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On-Site Business Training with NLP Technology

If your department, team, or company needs to shake things up, needs a catalyst of some kind, needs to communicate better amongst each other or with clients, customers or prospects, this could be one of the best things you'll ever do for your company. Hire an NLP Trainer whose primary expertise is in changing minds and motivating people not with artificial hype, but through truly changing people's perspectives. Take your company to the next level!

Here are some useful business training modules we offer that you can bring in-house:

  • Managing Personality Conflicts
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Learning to Read People
  • Creating a Marketing Plan
  • Teaching Greater Self-Awareness
  • Strategic Planning
  • What Motivates People?
  • Calibrating Emotional States
  • Solving Organizational Incongruence
  • Unsticking Organizational Dysfunction
  • "Are You Part of the Problem?"

    "Jonathan is a superb trainer with a deep understanding of his subject. His work developing the skills of my team has continued to add value over time."
- Robert Bradford, Author & CEO, Center for Simplified Strategic Planning


An information marketer had produced a CD product whose sales were lagging. We found he was only tapping 20% of his potential target market for that product, figured out how to inexpensively advertise to the other 80%, & increased sales by 400%.


A customer service call center team had learned traditional rules: Always placate upset customers & try to calm them down." 90% of upset customers escalated to Supervisors. After training NLP techniques, escalations reduced by 81%, & resolution time across ALL department calls reduced by 22%. Savings: ~$1.4 Million per year.

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[ NLP Business Training ] [ NLP Sales Training ] [ Private NLP Training ]

On-Site Sales Training with NLP Technology

We do not train "traditional sales techniques. We offer high-calibre psychology-based NLP Techniques for closing more of the right sales, to the right people, for the right reasons.

We'll help your team eliminate pitfalls and obstacles and overcome objections - congruently and elegantly. Further, customers will THANK you for finally offering them an amazing sales experience.

Here are some examples of training sessions we offer:

  • Overcoming Cold-Call Reluctance
  • Cold-Calling Rapport Techniques
  • World-Class Phone Messages
  • Deeply Connecting Rapport Methods
  • Real-Time Personality-Typing
  • Customizing Language for Customers
  • Helping Couples to Agree!
  • Seeing through Smoke-Screens
  • Magical Language Patterns
  • Congruent Forms of Scarcity
  • Understanding & Using Values
  • Using Others' Internal Buying Strategies
  • Leading Customers Through Sales
  • Overcoming Resistance
  • Handling Objections Elegantly
  • Lie-Detection Techniques
  • Unusual Closing Techniques
  • Eliminating Buyers' Remorse
  • Anchoring YES Answers
  • Ensuring Word-Of-Mouth Referrals

    "I am an art auctioneer. Before I took Jonathan's course in May 2005, I was making pretty good money, but right afterwards, my monthly income literally doubled! To me that makes what I spent taking the course a bargain in the extreme. I only wish I'd known about it [earlier]!" - Paul Bielby, Cruise Ship Art Auctioneer, Ontario.

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[ NLP Business Training ] [ NLP Sales Training ] [ Private NLP Training ]

Private NLP Training

Some executives, or politicians, or private groups of people, want to learn NLP but do not want to show up at a seminar and be recognized or publically identified as studying NLP. We recognize that sometimes there is a need for discretion in these matters.

If you are an executive or entrepreneur, or you belong to a private group that requires a measure of privacy in your studies, we can make arrangements to bring world-class NLP training to a private location of your choosing.

Non-Disclosure agreements are not a problem. Here are some of the subjects we have been requested to train in the past to individuals or C-level executive teams:

  • Hypnotic Motivational Speaking
  • Charismatic Communication Skills
  • Personality Make-Overs
  • "Magical" Persuasion Skills
  • Hypnotic Poker Skills
  • Rallying People to One Vision
  • Compelling Sales Tactics
  • "Sleight of Mouth" Objection-Handlers
  • & more.

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