Irresistible Voice: Develop an amazing, hypnotic, charismatic spoken voice

How Anyone Can Create a
Charismatic, Magnetic Voice!

Trainer of Voice Skills & Audio Program Author
Reveals All His Secrets for an Irresistible Voice!

Now  You Can  Easily Develop a Speaking Voice so
Attractive, People Will Start Lining Up to Listen!

Here's Just Some Of What You'll Learn... How to:

  • Command Instant Respect
  • Speak Smoothly in Rapport
  • Speak Softly and Be Heard More
  • Increase Response Potential
  • Resonate Emotions Through Voice
  • Tease People's Attention & Invite Increased Interest
  • Learn Why Bad Tonality Sabotages Business & Personal Goals

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Dear Seeker of an Irresistible Voice,

      Virtually ALL of us could stand to improve our vocal skills and verbal prowess. It's a universal experience. In fact, as of mid-2010, nearly 3800 people have purchased our 1st "Finding Your Irresistible Voice™" CD-set released in 1998, and over 1000 have purchased our 2nd Irresistible Voice CD-set released in 2006. That's a lot of people who want to improve their voices!

      I get a steady stream of customers asking me when I'm going to produce more material on developing vocal skills further, or, hold a workshop on how to take their skills even further. I answered some of these people with the 2006 4-CD-set release, and I'm answering the others by training this event! So a select group of people who want personalized coaching on vocal skills development will rapidly accelerate their vocal skills with new voice exercises, customized feedback, state of the art technology and tools, and a training format designed to get maximum improvement in minimum time. So that you can improve your instrument for communication & persuasion.

      In fact every situation where you're dealing with people will be dramatically improved. How? You'll have more fun, less stress, and a more playful yet confident attitude. Your new breathing patterns will keep you more relaxed in any situation. You'll easily make new friends, and develop stronger responses from people, personally & professionally.

      Everyone stands to improve their voice and will get powerful results. But... especially if you're a professional NLP'er or hypnotherapist or hypnotist... and you don't either have an active voice coach or get a seat reserved in this class... let's just say that's like investing in a $100,000 stereo system and playing it through $100 speakers. It just wouldn't make sense. For a hypno or NLP professional not to take this course... doesn't make any sense.

      "Your tapeset is really very good. You have a wonderful voice yourself, one that is dynamic & effective without sounding corny. I would recommend your tapeset for anyone wishing to improve his/her voice in any general way. [...] for those (like me) who simply want to make an average voice sound wonderful, your tapeset is well worth the investment." - David Person

Now You Can Easily Influence Any Conversation You Want!!!

      Imagine yourself being totally confident in any social situation. Perhaps in an intimate tête-a-tête over coffee, a business meeting, a public speaking engagement, or maybe telling a story to friends & family. Others comment that you seem to captivate the attention of those around you. You just naturally command the interest of your listeners in a way that takes them on a fabulous journey of imagination.

      How good would it feel to be able to easily say things that used to make you feel nervous? How many opportunities are you missing each day right now because you let fear stop you? Or maybe you just don't feel totally confident, because you don't yet know the secrets of an irresistible voice.

      Take voice tonality for example. If you're communicating with someone, and you don't understand how to intentionally adjust your tonality to match a specific outcome in a certain situation, you may never get a second chance to create the outcome you want.

      In this special program, when you follow our method, you'll have the opportunity to develop your skills from where they presently are to far beyond where the Irresistible Voice CD's & Tapes go. If you rely on the sound of your voice to communicate well, and you're not sure how to improve it further on your own, this unique program is for you.

You'll Find Out How to:

  • Develop & then adjust the rhythm of your voice to get your outcomes
  • Drive people into a more responsive state in 2 seconds!
  • Solve your worst voice problems, & develop far better voice habits
  • Use Pausing to create more dramatic vocal effects
  • Develop & then strengthen your ability to use the Dual-Tone voice Jonathan teaches in the Irresistible Voice CD's, with his live feedback
  • Capture & Lead the attention of groups
  • Learn to influence peoples unconscious physiological processes with your VOICE ALONE!
  • Learn to break rapport & create doubt, vocally, without addressing it on a conscious level! (...and why that's a VERY useful skill to have)

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You'll Learn By Doing, NOT by attending Boring Classroom Lectures!

