Dying Advertising Models

My good friend Andy Preston is a Sales Training Wizard based in Manchester, England. He recently did some training for some Advertising Sales people and shared their complaints about it getting harder to close advertising sales, yet also said they often refuse to consider other sales models that now work better.

My view on sales for advertising sales... is that if you also teach advertising salespeople how to help their clients write/design *better* ads... and then also do some form of risk-reversal, they'd have a veritable FLOOD of clients beating down their door.

Saying "At least break-even on your ad, or it's free" would have potential advertisers stomping on each other to get their ads submitted.  The salespeople would then have to turn some of their advertising clients away, which would then lead to the "higher class of problem" of being able to pick & choose the ads most likely to succeed.

I've never thought the blind "spray & pray" / "pay us regardless of results" advertising model was particularly useful for any side of the equation (i.e. publisher, OR advertiser), except for the highest volume of branding-oriented advertising.  In other words, publishers could actually charge MORE... when the response to ads was higher and justified it. It's pretty well established globally now, that small business owners are willing to pay more for performance-based, risk-free advertising!