes &/or their financial security dramatically after acquiring NLP Training. Join me; you'll be immensely glad you did!

    Warm regards to you & yours, from your friend and trainer,

Jonathan Signature

Jonathan Altfeld
Mastery InSight Institute

P.S. Seating is limited to 30. Sign up ASAP in order to guarantee your seat.

P.P.S. Attendance to our Linguistic Wizardry training also comes with a 40+ page manual that will be given out at the seminar.


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