NLP Discussion Chat Transcripts Index (from IRC)

     Welcome to the NLP IRC Chat Seminar Transcripts archive. Enjoy this rich library of transcripts of NLP events held on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) held from 1997-2001. If you printed all of these NLP discussions out, they would total > 800 pages. We're pleased to present them for you, all for free! Enjoy & learn.

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Basic NLP Topics

Chat Title Trainers Description
3-Day NLP Skills-Builders! Altfeld - Discussing one of our seminars.
NLP Anchoring Altfeld, Morgan - A Discussion on Anchoring Skills
NLP Calibration Altfeld - Developing razor-sharp Calibration
Introducing NLP Altfeld, Riggio - High-Level discussion about NLP.
Meta-Future-Pacing Altfeld - Maximize your own NLP results!
Pacing and Leading Altfeld, Morgan - Critical communication skills.
State Changes Altfeld - Learn Better State Management
Submodalities & Synesthesia Altfeld - Accelerate your NLP Patterns

Advanced NLP Topics

Chat Title Trainers Description
Belief Systems Altfeld - Understanding Beliefs
Meta-Programs & Flirtation Altfeld - Flirting & Cold-Reading
NLP Meta-Programs Altfeld - Behavioral Measurement
Metaphors Altfeld - Utilizing Metaphor in Life
NLP Interventions Altfeld - NLP for "Changework"
Reality & Imagination Altfeld - How deep is the Rabbit Hole?
Sleight of Mouth Altfeld - Persuasive Language Tricks
Strategy Pipelines Altfeld - Installing & Sequencing...
Time Distortion Altfeld - This took hours... or did it?

General NLP Discussion

Chat Title Trainers Description
NLP Animal Training Altfeld, K Lavalle - 1 of our best. Must-Read!
NLP for Sales & Selling Altfeld - (Self-Explanatory)
Amplifying Your Allure! Altfeld, K Lavalle, Luzi - Charisma Fuel!!!
Problems Into Opportunities Altfeld, Tomasulo - Featuring persuasive "Dr.Sulo"
NLP & Small Business Altfeld, J&K Lavalle - (Self-Explanatory)
Everyday NLP Altfeld, Morgan - Living daily with NLP!
How Best to Learn NLP? Altfeld - (Self-Explanatory)
NLP & Advertising Altfeld - 1 of our best. Must-Read!
NLP & Ethics Altfeld - Old argument, new context.
NLP Products Altfeld - DESCRIPTION
NLP Practitioner Course Altfeld, J&K Lavalle, Boyley - Thinking about attending?

Formal NLP Models

Chat Title Trainers Description
Knowledge Engineering Altfeld - Discussing our KE seminar.
The Meta-Model Altfeld - Language "Deficiencies"
The Milton-Model Altfeld - Artfully Vague Language


Chat Translations!

This section represents something extraordinary... as these are not "machine" translations. These are chat transcripts that have been hand-translated by NLP-trained people. During translating, every effort was made to maintain the spirit and intentions behind the use of NLP language patterns. (We've heard more than once that Dag Raytzig's translation, in particular, is a work of art!). Enjoy!

Language   Title Trainer Translator
Portuguese NLP & Propaganda (NEW TRANSLATION!) Altfeld Taksano
Portuguese Como Melhor Aprender PNL? Altfeld Taksano
Portuguese NLP & Vendas Altfeld Taksano
French Quelle est la Meilleure Façon d' Apprendre la NPL? Altfeld Olivier Magnan
French NPL et La Publicité Altfeld Olivier Magnan
Spanish ¿Cuál es la mejor manera de aprender PNL? Altfeld Rafael Sabat
German Wie Lernt Man Am Besten NLP? Altfeld Silke Scheidereiter
German NLP & Verkauf Altfeld Dag Raytzig