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"Remember Names Naturally" MP3-set
How to remember other people's names easily and longer-term!

(2014) Download this profoundly useful MP3-set program which trains Jonathan's unique V.I.R.T.U.A.L. strategy for... hearing someone's name... turning that information into a quick neural trace... turning that neural trace into a short-term memory.. and finally, turning that short-term memory into a longer-term memory! If you've had trouble remembering names in the past, or worse, you've run into people after forgetting their names, this IS the skill to learn.  Come listen to audio samples!

"Creating the Automatic Yes" CD-set
Emotional State Control, State-Chaining, & leading people to say YES!

(2009) Get your hands on our 4-CD-set "Getting the Automatic Yes," which trains Jonathan's unique and practical methods for state-chaining anyone from whatever their current mindset may have been... into desired ACTION states of mind where people just naturally say YES to you! Nothing else out there in recorded form teaches Emotional State-Chaining this beautifully.  Want to learn how mega speakers like Anthony Robbins or Zig Ziglar influence audiences?  This IS the skill to learn.  Come listen to audio samples!

"Belief Craft" Seminar Audio-set
13+ hrs & course manual on 3 Data CD's.

(2008) Jonathan Altfeld & Doug O'Brien masterfully blended "Knowledge Engineering" (for modeling belief systems) & "Sleight of Mouth" (for changing beliefs) into an amazing process for truly targeted, resistance-free, & scalable belief change. Works on 1 belief, 10, or big belief systems. Coaches, Counselors, Therapists, Attorneys, & other Influencers should add this process to their arsenal! Belief Craft makes older methods to change beliefs look sloppy & incomplete.

Juice Feasting Secrets
1.2 hours, 17 tracks, liner notes.

(2012) Jonathan Altfeld has done several long juice fasts, including in 2012. Learn from Jonathan's expertise, that helped him lose 70 pounds in 2012!  These are only available as MP3's at the moment.  Sample audio clips are available, check them out!

Truth Detection
49 minutes, 7 tracks.

(2008) Recorded during a Master Practitioner training, this recording features Jonathan Altfeld teaching people how to detect truth from lies! Only available as an MP3 download.  Sample audio clips are available, check them out!

NLP Calibration Skills
68 minutes, 10 tracks.

(2008) Recorded during a Master Practitioner training, this recording shares exercises and ideas NLP students can use to help sharpen how you calibrate responses from people you communicate with.  Whether you're calibrating states, or inner thoughts, or someone's preferences, or congruence from incongruence, this audio set will help you improve!  MP3 download only.  Listen to audio samples today!

Persuasion Summit DVDs
(2001)  4 2-Hr DVDs, 3 booklets, & a CD! Join Jonathan Altfeld & Persuasion/Influence Expert Christopher Tomasulo for an 8-hour skills-packed Persuasion trip that'll knock your socks off. This set focuses on the strategies of persuasion used prior to persuasion situations, rather than on small-chunk language pattern work ('traditional' in many NLP courses).

The Metaphor Machine 2-CD-set!
(2009) This 2 CD-set teaches you a cognitive leaping process that takes you from any presenting context.. to a great metaphorical context. CD 1 teaches you our step-by-step complete process for creating homomorphic metaphor (less likely to cause resistance than isomorphic metaphor is). CD 2 runs you through the Metaphor Machine process, on 5 specific presented example problem scenarios.

Finding Your Irresistible Voice™ CD-set!
(1998) Our Most-Popular "Must-Have" item; Simply the State of the Art in improving Voice Control for NLP & Hypnosis Enthusiasts, the world over, and easy enough for anyone to grasp & benefit from regardless of level of prior background. Find out why best-selling author & speaker Brian Tracy says "it could change your life."

Irresistible Voice II: Spellbinding, Magical Influence CD-set!
(2006) After 8 years, our Most-Popular item was followed-up with a more extensive set of techniques for masterful vocal influence. 4 Completely new CD's pick up after the original audio program finishes, with a range of new & advanced topics. Comes in a Very attractive folding CD-wallet.

NLP Skills-Builders DVD Sets!
"Building Hypnotic Rapport" (3+ hrs)
"Sharpening Your Influence" (3+ hrs)
"Unbridled Motivation" (2.5 hrs).
(2004) Excellent Introductory Material, and also full of advanced tips!  Top-Shelf Media Quality & Content!  If you're looking for foundational NLP material -- standard stuff everyone should learn -- yet taught with Jonathan's unique style of training, this should be your first purchase.  Video samples are shown on the product page!

Knowledge Engineering - Home Study Course
(2003) Learn how to model human subjectivity. This is the core toolset of NLP, taught in a completely new way. If you're versed in NLP but aren't adept at tracking, modeling, working with or inside other people's belief systems, then you need this course. Jonathan weaves his experience & expertise from the Artificial Intelligence Software field with his 8+ years of training NLP. 9 CD's, full transcripts, & a reference manual.