TEDTalk Study #1: Joe Smith's Paper Towel presentation

In today's entry, I'll start sharing examples of effective NLP techniques used in presentations.  TED is an organization that hosts extraordinary conferences wherein extraordinary people give short presentations about amazing ideas & results, in the worlds of art, science, music, performance, and more -- TED is "Ideas worth spreading."

Remember that NLP is primarily about the replication of excellence.  And some NLP classes teach more empowered ways of being, some, more empowered ways of communicating.  So my comments here will be amongst the easiest to share via text.  There is MUCH more than can be shown and then trained and tuned, in person.  This is, in my opinion, by far the most valuable coaching, but... we're limited to one way communication here.

The people whose talks I will share here and comment on, aren't necessarily aware of NLP at all.  Sometimes it's obvious when they are.  Sometimes not.  That's not the point, though.  The point is to observe examples of communication and behavior that contribute to the effectiveness of that communication and behavior -- and from my perspective, I'll be focusing on that which either IS an NLP technique, or that which mimics such, and is simply a good example of an NLP technique, whether or not it was intended as such.

So, on to the first of my video comments.  I don't know how long this video will be visible on the web and thus embeddable here, but for now... here we go:

This is fabulous.   Even aside from the great environmental value.   If you sort primarily by content, you'll be wowed by the simplicity and power of the specific message.  You're wowed by the what.  But that doesn't and won't EVER help you to elevate above the message and learn from the specific methods the speaker is using.

As an NLP Modeler and trainer, and as a coach of public speakers, I'm sorting for process.  And while I can be wowed by the WHAT, I'm primarily sorting for, and even MORE wowed, by the how.

Trainers, speakers, and NLP enthusiasts of all kinds, should study this 3 minute video to see & hear excellent examples of:

  • Anchoring
  • building an anchor chain
  • embedded commands
  • repetition for somatic learning
  • future pacing & post hypnotic suggestion
  • ...amongst other things.

Joe's presentation isn't perfect, but it's *extremely* effective.

Perfectionists should watch this and realize... you don't have to be perfect to be great.

The one thing this presentation is missing (at least in the recording; it might have been delivered to the audience before the starting edit point) is a values-based headline that gets us frothing at the mouth in curiosity for the right reasons, BEFORE the demonstration.  A values based headline also "opens the right box" in listeners' minds... ensuring maximal audience retention and adoption of the message, as well as ensuring action is taken later.

For those who are fascinated by my comments above, I teach all of these skills and more, for public speakers with every level of existing background from newbie up to keynote speakers... at my Speaking Ingeniously course.  (Which is coming up in Orlando very soon!)

More video reviews will come soon...


- Jonathan

Author: Jonathan Altfeld