NLP mentioned in TV show "Leverage"

Here's an example of NLP Anchoring demonstrated and explained in a primetime cable entertainment show.
I just randomly saw a few scenes from the latest episode of "Leverage" (starring Timothy Hutton), entitled "The Reunion Job."
I was surprised to catch the following scene:
One of the main characters had caused another to repeatedly refill her teacup whenever she wanted. When she was asked how she'd gotten him to pour her tea repeatedly, she said (possibly paraphrasing here):

"Neuro Linguistic Programming. Some sugar... [...] and then a few strategic taps on the arm... [...]".

NLP insiders will simply recognize this as describing how one might set an anchor, for later firing off.
Granted, this was an oversimplified example, as real artistry with anchoring requires more nuances and variables, but... it wasn't badly portrayed, and that counts!