Earn & Spend More Aggressively: Keep YOUR economy MOVING. NLP Article by Jonathan Altfeld

10/27/2001 (~ 6 weeks after the 9/11 terrorist attacks)

      I recently returned to my home in Florida from a training trip to Europe, and I've spent a lot of time listening & observing to the news in different countries, and watching people's habits. I haven't actually said much yet about the events of September 11, but I'm watching & observing the effects happening.

      I'm noticing patterns and I want to impact them. As such, I'm going to suggest the following to you.

  1. The media does not tell the truth. (No kidding, right?) But let me say it again. The media does not tell the truth. They tell what they can confirm, and they ALSO have an agenda as to what they WANT to tell or don't WANT to tell, along with occasionally what their 'boards of directors' have chosen not to tell in accordance with government requests. So listen to what the media is saying, know that you're only getting the tip of the iceberg, and it's being seasoned heavily. It's laced with hypnotic commands that induce emotional responses in support of their messages. Someone's been coaching them. I'm observing CNN, for example, covering all the sensory systems (feel, see, hear, smell, taste) in their discussion of what it's like to be at ground zero, and then once they induce pure horror in their viewers, they put up a picture of bin Laden, play a recording, and make sure that you can hear sound bytes of a language you can't understand.
    Think about it. We are not at war with one man. CNN has the greatest information assets in the world today, and they know the American audience is simplistic, and they want more people watching their channel. So? So don't believe the hype. Be aware at all times that you're only hearing a small piece of the puzzle. So any decisions you might make based only on what you hear in the news, is likely to be a poor decision based on insufficient, and potentially erroneous information. Use 20% of what you hear on the news, and 80% common sense. I'm serious. Go about your business, increase AWARENESS, but not hesitation. Supplement 20 minutes of "Headline News" with 1 hour of research on the CDC website, or going to the library to learn more about the politics of the situation. The news is not where things are happening. The news is just a small DISTORTED window looking distantly at what's happening. Know the difference, supplement news with personal research, and you will be better informed to make quality decisions. And you'll be a hell of a lot calmer when the next hyped headlines come out.
  2. Major figures in government know that PERCEPTION IS REALITY, so EVERY POLITICIAN in Washington is always thinking about SPIN CONTROL. So they feed the media what they think will make the media portray what they want it to portray, in the light they want to portray it in.
  3. Major media figures know every politician is engaged in spin control, so they do their best in varying situations either to support it, or to collapse it. The result often bears little or no resemblance to the "truth." It has to do with dueling politicians & media moguls.
  4. Recessions & Depressions have been depressingly talked about on the media. And they are based on many complex issues, including public 'perceptions.' There is a SIMPLE solution, but it's difficult to disseminate. So I will do my part.


      Simply put, keep money moving. Economists fear slowdowns in spending, and if the media keeps talking about that, what do you think would happen? Instead, take the message above and spread it like a WILD VIRUS. "Mind viruses" are called "memes." And there is an actual pseudo-science called memetics, studying this very phenomenon. So I'm going to encourage you to spread this meme. SPEND AND EARN MORE AGGRESSIVELY, NOW. And tell everyone you know.

      Some of you might have been laid off, or might be worried about layoffs. Stop worrying & expect it. The moment you stop worrying and get your ass in gear to THANK the situation for causing enough of a change in your habits to cause some adaptation -- then we will all be better off.

      Humans are amongst the most adaptable species on our great planet. And we are often at our absolute best when adapting rapidly to a new situation. Because it forces us to separate the wheat from the chaff and focus on what's important and necessary.

      At the moment, what's important and necessary is to NOT let a very small group of extremists rob hundreds of millions of people of the quality of life we've created for ourselves with decades of very hard work & creativity. My solution is simple: Spread the meme, "earn & spend more aggressively, in balance."

      If you're out of work, create two temporarily unpaid full-time jobs for yourself. Work 80 hours a week to find a BETTER job or start that business you've been hesitating to start. Don't -EVEN FOR A NEW YORK MINUTE- feel sorry for yourself. Get even. Learn to Earn & Spend more aggressively and rob the extremists of the result they wanted.

      One of the WORST results they could achieve is NOT interrupting our economy more than minimally. Do your part. Keep your money moving, and work hard & harder to keep money moving towards you.

      After September 11, what did I do? I took 4 plane flights overseas, for overseas trainings, all within 1 month of the bombings. I didn't act cautiously, I acted with heightened awareness. I kept MY economy moving, aggressively.

      Don't keep "THE" economy moving. "The Economy" doesn't mean anything. Instead, do what you DO HAVE control over. Keep YOUR economy moving.

      Speed it up, too, if you can, because we all have to pick up some of the slack from those we haven't yet told to EARN & SPEND MORE AGGRESSIVELY!

      Just my $0.17 from the sidelines.

      Well, my $0.02 earned interest.

      So I spent more. :)

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