NLP Products: "Talented Time Twisting" (Pre-Order)

NLP Products: "Talented Time Twisting" (Pre-Order)

This Pre-Order Partnership Offer is now CLOSED... you're going to have to wait for the retail release at full price. Bookmark this page & return soon!

Time Distortion Can Be a Magic NLP Paintbrush, but MOST T.D. material out there is Derivative. Repetitious. Un-original, and Badly Applied.

There's just not enough GREAT material around, on Practical, Conversational Uses of T.D.,
outside of a therapy or hypnosis context.

Frankly, That's UNACCEPTABLE, because Distorting Time Helps You... Do All This:

Re-Paint Memories with Better Emotions, Dramatically and Easily. Change any memory's time-markers, and emotions change INSTANTLY.
Help move clients & prospects to CLOSE THE DEAL, and they'll be glad they did it, and thank you for it.
Build Alternative Futures for people, and help people avoid Bad Decisions, pointing them towards Good Decisions.
Eliminate doubt & uncertainty. Nothing helps people do this like Time Distortion. It's pure Magic.
Clear out Negative Memories or Let Go of Baggage. Conversational Time Distortion makes it so much easier, more elegant, and permanent.
Walk people rapidly through decisions that Normally Take Far Longer! USE with caution & ecology, and you'll enable people to be at their best.
Gain More Control over How You Experience Each Moment. Slow time, Fast time, Flow time, affects everyone. Are you victim? Or VICTOR?

     Join me for a quick visualization test:

Fast forward 6 imaginary months, ahead to a point where you've learned straight-forward and effective shortcuts to change how we and others perceive time... you've seen for yourself how profoundly these methods move people.

Would you have thanked yourself first? Or Us? Either way, at this moment, I'd like to present you with an Unprecedented Opportunity.


     After 15 years of training NLP... and training these techniques ONLY to live audiences, I'm ready to share the wealth on these methods via CDs.

     Seriously, there's material on this audio program that ISN'T trained anywhere else; I intentionally developed my pragmatic approaches to time distortion... because I was deeply frustrated with the lack of good conversational material out there on Time Distortion (TD).

     Sure, there's a good amount of basic TD material with re-hashed time distortion language available for hypnosis professionals and covert hypnosis enthusiasts (don't shoot the messenger, I didn't create that market!). Even so, very little of that translates well to natural, easy, comfortable conversation.

     Further, most "covert hypnotists" I've met sound sociopathic. Sorry, but to my eyes and ears, many such enthusiasts never learned great calibration skills and have no idea how much they freak other people out.

     Anyhow, I digress. There's just not much great conversational, widely-useful Time Distortion material, anywhere. And I aim to change that.

You stand to gain hugely by getting Home-Study access to GREAT conversational TD techniques.

     And I'm now working hard on creating a 5-CD-set for this very topic. It's not ready yet, it's in development, and it's going to take me a lot of time and energy to push this project through to completion. 60 days is typical for such a project. That's time I could spend consulting, or coaching, or just relaxing.

Wouldn't you like this sooner, rather than later?

     To get this material into your hands earlier, and for me to warrant spending time on it sooner rather than later, I'm extending to my customers a pre-order partnership opportunity.

     I bet you'd like me to finish this audio program before the end of Summer 2011, or sooner. Now, because July 5-18 is blocked with my Master Practitioner training, the end-of-August is about 60 production days out on the calendar, so I'm just setting expectations appropriately.


     My current plan is to complete this as a 5-CD audio program. I typically charge ~$40 per full CD, retail. It's possible I may add a 6th by the time I'm done with this project, but my current aim is for 5 CDs. So my retail release on the new program, will be priced at $199. To anyone who's interested in becoming a "pre-order partner", I'll offer the full set to you in advance, for $149. No shipping fees, since this isn't an order, it's a partnership.

My History of Successful Pre-Orders:

     It's factual history! My customers like pre-orders!

     I extended this sort of arrangement and successfully delivered my products to pre-order partners in 3 previous cases: With my "Irresistible Voice 2," "Metaphor Machine," & "Creating the Automatic Yes" titles, many early-adopters in my customer base scrambled to take advantage.

     In the latter 2 cases, I sold exactly 100 pre-order partnerships, and then withdrew the offer for the discount.

