Accepting Feedback From Others Gracefully - NLP Article

This email was in response to someone who was describing their having had a negative emotional reaction to receiving some criticism.

All information like this is feedback! We can learn from all feedback, "good" or "bad," so from the perspective of learning useful information, there is NO good or bad criticism, just, certain quantities of varying feedback. Which is all good!

So when we hear things like the above, the first response could be, "Yeaaaaahhhh, Feeeeedbaaaack!" and get hungry for it! Listen with intent! Step outside yourself while you're hearing it and be the observer. Be detached but involved! Leave the emotions out and be genuinely interested as a student-of-life...

Now, if you only hear a certain piece of criticism once from someone, and no one else seems to agree (don't go asking everyone, just pay attention to the responses other people offer consciously and unconsciously), ignore them! Yet, if its a pattern, then it becomes something you can take advantage of, and decide if your behavior could use a few adjustments.

You already know you can make that happen, don't you? :)


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