How Speakers violate Listeners Timelines

Too many Speakers violate how their audience members think about the past vs. the future.
Public Speaking pitfall: Most speakers I watch (even on youtube) keep getting their "time" references completely wrong for audiences.
When on stage or otherwise in front of groups, you MUST *rewire* how you reference past vs. future, so that your audience connects with your messages more effectively, and internalizes how and when to take appropriate actions in the future.

This isn't just a "good idea" -- it's critical if they're going to adopt & absorb your message.  They're not behind you; they're facing you.  So the normal, natural internal time references that work for you personally, will NOT work for them when they're in the audience. You have to rewire it so that your time references correctly mark out past topics/descriptions towards their left (your right), and future references marked out towards their right side (your left).

If you mess this up... you can count on instant rejection of your suggestions!  And remember, without those feedback loops from live training, you're unlikely to know when you're unconsciously doing it badly!

Solutions are easy to find, though.  I train speakers how to choose the better form of time references, far past the clunky stage, all the way into comfortable habits, in my 5-day speakers course ("Speaking Ingeniously").  Easy peasy!
Author: Jonathan Altfeld