     I'm doing the same here. The first 100 customers to take advantage of this, will save $50 off the intended retail price of the "Talented Time Twisting" CD-Set upon release, AND pay Zero shipping fees. Would you like to be ahead of the crowd? Be the first to get this material, and at a solid discount as well?

How "Pre-Order Partnerships" Differ from a "Product Sale"

     FYI, "pre-order partnerships" are not equivalent to buying a product. I can't describe it as buying a product, because mail-order regulations require that something you "buy" has to be shipped within 30 days. And I will certainly aim to finish as soon as I can, but 30 days is unrealistic.

     What you are investing in is the rapid development of this audio program. And as a pre-order partner, upon completion of the set, I will ship you the completed program first, before releasing the program to the general public at the higher retail price, and, without charging you ANY shipping fees (so your total savings is at least $50-55).

     If the set ends up shorter than 5 CDs, which I doubt, I will actually refund you $30 per CD removed from my anticipated 5 CDs. And, if the set ends up longer than 5 CDs, guess what: You still get it for the same "pre-order partnership" price. So I will not charge my Pre-Order Partners any higher amounts even if I make the set longer than 5 CDs! Again, even if I release the set for more than $199, $149 is the maximum amount my Pre-Order Partners will have paid for investing in the development of this audio program.

     Back to the "Pre-Order Partnership:" if you're fast enough to get one of only 100 available partnership slots, for $50 off my intended release price of $199, you can get all 5 CD's from my upcoming "Talented Time Twisting" audio program shipped to you as soon as they're ready.

     One last point: A "Pre-Order Partnership" does not construe or transfer any copyrights or rights of ownership or duplication or reprint rights to the material. I retain the full copyright to all of the material in this audio program, in any/all media.

I only want 100 Pre-Order Partners:

     I'm going to extend this Pre-Order Partnership offer until the end of this Sunday August 14, or until I reach exactly 100 Pre-Order Partners, whichever comes sooner. At which point, I'll remove the purchase method from this page, and put "SOLD OUT" here in big letters to let you know the opportunity is gone.

     If you want to be amongst my early-adopters, save money, and help invest in an extraordinary new audio program, you've got to be in the first 100 people to respond. I look forward to completing a 4th Successful Pre-Order experience for my Pre-Order Partners!

This Pre-Order Partnership Offer is now CLOSED... you're going to have to wait for the retail release at full price. Bookmark this page & return soon!

Here's a Brief Summary of the new set's content:

     Keep in mind; this may evolve as I dive deeper into authoring these CDs. My early research and initial writing has led to this Summary. I reserve the right to change this structure as needed to maximize the quality of the audio learning experience.

Talented Time Twisting:
CD 1: Awareness and Perception of Time


     In the First CD, I share some ground rules for how to safely listen to and learn and practice this material, and lay out many of the basic foundations for understanding our perception of time and how our changing perception of time affects our minds and our experiences in the world.

Talented Time Twisting:
CD 2: Methods and Patterns for Changing the Past


     The Second CD explores language patterns, anchoring, nonverbal behavior, and related topics for changing past experiences, in a wide variety of situations. What if salespeople could go back and cause people to regret old decisions made with competitors? Or to help someone who feels helpless to change a poor decision, feel like they could actually go back and change things, and possibly have built a different path to the present. Public speakers and changeworkers could help people release old negative emotion. Changing the perception of the past has an ENABLING effect.

Talented Time Twisting:
CD 3: Methods and Patterns for Changing the Present


     The Third CD explores distorting the perception of present time, for a wide range of results. You'll learn a range of NLP methods for achieving this, and you'll be truly amazed... learning to shift people from in-time to through-time, real-time, (or the reverse) is profoundly useful.

Talented Time Twisting:
CD 4: Methods and Patterns for Changing the Future


     The Fourth CD explores language patterns, anchoring, nonverbal behavior, and related topics for changing perceptions of the future. This helps people build new possibilities, lock in desired changes, and avoid repeating less-useful habits.

