Rex & Jonathan Prac-Pack 1 - Becoming an Extraordinary Learner

PRAC PACK 1: Becoming an Extraordinary Learner (2.5 Hours)

The amazing Rex Sikes returned to NLP in 2012!  Jonathan introduces Rex, Rex takes the floor and trains:

  • Directed Questions: Questions are more valuable than Answers; asking better questions
  • N.O.P.S.: Notice, Own, Play, & Stay
  • Learning: Challenging assumptions about learning, accelerated learning
  • Give Yourself a Break: Embrace & welcome failure along the way to success
  • and Errol Flynns - Embrace Laughter even through Adversity!

If you'd like to learn more about this Prac-Pack AND other Prac-Packs from this course, click here!

2.5 hours of content from 2012, great for new and experienced NLP students; Listen to this to inspire you before any major effort to learn new things!

Wonderful material, audio quality is very audible, yet does have a slight hum from a noise reduction.


US $60.00