Emotional State Sequencing for Speakers

Speakers, take note: Sequence is everything.

Is it possible that in the past, you've shifted between speaking to your audiences about resourcefulness, and then back and forth to problems or obstacles or other issues, without designing and following an absolutely clear, intentional sequence?

If you're not aware of exactly how you're doing this... if you don't design those transitions intentionally, then you may very well have been inspiring listeners to DISTANCE themselves from your message, instead of connecting themselves with your message.  In other words, you want to spend most of your time sequencing your audiences from problems and obstacles to solutions and resourcefulness... and next to no time moving in the reverse direction (without clear interrupts and state-breaks designed in, between the positive-back-to-negative transitions).

When you learn to become ridiculously good at emotional state-chaining while speaking... you'll finally plug the gaping holes in your customer/student retention system. 


Just a thought... a thought you might want to absorb and act on!