Talented Time Twisting:
CD 5: Conversational Influence with Advanced TD Patterns


     If CDs 1-4 didn't knock your socks off, this one will. Blend all of the above into larger strategic conversational and behavior patterns that weave different pasts, present, and futures together for specific results... and this will help you become significantly more influential with others. Talk about becoming more effective at inducing conversational trance, these skills are extraordinary! And my aim is to make it as natural and easy for you to apply as possible.

Pricing for "Talented Time Twisting" CD-set:

     This 5-CD-set will be released through this website later this year for $199. My intended release date is by or before September 1, 2011. 100 Pre-Order Partnerships are available for $149.

     This Pre-Order Partnership offer is good until Sunday August 14, or whenever the 100th person joins in, whichever comes SOONER, after which I'll remove this offer from the site.

This Pre-Order Partnership Offer is now CLOSED... you're going to have to wait for the retail release at full price. Bookmark this page & return soon!

File-Sharers Beware, Though!:


The vast majority of our customers (you) are valuable, honest people, and I do value your business deeply; I thank you on behalf of my children for your return business!

Unfortunately in my industry, an increasing number of customers have been stealing my material, and they're incented by the anonymous file-sharing community, to distribute my work to other thieves.

If you buy this CD-set, you acknowledge in advance that it is your permanent responsibility to keep my material OFF those file sharing sites.

To incentivize the file-sharing community NOT to do that, I am making EVERY copy of this recording, a unique copy with a unique serial-number tracked digital signature. If your unique copy shows up on a file-sharing tracker, I'll know it came from you.

This set is NOT for resale. Your serial number will be yours in perpetuity, the responsibility to keep your uniquely-signed copy off file-sharing networks will be yours permanently. This is the only way I can simply manage to protect my work from, and allow me the ability to prosecute, thieves who think a few upload credits are worth more than my children's education.

My Guarantee to You


     Naturally my 100% money-back-guarantee is still honored even on pre-order partnerships, though I strongly doubt you'd ever want to invoke the satisfaction guarantee. Still, it's there for your comfort in making another good risk-free investment in any of my materials designed to help you improve your results with NLP!

     I want you to feel completely safe making this investment! And I also want you to know that if you put in some time & effort, you will improve your results with time-distortion techniques, and your level of personal influence exerted, with this program! I've made this guarantee in order to protect you from risking money on a product without knowing in advance what your results will have been.

     I also want you to know that if you for whatever reason don't have even a couple of free hours a week to put into this, then, why waste your time & money in the partnership? No product that sits on a shelf is going to help you much, and frankly, I'd rather have customers that use and work with my material promptly! So if you truly want to make some improvements to your use of time-distortion, and you have a little time available to put into working with my program, then I've set up this guarantee for you to help yourself feel comfortable making a Pre-Order Partnership investment!


If you're not 100% satisfied that this audio program truly helps you achieve greater knowledge and skill in using time distortion conversationally, just return them ANYTIME WITHIN ONE FULL YEAR, and we'll refund EVERY CENT of your pre-order investment.

Payment Methods / Ordering Information


This Pre-Order Partnership Offer is now CLOSED... you're going to have to wait for the retail release at full price. Bookmark this page & return soon!

     I look forward to providing you immense value in your future, in a myriad of ways! Thanks for coming to visit the Mastery InSight Institute!

Jonathan Signature
Jonathan Altfeld
Mastery InSight Institute


P.S. Remember, you have until 100 people have bought Early-Order Partnerships to get in on this opportunity, or until the end of Sunday August 14, whichever comes sooner. After that, you'll need to wait for the full retail release (& price).

P.P.S. Taking advantage of this pre-order partnership saves you at least $55 off an intended $199 5-CD-Set program (no shipping fees). And I may end up making it longer (and thus higher priced) than that, so you may end up saving more than $55.

P.P.P.S. Keep in mind our RISK-FREE GUARANTEE. If you don't think this set helped you to improve your use of time-distortion patterns measurably, return it anytime within ONE FULL YEAR for a full refund of your partnership fee.

P.P.P.P.S. FILE-SHARERS BEWARE: Your copy will be a UNIQUE and easily identifiable copy, with a hidden digital signature you will NOT be able to identify, in 2 of the CDs in your set. These signatures do not change in size from one disc to the next, AND, fully survive the conversion to MP3 and other formats. If you upload this to a file sharing network, we'll know it came from you, and only you.