      You'll easily learn the material because it's not presented in a formal, boring, classroom approach. Most people forget 90% of the material they hear when it's presented that way. No, in this program you'll learn by doing things in a variety of ways. You'll use audio technology to find out why your voice isn't sounding the way you want it to, and how to bring it closer to your internal ideal-sounding voice. And you'll get plenty of chances to practice these skills. After this weekend, you'll sound VERY different to everyone you know... you'll sound far better.

      The program starts with you. We'll calibrate your present skill & sound on the way in the door. We'll identify strengths & weaknesses, and develop "smaller" groups to work on whatever weaknesses we want to strengthen. You'll also find out how your physiology affects your voice, and build in the habit to check your state & position while speaking.

      From there you'll run a variety of drills on one practical skill after another. Each one stacking upon the previous one to compound your success. By the end of the program your voice will sound warmer, more resonant, more flexible, more confident, more intriguing. Assuming you want that, of course...

      You're probably wondering about the details of this "mouths-on" (well, 'hands-on' doesn't really apply here!) workshop. In just a moment I'll tell you how you can attend risk-free and at a substantial savings if you act quickly. But first you might want to know more about the credentials of your trainer.

NLP Trainer Jonathan Altfeld Unleashes all his Amazing Magnetic Voice Secrets!

      Your host is Jonathan Altfeld, trainer & president of the Mastery InSight Institute. Jonathan has trained endless seminars on self-improvement & communication skills around the globe since mid-1997. He's trained in Tampa, Miami, Boca Raton, Orlando, Dallas, Houston, NYC, Washington DC, Boston, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Manchester, Oxford, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Sydney, Melbourne, & more. He's taught a huge variety of people interested in sharpening their communication skills to a results-driven, honed, razor-sharp edge!

      As a boy growing up in NYC, Jonathan sang in a renowned choir, performing at venues such as Lincoln Center. His early singing career ended when his voice changed, giving way to developing a better speaking voice. From ages 14-18, he worked backstage at concert venues around NYC, where he made concert announcements to crowds of 10,000 & up people. From ages 15-16 Jonathan produced & hosted his own public access cable television show, developing his voice & onscreen presence that would be useful again at the age of 21 when he anchored a college TV news show. Jonathan enjoys doing voice impressions, and might do a variety of amusing impressions upon request... as well as a number of foreign accents with fluidity. In his role as a trainer, Jonathan does frequent public speaking engagements including radio interviews. His Audio Program, "Finding Your Irresistible Voice™," integrates voice exercises & learnings from all of the above experiences, & offers you a simple, fun, unique, & yet comprehensive way to improve the qualities of your voice that attract & captivate attention.

      Due to popular demand, he's running this seminar again to satisfy requests from his Irresistible Voice CD-set customers. Only customers of at least the 1st Irresistible Voice audio program will be admitted into this program, but Jonathan strongly recommends participants purchase & go through both sets in advance; Jonathan will use that level of skill as a STARTING POINT for targeted magnetic voice coaching. Don't expect just a repeat of the audio program. Jonathan likes to go FURTHER. If you don't have those CDs yet, and still want to attend this program, you can buy the CD's up front and register for the program at the same time.

...he could recognise something in each of us that was so simple to understand and easy to do that many of us were able to adjust in real time and see the dramatic effects immediately.

      Last weekend I attended Jonathan Altfeld's Irresistible Voice event for 2 out of 3 days in London.

      I must say I have not done a lot of training recently and was looking forward to this immensely and my expectations were met wonderfully.

      Whilst this was not an overtly NLP event Jonathan used many of the skills elegantly, sometimes explicitly and sometimes not. There were some there who were Practitioners and Masters and other who had barely heard of NLP but that was of no consequence to the event or our learning. Or to put it another way there was something for everyone where ever you come from.

The Event

      I can't speak for the first day (I understand it was not dissimilar) but most of the time was spent doing what was effectively a series of drills. Jonathans view, I believe, is that there is nothing magical about these things, they are simple and require practice, constant practice and that is what we did.

      All the drills were focused around working in small groups usually 3 or 4, sometimes just us together, interacting and sometime using voice technology to highlight how we sound and more importantly how we can adjust the way we come across and get instant feedback. Here are some of the drills we did:

  • Talking loudly without shouting (Maintaining state)
  • Throwaway lines (A delusion that JA is apparently under concerning English people)
  • Fluff talk (great fun)
  • Perfect pauses (tough for me)

      Day 3 built on the previous day's activities with us using the coaching tips from the night before to consolidate our individual approaches. Finally some fun NLP stuff at the end on calibration and also playing with [foreign accents]

      Was it fun? Eb-so-bluddy-lootly!

High Point

      What of the high point I hear you ask? Well for me it was the one to one coaching that took place towards the end of the day with each participant out front of the group talking about what they have learned so far while Jonathan elegantly weaved in and out of content and process to beautifully and precisely identify the one or two key things we could do next.

      The amazing thing was how he could recognise something in each of us that was so simple to understand and easy to do that many of us were able to adjust in real time and see the dramatic effects immediately. A wonderful moment of revelation enjoyed by everyone as we each took our turns and the key for me was also the sign post to the future and the strategy to implement the learning. So often a change we might want to make, large or small may become apparent but the route map to integrating the new behaviour is not so clear and, in my experience, often flounders.

Who could attend and other flashes of the Bleedin' Obvious

      I have worked for twelve years as a self employed management consult and have attended many courses and training events during that time and before, and all have primarily focused on the content of what I do. NEVER once had it occurred to me that I should consider HOW I deliver that content using one of the most important tools I have my voice.

      There is only one criteria you need to consider when making a decision to attend this event and work with Jonathan.

      Do you ever have to talk to people?

      If the answer is No then you may comfortably find something else more important to tackle first.

      Whether it is this event or something else you MUST work on that voice until it becomes compelling and irresistible. Your message will be deficient otherwise.

      If there is more you would like to know just ask.

- John Humberstone, Business Advisor, London, UK

I sounded better which increased my confidence...


      Although I could only attend certain parts of the course, I still learnt loads and increased my confidence in my own voice massively.

      The course kicked off with an opportunity for everyone to speak to the group and we got immediate feedback on our vocal strengths and areas for improvement. The feedback was insightful and effective - even at this very early stage of the course, we were all achieving quite serious improvements.

      A key aspect of Jonathan's approach is the use of real-time feedback and he uses several tools to do this. The theory is that normally you don't actually hear your own voice quite as other people do - the sound changes as it travels through the bones and tissues of your own head! By using feedback, you hear a more accurate version of your own voice, as other people hear it, and you can make adjustments on the fly in response to it. This worked for me. Although I'd previously done voice work, this was the first time I'd used this approach. I found I could focus on the actual sound of my voice, as I spoke. I sounded better which increased my confidence, helping me slow down my usual rush to get finished.

      Overall I found the course great fun, I learnt loads and the time passed in a flash. I particularly appreciated the lighter hearted sections at the end of the day's training where Jonathan demonstrated his voice impersonation skills. Ranging from Stallone and Arnie, through to Marge Simpson, we were all encouraged to join in and explore the range of our own voices. Fun and with a very serious purpose: each accent we practiced exercised particular parameters of our voice.

      Because I attended the beginning and end of the course, I missed out a big chunk in the middle including any gradual improvements the other attendees were making in their voice. So for me, on my return on the final day, I noticed quite dramatic improvements compared with the initial session.

      Straw polls frequently show that many people lack confidence in their voice. If you consider your voice to be one of your key assets, Finding Your Irresistible Voice is a valuable and effective learning experience, where you could expect to make fantastic improvements, in a fun and supportive environment, that boosts your confidence.

- Simon Applebaum, Harmonix Systems, Southampton, UK

"First to Register" Bonus for 1st 10 Registrants to any of our Voice events.

      Be one of the first 10 to Sign Up for our Irresistible Voice workshop, and get a free 1-on-1 private 30-minute consultation with Jonathan by phone or Skype anytime after the workshop is over. This is a coaching call worth $150. We always encourage early registrations to guarantee your seat & get the early incentive!

Money-Back Guarantee*

      Essentially this is risk-free, because this program is backed by our money back guarantee.* If there's any doubt that you'll gain much more in results than you paid for this program, you can attend part of the first day at our risk. That's right. Simply enroll for the program in good faith, attend part of the first day and listen/see for yourself. If you find that the material is not to your liking, let us know throughout the day, and we'll refund your tuition in full.* If you show up for 1 or 2 full days and are clearly getting benefits and making improvements and decide not to continue, we'll even pro-rate a refund for the portion of the training you don't want to attend.

      * If you pay via paypal, credit/debit card, or any method with which we incur fees to accept your money, we refund everything less a 4% administrative fee. More information can be found on our official policy page.

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